The Best Kodi Torrent Addons for Streaming

By | December 3, 2021

Best Kodi Torrent Addons That Live Stream
Since Kodi add-ons were introduced they have constantly evolved thanks to the many dedicated developers.

They have evolved from scraping movie and TV show websites for links, to now scraping Torrent sites for links.

Most Kodi add-ons still scrap movies and TV show websites for links and using these add-ons is usually best for most users.

With that said Torrent links can often give a much better stream quality since they are being shared by many other users.

As most know Torrents work by not having a central download location but a mass sharing of a file.

This mass sharing can lead to problems in many locations since entities are looking for those who share these files and send out notification letters.

What happens when someone is caught sharing the wrong Torrent file will depend on the location, often with their internet shut off.

Types of Kodi Add-on Scrapers

  • Website Link Scrapers With One Way Stream (No Sharing).
  • Torrent Link Scrapers Two Way Stream (Shared).

For these reasons, if the wrong Torrent file is played a VPN must also be used.

Keep in mind many Torrents are legal such as any public domain movie or TV shows.

There is a long list of free public domain movies or TV shows and the only Torrent files we suggest watching.

Read here for a list of public domain movies and TV shows that can be watched.

If you do not have a VPN Try IPVanish it is a Torrent friendly VPN that has multiple high-speed servers with no throttling or logs. It also has a kill switch option that shuts down the internet just-in-case the VPN connection is lost.

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The Best Kodi Torrent Addons for Streaming

  1. Elementum
  2. Best Kodi Torrent Addons That Live Stream Elementum
    Elementum is a very good Kodi Torrent add-on that is also fast.

    It also has been updated and is now Kodi 18 and 19 Matrix compatible.

    Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Search, Torrents, Add, History, Providers, Status, and more.
    Best Kodi Torrent Addons That Live Stream Elementum 2

    It pulls in many links quickly that can be played.

    A nice feature of Elementum is that it buffers the file for a moment before playing which greatly improves the stream.

    How To Install Elementum

  3. Seren
  4. How To Install Seren Real Debrid Trakt Kodi Addon

    Seren is a Kodi video Addon for more advanced users from Nixgates Repository that uses Real Debrid and Trakt.
    How To Install Seren Kodi Addon 2020 Overview
    Sections include Discover Movies, TV Shows, Search and Tools.

    It does not pull in free links but is setup to use with Real Debrid and Trakt.

    If you use Real Debrid or Trakt it is a good add-on otherwise it is best to use another one as it will not pull in links.

    How To Install Seren Kodi Addon

  5. Gaia

  6. Gaia is an add-on with many set up options including Torrents.

    There are many settings which make it a good add-on for advanced users.

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