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What Is a WiFi Wireless USB Adapter?

A WiFi USB adapter is a small device that adds wireless capability to a computer. Since many computers such as desktop PCs don’t come with built-in WiFi adding a WiFi USB adapter can solve this problem. They can also replace a broken internal wireless card or upgrade an old unit. This also makes for an easy fix when… Read More »

How To Get Rid of WiFi Dead Spots

Map the Problem Areas and Bad Spots Reposition Your Router for Better Signal Change Broadcast Channel Upgrade the Router Use a WiFi Signal Booster While WiFi dead spots can be very frustrating there are a few ways to make WiFi problems disappear. There is no need to have buffering or a weak WiFi signal as even simple things… Read More »

Wireless USB Adapter Buyers Guide

Everyone needs wireless capability when it comes to their devices. Most all devices now come with built-in WiFi that make connecting to a network easy. Sometimes though built-in wireless cards can break, need upgrading, or simply need more distance to get a good signal. Also many desktop compute do not come with built-in WiFi. This is where USB… Read More »