What is the Best HDTV Outdoor TV Antennas?

By | November 16, 2018

What is the Best HDTV Outdoor TV Antennas 2017
A good outdoor TV antenna makes it easy to pick up free over-the-air TV broadcast.
It is a great option for cord cutters since there is no monthly cost with only needing a good antenna.
How many stations that can be picked up will vary from one location to another but most will likely get 30-50 channels.
What is the Best HDTV Outdoor TV Antennas 2018
Big cities will have more broadcast then a small town so the range of an antenna will matter for more stations.
There are many good outdoor TV antennas to choose from with some of our picks below.
In full disclosure these units have been sent to us from companies to review which we have done with our own honest opinion and results.
*This post contains affiliate links which at no cost to you allows us earn a commission on product purchases.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure unit is a good fit for you.
Our Picks for Best OTA HDTV TV Antennas
PremWing Digital 1080P HDTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna, 150 Miles Range, 33ft Long Coaxial Cable, 360° Rotation, Wireless Remote, Easy Installation – Free For Life

Yagi antennas make very good units when pointed directly at a tower the signal can be greatly improved.
There are several Yagi style units that have motors built in to turn 360 degrees and narrow in on a broadcast tower.
What is the Best HDTV Outdoor TV Antennas 2017
PremWing makes this unit that comes with a booster that hooks to a TV along with a remote control to turn the antenna.
The PremWing is a directional antenna meaning it needs to be pointed directly at the source signal for the best reception.
PremWing Digital 1080P HDTV Outdoor Outside
Directional antennas are better at picking up stations from a distance but need to be turned toward the TV transmission towers. The built-in electric motor makes this easy with a remote control to fine tune a stations broadcast.
Setup is straight forward with mounting it in the air and running a coaxial cable to a TV.
The PremWing is nice option for the price and will have a TV playing HD 1080p broadcast in no time.
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RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna with 70 Mile Range (ANT751E)

The RCA Outdoor Yagi HDTV antenna is a very popular unit that been available foe a few years.
I have installed one on a camper and it works very well picking up stations and is one of the better units for the money.
Like most TV antennas it does require some assembly with the mounting bracket and the small aluminum fins.
Review RCA Yagi Outdoor HD TV Antenna Assembly
There is no motor to turn the unit so it will need to be mounted at the best location usually pointing at the TV towers.
The easiest way to do this is to watch the channels and slowly turn the antenna unit it get the best reception and bolt it into place.
RCA Outdoor Yagi is a good unit that with a bit of assembly works very well.
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1byone Amplified Marine Antenna with Omni-Directional 360° Reception, 70 Miles Outdoor HDTV Antenna Boat Antenna with Stainless Steel Base, Suitable for Outdoor and Marine, Anti-UV Coating,Compact

1byone is a company with a wide range of OTA TV antennas.
This is one of their Omni-Directional antennas which comes in a circular design. Omni-Directional antennas are built to pick up a signal from any direction and do not have to be pointed directly at the source.
What is the Best HDTV Outdoor TV Antennas 2018 NOV DEC New
Since it can pick a station up from any direction it makes for a good RV or camper antenna.
It is sold as having 70 mile range but this will depend on the terrain. For example if the towers are mounted on a hill 70 miles away and you have a clear line of site, you likely will get a signal.
If there is anything hindering the signal such as trees, hills, or even weather the towers will need to be closer.
Even though it is a outside antenna it can also be used indoors such as in the attic.
This is a good Omni-Directional antenna just don’t expect the 70 mile range unless you have a good clear line of site to the towers.
Lava Omnipro HD-8008 Omni-Directional HDTV Antenna

The Lava OmniPro HD-8008 is a unique design made for urban environments where many towers may be around but in different locations.
What is the Best HDTV Outdoor TV Antennas 2018 NOV DEC
It omes with an inline booster to help improve any signal coming in.
If you live in a city and have towers surrounding you in different spots this is a good one to get. The range is also decent.
Types Of Over the Air TV Antennas
This type of antenna is built to receive a signal from far away but needs to be pointed at the frequency for best results.
Turning the unit until the best reception is displayed on a TV will be necessary.
A benefit of a directional antenna is once it is tuned to a signal it has very good range and can pick up from far away.
A directional antenna combined with a signal booster is the best option for those living far from TV transmission towers.
Omni-Directional OTA TV Antennas can pick up a broadcast no matter which direction it is coming from.
This makes Omni-Directional antennas better in most cases for over-the-air TV. If the TV towers are all bundled together in the same location a directional antenna can be pointed directly at them and can sometimes give a better gain.
The problem is that most TV towers are not located together and are spread out in different locations.
Since an Omni-Directional antenna can pick up a signal from any direction they have a certain benefit over other antenna types.
Installing a TV Antenna
Setting up and installing an over-the-air TV antenna requires mounting the unit in the air usually on a pole.
A coaxial cable is run to a TV which converts the signal. Most TVs will need the channels scanned before it can display them.
Installing a unit is straight forward but tools will be needed so it is mounted properly on a pole.
Running coaxial into a home must also be consider with most tying into a homes existing cables lines.
Every home will be slightly different and should be thought out before installing.
Having a good over the air HDTV TV antenna is a very good option for free TV channels.
There are many good units to get with those above simply some of our picks.
Getting a good HDTV TV antenna often depends on your location compared to the TV tower location.
If all the TV towers are in one spot getting a cheaper directional antenna will work just as well as a Omni Directional.
The real benefit from Omni Directional comes when the towers locations are unknown or are spread out at different spots.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to see which one fits your scenario. Which ever antenna is used free over-the-air TV is always good to have.

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