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Review: H96 P DLP Mini 100 Lumens 4K Projector

The H96 Mini 4K Projector is built to display on a flat surface images or videos up to 300 inches in size. It runs Android 5.1 Operating system with a S905X CPU and 2GB of RAM. It also has an HDMI-in port to display from other devices such as a laptop or any device that has a HDMI… Read More »

Amazon Fire TV Stick Tips and Tricks

The Amazon Fire Stick is a small versatile computer that is very popular. Currently in the 3rd version it has become the go-to video streaming unit for many. There are lots of different tips and different tweaks that can make the Fire TV Stick experience better. Many of these tips you may already know or may seem obvious… Read More »

How to Hide the On-screen Keyboard on an Android TV Box

If you own an Android TV box and use a physical keyboard the on-screen keyboard is unnecessary and can be a nuisance. While the on-screen keyboard is good for when you have no physical keyboard it can take up half the screen when do have one. The on-screen keyboard can be disabled using an app called Null Keyboard.… Read More »