How To Install Kodi on the New Updated Fire TV Stick

By | December 17, 2016

Amazon released a update to the Fire TV Stick that has stopped many previous Kodi install methods from working.
But not to worry as Kodi can still be installed after the update.

How To Install Kodi on the New Updated Fire TV Stick
Go to Settings–>Device
Install Kodi to Fire TV Stick Device
Select Developer Options
Devloper Options fire tv stick
Set both ADB debugging to ON, and Apps from Unknown Sources to ON.
How To Install Kodi on the New Updated Fire TV Stick Options On
Next a App called ES File Explore needs to be installed to the Fire TV Stick.
This can be done in two ways. Log into your Amazon account from a computer and activate it to your Fire TV stick, or use the search option within the Fire Stick and install it.
Installing from within the Fire Stick is easiest for me those are the steps shown here. An Amazon account needs to be linked with it to download Es File Explore.
Go to the Search Icon at the top left and type in ES File Explore highlight it and click on it.
ES File Explore Search
Es File Explorer will come up click it.
ES File Explore Search and Install
At the next screen download it and install it if not already installed.
ES File Explore Search Download and Install
After ES file Explore downloads open it.
ES File Explore Search Download and Install and OPen
After Es File Explore opens go to Favorite. If any popups come up simply close them.
ES File Explore Favorites
Go to Add
ES File Explore Favorites ADD
A box will come up that needs a URL and Name entered.
ES File Explore Favorites ADD URL
For the Path type in the URL:
Name it Kodi
ES File Explore Favorites ADD URL and NAME
Double check and be sure they are typed in correctly and click ADD.
A popup will say Bookmark Kodi is created successfully
ES File Explore Bookmark added
On the left scroll down and find Kodi and click it.
ES File Explore Scroll to Kodi
At the right the Download Page for Kodi will come up.
ES File Explore Main download page
In the Download Page Window scroll down to Current release Kodi 16.1 Jarvis.
ES File Explore Cruuent Kodi Jarvis 16.1 release
The ARM file needs to be downloaded by clicking on it. If it doesn’t download for you read on below.
Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick (nstall Kodi after Amazon Update
Sometimes it will not download when clicking the ARM link. Follow these steps if it does not download when clicked.
After you click ARM, there are 3 dots at the bottom right of your screen, click them, then click Open in Browser,then click ES Downloader.
How to install Kodi to the fire tv stick new upadte more
Click Just Once and the file should start to download.
How to install Kodi to the fire tv stick new upadte Downlaoder
The file should Download
Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick
After it downloads click OPEN FILE
Fire Stick Kodi Install Open File
Click Install
Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick Click Install
Click Install Again
Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick Click Install Again
Kodi will start to install
Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick Kodi will start to Install
After it install Click OPEN.
Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick Kodi Click OPen
Kodi will now be installed. It will need add-ons to play content click here to see the most popular add-ons along with how to install them.
Amazon Fire TV Stick Kodi Install DONE
Installing Kodi to the new updated Fire TV Stick is easy enough. The only real problem I ran into was the Kodi file did not download when clicked and had to use the Open In Browser method.
Add-ons can be installed individually or there is Builds that come with all the best plugins that install everything.
Read Here for the Top Kodi Add-ons and how to install them.
Read here for the Top Kodi Fire TV Stick Builds.
If you have problems finding Kodi after it closes look in ES File Explore–>Libary–>APP
Fire TV Kodi Install Find KOdi When DOne



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21 thoughts on “How To Install Kodi on the New Updated Fire TV Stick

  1. dave rollinson

    hi I have done the following word for word but when i click to open .kodi i get the error that it is not associated with my amazon account? thanks in advance

    1. Bert

      I get the same message but that doesn’t stop Kodi from working. That’s all it is…a message

    2. Kym

      I got as far as clicking on the three dots then got a message that “Amazon Fire TV does not open browser links. try opening URL in the web browser of another device”. How does that help?

  2. Woody

    I seem to have a newer version (purchased Dec 2016) and although I have made it through the fusion add on, I do not have an “install from zip” option in my menu. So I am now stuck. Is there a “newer ” how to video that addresses the latest version?

  3. Angela Estlack

    If you are using the original fire TV stick and you want to install Cody where are the instructions for that install? Also, can you initiate the install on and iOS device or does it have to be on a Mac or Windows device?

  4. paul e

    i followed those instructions but got a message “App not installed”.
    Can anyone advise why and what I need to do to install kodi???

  5. joan smith

    help….I have the program but not the movies; that the only way I can explain it…..I was following the u tube video and somewhere; actually when he named the path is where I got lost…can u help me??? Also if I erase kodi and the files that are there will that allow me to install kodi?

  6. Melissa

    Worked perfectly! I did have to open in browser as the instructions warned I might have to do. But it worked! Thank you for the easy, step by step instructions. Now I just need to figure out how to get the add ons I want and need!

  7. Terri Gonzalez

    I got to the last part of installing ARM….but I get a message saying it’s blocking downloads from unknown sources. I think it’s because of the update.

  8. Daisy Stotts

    Followed instruction word for word… worked great for me! ??????

    1. susan

      I got ES open but i wont let me install kodi….says I don’t have permission to install unknown apps.

      I’m lost.

  9. Jesse Richardson

    Susan and Bryan,

    Did you follow step #3 and turn on the function that allows the device to install apps from unknown sources?
    Settings > Device > Developer Options > Apps from unknown sources

  10. Kerry

    Works perfectly! Thank you! How can I add Exodus via Kodi to my recent file? A short cut would be great.

  11. Jeanette

    I get as far as installing kodi the first time and when i git install the 2nd time its says it cant be installed. Could someone help me please.

  12. Terryll Bright

    I got kodi and my build on but it kept kicking me out to the Amazon homescreen!

  13. John schipani

    I can download Kodi until it gets to where you’re supposed to download Jarvis only problem is Jarvis does not exist on my Version I have 17.0 krypton. Please help.

  14. Edna

    To find Jarvis 16.1 you have to continue clicking Down through the kodi webpage. Towards the bottom there is an option to click an older version. in case you have trouble scrolling the screen With the remote, You can open any URL that leads directly to any .apk file with es explorer instead of trying to navigate web pages.


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