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What is the Best Netflix Android TV Box?

Android TV boxes have become very popular media centers and are a great way to stream media to a TV. There are many streaming services available, with Netflix being one of the top providers. Android TV boxes and Netflix work very well together, with some exceptions, mainly with HD content. Some Android TV boxes will… Read More »

How to Hide the On-screen Keyboard on an Android TV Box

If you own an Android TV box and use a physical keyboard, the onscreen keyboard is unnecessary and can be a nuisance. While the onscreen keyboard is good for when you have no physical keyboard, it can take up half the screen when in use. The onscreen keyboard can be disabled using an app called… Read More »

4 Fixes When Netflix is Not Working on a Roku

If you are getting an error with Netflix while using a Roku, there are some common fixes that can be done. This includes restarting the Roku, reloading the Netflix app, and more. Why is Netflix Not Working with Roku? The main fixes include restarting the Roku, checking your internet connection, and restarting the Netflix app.… Read More »

Review: Mecool KM7 Android 11 TV box

Mecool has many Android TV boxes available, with the Mecool KM7 one of the newer units. The operating system is Android 11.0, along with an S905Y4 processor. There are two versions of the Mecool KM7, one that has 2GB of RAM and one that has 4GB of RAM. There is also different internal storage between… Read More »