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What is The Fastest USB WiFi Adapter for Windows 10?

Having a wireless USB adapter that can transfer files very quickly is almost a requirement for some. With each release of new WiFi protocols there have been USB dongles that stand out as the fastest available along with reliability. The ASUS USB-AC68 Dual-Band AC1900 is one such unit, that is very impressive when it comes to speed and… Read More »

Review: Dodocool N300 Wireless-N Budget USB Adapter

The Dodocool N300 is a budget Wireless-N 2.4Ghz USB adapter. While it does not have the latest technology it is a very low-cost adapter and would fit into most any network. It is a small unit with a cap and built-in LED that flashes when connected to the WiFi. Specifications Wireless Protocol: 802.11n Compatibility: Work with 802.11b/g/n Chipset:… Read More »

How To Add WiFi to Ethernet Only Devices

Most devices these days have built-in WiFi to connect to a network. While most hardware does have wireless built-in some electronics don’t. This mainly includes older device such as gaming consoles or desktop computers but also can include new TVs. The good news is if your device has an Ethernet port WiFi can be added to it. How… Read More »

USB 2.0 Vs USB 3.0 Wireless Adapters

USB 3.0 was introduced in November 2008 and become wide spread a few years later. Although USB 3.0 has been available awhile doesn’t mean all devices are compatible. Even today in many devices are only USB 2.0 compliant. USB 2.0 is great for basic input output of devices from a mouse to a wireless USB adapter. It has… Read More »