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What is a Dual Band Router?

A dual band router is a device that can transmit and receive data at 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless frequencies. 2.4GHz band was the original standard with the 5GHz added later. The reasoning behind dual band is that the 2.4GHz band has become too filled with traffic causing packet collisions and packet loses slowing down data transfer. When a… Read More »

How To Spy On a Cell Phone or Bug a Room

Cell phone spying tools and bugs have been around for awhile now, and used mainly by companies trying to get a edge on each other or private detectives working to get evidence of a cheating spouse.   There is no doubt the many uses of listening in on someone else conversations for any number of reasons. I will… Read More »

Top Kali Linux 2.0 Books

Kali has changed a lot since its early days as Backtrack and into its present version of Kali 2.0.   As always things are evolving with new interpretations on old tricks that stopped working or new hacks altogether.   Reading things online is always a good idea and often where most start out with Kali.   With that… Read More »