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How To Turn an Android TV Box Into a WiFi Hotspot

Android TV boxes have become very popular as low-cost media boxes that can stream videos from online sources and play games. They can also be set up as a WiFi Hotspot able to extend a wireless signal. This can be a real benefit for anyone looking to help cover weak or bad WiFi locations in a home. Most… Read More »

Our Picks for the Best Smart HDMI TV Sticks WiFi Dongles

Wireless TV sticks that plug into an HDMI port are a popular way to make a TV into a nice low-cost media center. These small dongles about the size of a flash drive can do many things depending on the manufacturer. They can stream video wirelessly, play your favorite content such as YouTube or Netflix, or basically turn… Read More »

Review: H96 P DLP Mini 100 Lumens 4K Projector

The H96 Mini 4K Projector is built to display on a flat surface images or videos up to 300 inches in size.   It runs Android 5.1 Operating system with a S905X CPU and 2GB of RAM.   It also has an HDMI-in port to display from other devices such as a laptop or any device that has… Read More »

Review: A95X Max Android TV Box S905X2 4GB RAM

The A95X Max is a new Android TV box for 2019 built with the new S905X2 CPU and 4GB of RAM. It has many nice features including expandable storage with a 2.5 hard drive bay that can hold up-to 2TB HDD. The top opens up and SATA hard drive can be inserted for extra storage.   Another nice… Read More »