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What is the Best Netflix Android TV Box?

Android TV boxes have become very popular media centers and are a great way to stream media to a TV. There are many streaming services available with Netflix being one of the top providers. Android TV boxes and Netflix work very well together with some exceptions, mainly with HD content. Some Android TV boxes will not be able… Read More »

Review: A95X Max Android TV Box S905X2 4GB RAM

The A95X Max is an Android TV box with a S905X2 CPU and 4GB of RAM. It also has many nice features including expandable storage with a 2.5 hard drive bay that can hold up-to 2TB HDD. The top opens up and SATA hard drive can be inserted for extra storage. Another nice feature is it can record… Read More »

How To Turn an Android TV Box Into a WiFi Hotspot

Android TV boxes have become very popular as low-cost media boxes that can stream videos from online sources and play games. They can also be set up as a WiFi Hotspot able to extend a wireless signal. This can be a real benefit for anyone looking to help cover weak or bad WiFi locations in a home. Most… Read More »