New KODI 17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install

By | February 1, 2017

How To KODI 17 Exodus Install 2017
Kodi has come a long ways from its early days as XBMC and continues to only get better.
Kodi 17 Krypton is the newest version of Kodi to be released and has some major interface changes.
To test it out go to the Kodi download page and download it here.
A Step by Step Guide To KODI and Streaming Movies or TV Shows 2017
At first the interface looks very different from the old Kodi interface but underneath there is a lot of familiarity.
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2
The new default Skin is called Estuary.
Kodi 17 Krypton has some big upgrades and improvements over previous versions.
Beside the updated Estuary Skin interface many new features are being added to Kodi 17 including native support for Amilogic ARM 4K chips, Android de-interlacing to improve live TV streams and much more.
So far in testing it has been working well with most add-ons. I haven’t tested all the add-ons and likley there are some that wont work with Krypton.
Don’t install Kodi 17 if you only have one install. It is best to install it on a spare laptop/computer or other device as to not mess up your main install and see if it works for you.
Below is a step-by-step setup of Exodus and Kodi 17 Krypton.

Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in Kodi 17 Krypton
Kodi 17 needs a box checked called Unknown Sources to install add-ons such as Exodus or Phoenix
Click the Settings Icon in the top left corner
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings
System Settings
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings System
Be sure to be in Expert Mode
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Expert Mode
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Settings Addons
Turn ON Unknown Sources
New KODI-17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install 2 Unknown Sources
A warning box will come up click Yes
To move back with a Windows install right click a empty space on the screen.
After Unknown Sources have been set to ON, repositories and add-ons can be installed.
The steps are similar to older versions of Kodi with a repository URL needed to be setup and than the add-ons installed.
Below is a step-by-step of Exodus. The same steps can be used to install any add-on by changing the URL to the repository it is in.
Steps To Install Exodus Add-on into Kodi 17 Krypton
At the top left click the System Settings Icon
How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 1
File Manager
How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 2
3… On the left click Add Source
How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 3
Click None
Type in the following URL:
Name it Fusion
Double check everything is correct
8… Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 4
Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 9
Install from zip file
How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 10

How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 12
Click and it will download the repository and install.
The screen will popup with Installed and may Updated
Install from repository
How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 16
Exodus repository
Video add-ons
Select Exodus and then install
Exodus will now be available from the main menu Add-ons–>Video add-ons
How To KODI 17 Exodus Install Tutorial 2017 Step 20



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81 thoughts on “New KODI 17 Krypton Setup and Exodus Install

  1. jose

    i have -kodi-17-krypton but how i fix this failed to install add-on from zip file

  2. Bazza

    Thank you so much guys, you made it easy enough that I could do it with your guide.

  3. Stephen

    i have tried a bunch of time to add Exodus addons and velocity but all I get is a failed dependency, has anyone tried to hack this ??

  4. Stephen

    Exodus and velocity both bringing that error message “failed to install from a dependency” has anyone got a solution to this???

    1. panj64

      i had the same problem, i solved it with fresh clean restart, reset my windows network settings and install stable krypton

      1. Bill

        Please explain how to do this. I can’t download any builds hellppp I have kodi krypton 17 and hate it.

        1. Mike

          All builds have been canceled do to new krpton. But you can go to interfaces SNF change skin from there

  5. Mike Quinn

    There were slight differences on my Mac setup but its basically the same setup.

    1. Patrick

      this happened to me, when I installed Krypton with windows 10. I ended up with two icons on the desk top. One for Jarvis 16.1 and the new one for Krypton. However in control panel only th Jarvis version was shown. I took a chance and deleted this.
      Luckily it only left the new version!

  6. Derek

    When i click file manger and then add source, nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong?

  7. jim

    on my mac when i try to “add file source” i get the following error message “unable to connect”, “couldn’t retrieve directory information”

    any ideas what i’m doing wrong?

  8. TC

    I had Krypton Estuary installed and running exodus perfectly using this tutorial (Mac user) for about two days, then I shut down Kodi by selecting Exit and all my custom settings were wiped out the next time I tried opening Kodi.

    Ok, Fresh Kodi download and install. This time when I try to Add Source (fusion) I get a message saying


    You need a Tuner, back end software, and an add on for the back end to be able to use PVR. Please Visit…

    Do I need to simply enable something or install software?

    Very strange that I was able to install Exodus twice prior on the same copy of Kodi without being stopped by this requirement.

    Any Ideas?


    have tried reinstalling kodi and exodus. i always get a message saying installation failed when i try to install from repository. please help?!

  10. Darce Vader

    It doesn’t get any better than this! Easy and helpful….Thank you

  11. Jennifer c Jonquet

    lame!!! kodi 16.1 was waaaay easier to use …thanks for the metro windows 8 style

    confusing tiles….why mess a good thing up…slow laggy..and have to reload after freezing on my nvidia shiled tv and new fire tv box

    i uninstalled a went back to kodi 16.1 and now all is good again…no bufferingb , lagging or confusing menus

  12. Don Triplett

    Is there a build that has rid on it or rid farm, anyone know??Don

  13. Chris VALLES

    Thank you very much… You are a good help guiding walkthrough to install KODI

  14. Ken

    when i get to fusion and click on it, there are no files on the next step to install,
    I admit im a noob

  15. Chris

    Kodi 17 no longer identifies HD or 1080p versions of a film/tv/ media you want to play, Jarvis 16.1 used to have the better quality versions at the top, is there anyway to get version 17 to list media in the same way?

    1. Troutmagnet

      Mine does. I think maybe you’re just picking movies that don’t have a 1080p or HD distro available to view online. I get that occasionally with older stuff, but anything new has an HD variant and it’s listed like it used to be listed with the HD and 1080P at the top.

  16. kevin

    tried to add exodus on to kodi keep getting a message that says no server connected what can i do about this

  17. Mokey

    I tried to install overtop my existing Jarvis install and it says it’s not compatible. This is directly from google play store. It worked fine on my android 6 box. But the problematic box is android running 5.1.1 with 2 gigs ram. Maybe a side load from USB?

    1. Troutmagnet

      I would download ES File Explorer and browse directly to the Kodi website. Install it that way from their downloads section. Before you pick a build you need to figure out whether your Android box has an ARM, x86 or x86 64-bit processor though. There are builds for all three on their site. If you’re using FireTV, I’d recommend plugging in a mouse to help you navigate the site.

  18. Stephen Proctor

    Purchased fire stick last week. After about 20 minutes following these instructions, that included running back and forth between computer room and television room, a novice like myself was able to successfully install this…and it works well. Thanks.

  19. erin

    i tried to add the fusion but just tells me no connetion and i am new to this

  20. KG

    This is dope… my nexus player updated to kodi 17 some how. i was lost. it still had all my stuff but in diff places. i uninstalled thinking it was some type of glitch. reinstalled and then lost all that i did have. couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. THIS STEP BY STEP WAS PERFECT. THANKS

  21. Christopher Loughrey

    The latest update of Exodus seems to be having compatibility issues as no movies will stream since I updated to Krypton

  22. el pel

    Really like the clean layout of ‘krypton’.
    Sony android TV installs and works fine, Fire stick installs then chucks you out when opening kodi 17 so having to use 16 on the fire stick, even tried factory reset on firestick and still the same issue

  23. Makayla

    I’ve figured it out!!! If you try .srp first and then fusion, .srp will counteract fusion, thus making it unable to download exodus. Restart to factory settings on your fire stick (if using fire stick) and this time just use fusion. Hope this helps!

  24. Zulu64

    Krypton is running fine for me but I hated the skin. I just went into settings, interfaces, skins and click on the current Estuary. Go to “get more” and install Confluence. You’ll still be on Krypton 17, but all menus run just like Jarvis 16.

  25. jon4560

    kodi 17 just released to soon if you ask me far to complicated for the novice I know what am doing and it took me by surprise and a few minutes to find my way round. like Zulu64 said change your skin if you finding it to different.
    Also sad to say the configure wizard which installed some favoured addons is no more you have to go though list and do one by one yet again ok if you know what you doing lets hope they do a new one for kodi 17 saved a lot of time.

  26. Drv9023

    I been trying to install exodus on kodi 17, i can’t make it work on your 11 step, i click fusion but nothing, any idea how to make it work?

  27. Peter

    Thanks for this.

    I noticed in item 13 above that there is a selection for xx-adult.

    Can I go back and select that if it is a adult film channel?

  28. Don

    Had kodi/Exodus fine on old PC. Trying to install Exodus on new PC had several problems. Eventually reinstalled Kodi 17. Now trying to enter url for fusion repository (file manager) get message: no PVR addon enabled.
    I am not seeking to use PVR just stream via exodus. Didnt get this message before. Any help much appreciated.

  29. Weird

    tI get stuck on step 19, when I click Exodus the next screen comes up …. the install button is enabled, everything else is disabled. Click on the install button and nothing happens.

  30. Russell

    Excellent walk-through instructions. Don’t bother looking anywhere else. Brilliant!

  31. Diana

    Is there any way to set my own background image like we were able to do with Kodi Jarvis 16.1? I’m not finding where I would do that with this new version. Thank you for your help!

  32. Sheena Nutt

    I installed exactly the way instructed, but every time I click on a movie it pops up no streaming available? Did I miss something?

  33. aggelos

    after the step 16 i have this problem.. kodi add on repository could not connect to repositary

  34. Deedee


    Had Kodi updated from Jarvis to Krypton.
    Tried installing Exodus.
    Had dependency problems. Exodus couldn’t install.

    Uninstalled Kodi.
    Installed clean version.
    Followed instructions from this site to the letter.
    Installation successful, and everything works perfectly. Thank you, writers for!

  35. Diane

    best step by step guide yet. Others skip the very important step of using the pkg installer icon to install from zip file. This was driving me nuts.

    Once seeing this really well written and screen shot documented guide, it was simple and effective

    Thank much


  36. Christina

    Hi, I don’t know what’s happened but literally overnight the content in exodus for TV shows is empty I can’t watch anything. Please help!

  37. Julie Roach

    I already had it installed on my fire tv and it has disappeared,what do i do???

  38. Jorge

    I just reinstalled Kodi 17 and exodus and everytime i try to pla a movie I get this message; http:/ can someone please help me fix this

  39. Jorge

    I just reinstalled Kodi 17 and exodus and everytime i try to play a movie I get this message; http:/, can someone please help me fix this

  40. neil

    Hi, I am trying to install exodus, but cannot get past step 15. No popup showing it’s downloaded, and downloaded status sits at 0%. I have enabled install from unknown sources, and i have internet access. Any ideas?

  41. connie

    I don’t like it.I can’t watch John Wick it’s not even showing in the list.

  42. antonio fernandes

    I have installed Vibe Krypton 17 skin from Echo Wizard. Made some personal settup modifications, but when kodi is going down, I lost all personal configurations and kodi become with default settup. I change some addons shortcuts and skins but sometimes loose everything, time lost.
    How can I record my settups configurations in order to have my personal configurations every time kodi is going down or every time I turn it off? Whar do I have to do? What is missing?
    Thank you so much
    Best regards

  43. Ken

    Had so much trouble with installing kodi on my fire stick Tried several different articles and youtube videos and this was the first one that finally worked! Thank you so much!

  44. Joe

    I had trouble trying to install the kodi app on my fire stick too … these instructions worked!

    Thank you so much!

  45. Nita

    I downloaded Kodi 17 onto my new Amazon Firestick and added Exodus but Exodus just does not work. The icon spins but then nothing happens. I’ve uninstalled and installed it several times but no joy-what have I done wrong?


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