Kodi Addons Showing CDATA with No Streams Found Error

By | November 17, 2019

Kodi Addons Showing CDATA with No Streams Found Error
This page will be updated as new information becomes available.
UPDATE: The Crew Repository, and Numbers have pushed out a fix for the CDATA error. Most installs should automatically update. Some installs may need the the cache cleared or possibly a clean install.

To clear the cache go to Tools–>Clear All Cache.
How To Install the Crew Clear Cache
If the Crew or Numbers does not update with the new fix a Fresh Start can be done which sets Kodi back to default and the Crew installed again. Read Here for how to set Kodi back to default with the Fresh Start Plugin.

UPDATE TVDB has says they have a fix and will be pushing it out with no estimated time for when it will be released.

TVDB UPDATE – Hi there! Yes, these are known issues. As far as scraping, we had a pagination issue that was causing issues with any shows that had over 100 episodes. This fix has been deployed and should be working now. We also have a fix for the CDATA issue ready to deploy as well, it should be pushed out here this morning. I cant let you know when exactly that happens.

  • A temporary work around for the CDATA error is to use the TV Calendar Section.

  • Many Kodi add-ons are currently showing CDATA with no streams found.
  • TVDB which is used for scraping TV show data is undergoing maintenance.
  • A fix should be available soon from TVDB or add-on developers.
    The TVDB forum has this message.

    Hello everyone,
    As you may have noticed we have cutover to our new site, so welcome, welcome, we are glad you are here! API traffic for both v1 and v2 has also migrated over to our new infrastructure. At the moment the dev team is working through some issues that have come to our attention, so please be patient with us.

    We are aware that some Kodi users are having a hard time scraping shows with long episode orders. We are on the case and hope to have a fix soon.
    –TheTVDB Team “

  • The movie section of most add-ons should be unaffected.
  • This does not seem to be related to One Nation Repository and Kodiuk which have recently shut down.
  • It is also unrelated to the recent shutdown of Openload and Streammango.
    Add-ons With TV Sections Currently Working
    Release BB
    Tubi TV
    Add-ons Currently Giving CDATA Error (TV Sections)
    The Crew
    Exodus Redux
    Magic Dragon
    Scrubs V2




    33 thoughts on “Kodi Addons Showing CDATA with No Streams Found Error

    1. Dennis

      Hi i cant connect with the server. Dont know what to do. Wanted to install the crew and Fen but then it says Kan niet verbinden met opslag.

    2. Martin

      I use TMDB scraper for Movies AND TV Shows. It is better than TVDB because TVDB often scrapes wrong shows and it’s slow showing new episodes with the correct titles. Believe me TMDB is the best. It scrapes faster and information is updated quickly.

    3. Satanh

      I am getting a Pyth server down error message , don’t see the CDATA error anywhere even in the log file . What dose this mean ? everything works fine accept for apps that keep a log of searched TV shows in the main search .

    4. Mike

      Here’s a smashing idea. Lets go back to V2 until V3 is sorted out!

      V3 for exodus redux is still a complete disaster.

    5. Ana

      Latest update of The Crew works just fine. You don’t get the fanart, but everything else on the TV and Movie searches are coming back with all the right episodes.

      1. Lg7520

        No they arent number exodus. Kodi and exodus redux. Are all down. Can stream movies but nothing else nothing in favorites is working either

    6. Cory Brown

      I thought it was something I mistakenly did, because my box also has safe mode on it now, & it wont even let me pull up kodi anymore in google play. Any suggestions on why this is happening as well?

    7. Robert D.

      What makes no sense to me. Tempest works here.
      It comes up with my trakt episodes list watch me click on them and brings up the correct episode and links for it.
      Scrubs doesn’t work, Exodus doesn’t work or all the other ones..

      So why does tempest work here..who knows!!!!!

    8. Bob

      I’m using Xanax and same error. “cdata” Isn’t this something that should’ve been fixed pretty quick? Seems like it’s taking a while.

    9. Mana Mana...

      “UPDATE 11-16-2019: TVDB has says they have a fix and will be pushing it out with no estimated time for when it will be released”

      Hopefully not as long as half life 3…

    10. Tommy

      For anyone who’s not sure what addon is best during this downtime with TVDB and CDATA errors, Marauder works for both TV and movies. However, to get a playable link, don’t have the autoplay feature turned on and links from Clipwatching usually work vs. the others. Tested Marauder addon on Saturday Nov. 16, 2019 @ 2:15PM

    11. Bill

      I’m new to Kodi but just found something and not sure how to link it. Look for CDATA workaround thread. Basically open Exodus or Crew,go to TV Calendar to find the Ep. you want.

    12. Kim

      Same here, nothing working on Tempest, Crew and Exodus Redux. Not even movies. It all started when this happened. Anyone know which addons are working problem free?

        1. Linda

          FEN is that an add-on like Exodus? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question but this the first time I’ve had an issue with this and I’m at a loss on how to fix it.

    13. Bill

      Go into the settings for your favourite tv show add-on and change the provider to Trakt. Or wait for a fix from TVDB. don’t know how long that will take.

    14. Tom

      This seems like a major flaw in Kodi add-on development. Why do so many add-ons depend on TMDB and TVDB to function? Future updates should have the option to switch to something else and be less dependent on a single source.

      1. Terry

        Niagara Falls Canada i am useing the diggz build and working fine also xanax build.


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