How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence

By | March 4, 2017

How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence
If you don’t like the new Kodi 17 Krypton default Skin Estuary, it can be changed to the old Kodi 16 Jarvis Confluence Skin.
It is easy to do with many more skins available to choose from. This gives he old look and feel of Kodi with all the new updates available with Kodi 17.
UPDATE: Some hardware has been having problems and does not give the Confluence option as shown below.

Steps to Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To the Old Kodi 16 Jarvis Confluence
1… Click the System Icon at the top left
How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence Pic 1
2… Click Interface Settings
How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence Pic 22
3… Click Skin
How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence Pic 3

4… Click Estuary
How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence Pic 4
5… A box will come up click Get More
How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence Pic 5
6… Scroll down and find Confluence
How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence Pic 6
7… It will download install and ask if you want to keep the changes click YES.
How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence Pic 7
The Skin will now be changed to the old Kodi Jarvis Confluence look and feel. To change it back simply change the Skin back to Estuary.



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31 thoughts on “How To Change Kodi 17 Krypton Estuary Skin To Kodi 16 Confluence

  1. Reg

    I’m trying to change my skin from the section “get more” but every one I choose it tells me , the dependency on scritt.tvtunes version 3.0.6 could not be satisfied.
    Other skins give me errors too similar to this. Messages about missing dependencyies. I had no issues with the Jarvis version before. I just updated Kodi a day ago. Any thoughts?

    1. Cdepaul

      I’m having the exact same issue! Did you get a resolution?

  2. Kirsty

    how do I change the time zone on the new Kodi Krypton 17, feels like it should be so simple but i’ve looked everywhere!

  3. Macca

    Appearance menu Is not showing on Kodi 17.0 with confluence skin, so I am unable to show the addon shortcuts for exodus, Salts, etc, after a manual Install.
    Anybody else seeing this problem?
    I could probably use a wizard, however they Install a lot of stuff I dont use
    Does anyone have any Ideas, how to fix this.
    I must say, Its a bloody nuisance, and I find the new skin In Kodi 17 a little less user friendly, than good old Confluence.

    1. advent Taz

      Macca. Try System->Settings->Interface->Skin press right it will put you on skin selection-> then go down once to select “-configure skin…”-> now scroll down to “Add-on Shortcuts”.

      It will look familiar, doesn’t it? Enjoy

      1. Iain Short

        Thank you very much sir,your easy to follow instructions were spot on.

  4. J Henny

    I have tried to select the “get more” option under the skin settings as I have done on other Sticks and now it does nothing after clicking on the option. Any suggestions on what to do to change skins or make this option work again? I am using Kodi Krypton 17.
    Thank you in advance for any help it is greatly appreciated.

  5. Benjamin

    Cannot load the confluence Skin I get an error message that dependency on xbmc.gui version 5.10 could not be satisfied . Any thought on resolving this

  6. Hammad

    Confluence skin won’t show up under “Get More” option anymore is there another way to manukau add it with a repo?

  7. LeakyPete

    Estuary is a terrible skin. It’s dreadful looking and never remembers the type of view you chose last time. Also, there are 3 extra steps to turn up the internal volume on a video playing, which is necessary with about 9/10 videos I watch. I realize Confluence isn’t perfect, but it’s better than Estuary in so many ways.

  8. Chris

    Are you able to add more than 5 shortcuts in the new confluence skin on kodi 17 and up? Loved to 16.1 conflence husham fix skin with 15 plus short cuts

  9. Bobbie

    Can someone please help me?!! I’m stuck!!!
    I’m trying to change my skin from Estuary to Confluence. When I click on get more… nothing happens at all!!!

      1. Marquez Sanders

        I’m having the same issue, just cant figure out whats happening…

  10. Alan Smith

    Downloader Krypton 17. Changed skin to Confluence skin under settings. Have been trying to add shortcuts on the Confluence skin. Cannot find anything that will let me put icons on desktop. Put them on Jarvis 16.1 was a piece of cake. Is this possible on Krypton 17 Confluence skin?

    1. Norm

      Alan, install Xonfluence works great with krypton 17 or 17.1, download the Helly Repo from
      https: // and then unzip it with Kodi,
      then go to helly repo , look and feel, and choose Xonfluence, hope this helps.

    2. Max Wagner


  11. Spong05

    I’m having the same problem as most people here. When I click get more to change the skin, nothing appears. Please assist

  12. Cdepaul

    Same! I can’t change the skin from Estuary to confluence. And actually to confluence choice just has an open box next to it, so I don’t think it’s installed properly. If I try to choose any of the other skins I get error messages. Doesn’t look like anyone here has gotten an resolution tho 😩. And I’m not a tech person, so this is WAY outside my comfort zone/level of understanding.

    1. Erica

      You have to go into service setting to turn on those services. The weather is not so important, once you complete that action you can then repeat the other steps that was given as how to download the skins. They will no longer have just the open box but show the thumbnail to the download as well. You should then be able to install and enjoy.

  13. VTDANO

    I think it’s the Firestick that may be the issue. Are you trying it on the Mac or a PC and having this problem? I am going to reset the Firestick to factory defaults and try again. I did this to one other Firestick already and it worked fine, trying on the second one and I get nothing with I click on “Get More” Will share my findings.

  14. TTRS

    I have one problem. Interface Settings–>Skin–> Skin I have a choice of two skins Estouchy and Estuary and a Cancel button , there is no Get More button. Why is here no Get More button and how do I fix it. Please help.

  15. TBoddie

    Having the same problem, TTRS. Hoping for a resolution soon!

  16. David

    To get the Add more skins button do this …

    Addon repository
    Exodus Add on repository
    Programs add on
    Skins Helper Service

    Job Done – go back to skins and the Button is now there.

  17. Daisy

    Turn setting on expert

    Install from respiratory
    Program addons
    Skins Helper Service Skin Backup

    Skins should be available after that.

  18. Kazimodo

    I am a newbie , when I tried the Titanium build , there was no more pointer vertical scrolling issue , but the build holds way too much stuff for me , so again back to the version of 17.1 that goes nuts when scrolling up and down a long list , too bad , would really like to use this 71.1 if it were as good as Jarvis 16.1

  19. robert

    Have “downgraded” back to Confluence, but in the “video\add-ons” list views, there is no longer the “Get More” short cut that you could use to view other add-ons and add to the list. Now it seems you must go back to settings and view my addons from there. Anyeon know how to get the “get more” item back in the


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