Best Kodi Boxes to Run Plugins and Add-ons

By | February 29, 2016

Best Kodi Box Fully Loaded With Add-ons 2016

Kodi has become very popular in recent years with interest only continuing to grow.

And it is no big mystery as to why since it is the best home media center available and all for free.

Kodi when combined with the many add-ons that can be installed make it a power house that when combined with the right hardware is definitely a cable killer.

With the popularity of Kodi many android TV boxes have been introduced.

This can overwhelm anybody new to Kodi or anyone simply wanting to know what the best box is to get, along with Kodi and add-ons preinstalled.

So what is the best fully loaded Kodi box?

In reality there are too many variables to make a leap as to what the best box is.

There is no one-size-fits all answer. One person may be on a budget and simply want a box that works, another may want more internal hard drive space for a movie library and so on.

Keep in mind if you are new to Kodi I always suggest that you first run it on hardware you own for free such as a PC or Mac. Even most smartphones can run Kodi for free.

While Kodi is more than great some simply don’t understand how it works.

Once you understand Kodi than having a nice Kodi box is ideal not only for looks but since they are small and compact which makes them a good fit in any home entertainment center.

Here is our picks for the best dedicated android TV Kodi boxes with add-ons installed.

Our Picks for Best Kodi Boxes to Run Plugins and Add-ons

The first box on our list is the MX V S905 Quad Core box.

The main reason it makes the list is it is a low cost box that runs Kodi surprisingly well for such a cheap price.

It doesn’t have much built-in storage (8GB) but does have all the basics to have Kodi up and running.

While not the best hardware it does have possibly the best price tag and is a good box for those with cost in mind.

Keep in mind a low cost box will require more technical ability as there will be basically no support.

CPU: S905 Quad Core Cortex-A53 2.0 GHz
Internal Storage: 8GB ROM

For a Full Review Read Here.

If you are looking for the box with the best hardware than the NVIDIA SHIELD is arguably the best current option available.

There are different versions that can add more internal storage from the base 16 GB model to the 500 GB hard drive edition.

It uses a Quad Core NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor with 3 GB of RAM.

The new 802.11ac WiFi is also built in for high speed wireless data transfer.

While more pricier than most boxes for the top hardware currently possible the NVIDIA SHIELD is tough to beat.

CPU: Quad core NVIDIA Tegra X1
Storage: 16GB or 500GB versions

For those of you looking for a good mid-range box the Matricom G-Box is a good one to take a look at.

Like other Kodi boxes everything comes fully loaded and ready to run.

CPU: Quad Core S812
Storage: 16GB
For a Full Review Read Here.

All of boxes listed above can run Kodi and come fully loaded and ready to run.

When buying any android TV Kodi box be sure to read the review on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it fits your technical ability.

While they all come with Kodi and add-ons installed there is always some degree of technicality that may not be for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Best Kodi Boxes to Run Plugins and Add-ons

  1. SK

    Can anyone advise me which is the best oct core kodi box to buy. It should be wifi enabled

  2. ky

    i’m trying to decide between pigflytech ti4 or mx3+, and usage is for movies/tv. which one is better?

    1. WirelessHack

      All Kodi machines use the same add-ons and movie streams so their basically the same as far as that goes.

      The MXIII Plus here uses a S802 2.0GHz Quad-Core while the Pigflytech Ti4 uses the S812 1.8Ghz Quad Core.

      The S812 is a slightly better CPU since it has H.265/HEVC video decoding but their close to being the same. Read here on which is better.

      They both use 2 GB of RAM and have 8 GB internal storage. The Ti4 has 802.11ac WiFi while the MXIII is still using Wireless-N.

      Most the hardware being used on both boxes are the almost same in terms of performance. The WiFi is the only real difference depending on your home network. Its always a good idea to run a Ethernet cable anyways for streaming since WiFi signals can vary.

      I would say the price and support would be the deal breaker. Let us know how it goes.

      1. Brenda Noort

        Can you tell me why exodus on my machine reverted to 2014 and 2015 I had the newer releases but they just seemed to disappear. Is there a reason you know of?

        1. Bill


          I had the same problem. It was because when I first received my box , I went into Settings from the home screen, turned off Automatic to set the time and date, but forgot to turn it back to Automatic. When I did, everything reappeared. Should you have to pull the plug and don’t have Automatic back on, the time defaults back to a preset date. Nothing installed after that date will appear. But now that 3 weeks have passed since you made this inquiry, I’m thinking that you already took care of it. Enjoy!


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