Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards 2017

By | January 30, 2017

Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 2015 Cherry MX red

Mechanical keyboards are a niche market that usually caters to gamers although many people who spend a lot of time writing have found them superior to the cheaper standard keyboards.
Gamers love them because they are durable, have excellent response times, and give feedback through the keys.
The sensation of feeling a key when pressed and the click they make gives an immediate verification that a key has done what it is supposed to.
Many writers use them to help eliminate typos and errors. Mechanical keyboards give a feedback to a user that a standard keyboard can’t match.
One of the problems with mechanical keyboards is that there are few wireless ones which most people have become accustom too.
With that said there are some wireless mechanical keyboards on the market. They do cost more than a wired one but have the advantage of not being tethered to a computer with a USB cord.
Below is a list of wireless mechanical keyboards we have found. If you have found one that works for you comment below.
Our Picks for Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards 2017
Majestouch Convertible 2 Blue switch/US ASCII FKBC104MC/EB2

This Majestouch keyboard uses Cherry MX Blue switches and is a wireless or wired board.
It has built-in Bluetooth 3.0 or can use a USB wired connection if needed.
It is also compatible with most any device such as Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 as well as Macs.
The Majestouch is a full size keyboard powered by two AA batteries.
Majestouch Convertible 2 Black switch/US ASCII

A Majestouch board with the same basic features as the one above but using black switches.
It also uses Bluetooth 3.0 or a wired connection.
USA Majestouch MINILA Air 67 Key Linear Action Bluetooth Keyboard FFBT67ML/EB by Filco

The MINILA Air 67 is a wireless Majestouch keyboard that uses Cherry MX switches.
This version is a mini wireless mechanical keyboard which makes it portable.
Compatible with Windows, Macs, and Android devices.
Auawak Rapoo KX 5G Wireless Programmable Smart Backlit LED Mechanical Keyboard With 1.5mm Trigger Stroke MX Yellow Switches for Laptops Desktops PC – Black

The Auawak Rapoo transmits wireless on the 5 GHz frequency for WiFi or Bluetooth connection.
It uses MX Yellow mechanical key switches that have a key press force of 45g + / – 15g.
XArmor U9W 2.4 GHz RF wireless mechanical keyboard Cherry MX Brown

Uses the 2.4 GHz frequency for a 15 foot wireless range.
Cherry MX Brown switches.
Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, LinDon-Tech Mechanical Keyboard, Bluetooth/Wired, Blue Switches with Audible Clicky Sound

This keyboard uses mechanical blue switches.
It is a well built unit that uses Bluetooth for wireless connection.
Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Game Mechanical Keyboard The German Original Factory Cherry MX Brown Switch

The Varmilo VB87M is a interesting wireless Bluetooth keyboard from Germany.
It uses a Cherry MX Brown Switch with a back-light.
What to look for when buying a wireless mechanical keyboard.
A mechanical keyboard differs from a standard keyboard in the switches that are used. While standard keyboard uses a electronic touch interface a mechanical one uses physical switches.
Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 2015 Cherry MX redThere are different switches that are used called Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Green, and Cherry MX Clear.
Since each mechanical cherry switch is manufactured different they will give a different feel when pressed.
The most commonly used switches are the Cherry MX Blue followed by the Cherry MX Brown.
Cherry MX Blue are used mainly by typist and programmers. The Cherry MX Blue switch makes a click when pressed that gives many writers a sensation of writing that has been lost with standard computer keyboards. Mx Blue switches require 50-60 grams of force to activate a switch which compared to a standard keyboard can vary widely from 25-90 grams of force.
Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 2015 Cherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Brown are used mostly by gamers who like the response time of a key when it is pressed and the durability of the switch, which can take a pounding that would break a standard keyboard. They also do not have as much of a audible click as other switches, the click has a softer sound.
They do require more force to push down on (45-55 grams of force) which does not bother gamers since the average gaming controllers require around 160 grams of force.
wireless mechanical keyboard Cherry MX Brown switch
Which wireless mechanical keyboard is right for you?
Finding the right mechanical keyboard is a lot like finding the best of any peripheral device for your computer.
What you plan to use the keyboard for such as gaming or simply typing will predict the type of one to buy.
With that said many people fall in love with their mechanical keyboard and will stick to the type of switch used in the first one they buy.
Much like the way most people buy their first iPhone or android smartphone they will simply stick with that version and tell everyone why that one is better.
In the end a user will become accustomed to the type switch they first use, so there are many different opinions when it comes to the switches.
Buying a mechanical keyboard very much depends on the person and the way they type. Some are heavy handed on a keyboard and press down hard on the keys while others press more gently and like a more easily pressed switch.
The clicking sound that is made is also a consideration.

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5 thoughts on “Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards 2017

  1. Jo

    How do I love thee to buy the Varmillo… ten keyless keyboard wireless, but the problem is, it’s so so expensive. The price is $200+ in Amazon, wireless mechanical keyboard is so rare, maybe that’s why it cost that much. How come that most of the best selling mechanical keyboard in Amazon, doesn’t offer a wireless feature.

  2. Tom W.

    Mass Drop recently had an Royal Kludge RK61 60% bluetooth mechanical for sale.

    While it’s mostly good, I can’t overcome the fact that it doesn’t have HOME/END/PGUP/PGDN keys and there is no way to update the firmware to emulate them. (Is there actually a programmer who doesn’t use those keys???)

    Something to be aware of.


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