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What is a Good Wireless Storage Device?

Wireless storage devices come in all kinds of hardware and software formats. Storing your picture, music, videos, or any files wireless can be done in few different ways.   Some are more static devices not meant to be moved much and others are portable giving the user on-the-go functionality.   So lets look at some options available to… Read More »

Pokemon Go and Cell Plan Data Usage

Pokemon Go has become beyond popular as of late and used by many to relieve boredom or just get out of the house.   As anyone who has played knows it requires a internet connection for data and GPS needs to be enabled.   Since you must leave the house to play using WiFi will be very limited… Read More »

Best Wireless External Portable Hard Drives

Wireless external hard-drives are a niche devices that many are unaware are available.   These small portable storage devices give all the benefits of a external hard-drive only with no wires.   Having a portable wireless hard-drive can be used in a variety of situations.   It is basically like having your own personal Cloud Service even with… Read More »