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What Is the Best TV Antenna for Rural Areas?

If you live in a rural area receiving free over-the-air TV signals can be challenging at times. TV broadcast signals follow a line-of-site so the terrain can be a big factor when receiving a signal. With that said there are some TV antennas that work better for long-distance rural areas. Know Were the TV Broadcast Towers are Located… Read More »

Review: 1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna 50 Miles Range and Free Over-The-Air TV Channels

Many people are eliminating cable TV as the prices continue to rise and the programming quality goes down. Most will go to internet based services such as Hulu, Amzon, or Netflix but free over-the-air TV is also a very good option. Online services are great but there are also many HDTV channels broadcast for free over-the-air. A digital… Read More »