How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon

By | June 19, 2019

How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon New 7777

Update 6-19-2019: Maverick TV Repository Has Shut Down.
Read Here for Information on Shut Down

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Maverick TV is a great all around Kodi add-on that streams movies, TV shows, sports, live TV and more.
How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon New Version 38 Overview
Sections include Search, 4K UHD, One Click, Real Debrid, Live TV, Catch Up TV, Sports, 24/7, top 250, Trakt, IMDB Top rated, Genre, Box-sets, Documentaries, Comedians, Jukebox, Concert, and more.
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Name: Maverick Repository
How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon

  1. At the top left click the System Settings Icon
  2. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 1

  3. Click File Manager
  4. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 2

  5. On the left click Add Source
  6. Click where it says NONE
  7. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 4

  8. Enter the URL: and click OK
  9. In the next box down name it mavrepo and click OK
  10. Double check everything is correct and click OK
  11. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
  12. Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
  13. Click Install from zip file
  14. A box will open find and select mavrepo
  15. Click
  16. Wait for the top right to popup and say MaverickTV Repo Installed
  17. How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon New Version 38 Step 13

  18. Click Install from repository
  19. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 14

  20. Click Maverick TV Repo
  21. Click Video Add-ons
  22. Click Maverick TV
  23. How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon New Version 38 Step 17

  24. Click Install
  25. How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon New Version 38 Step 18

  26. For Kodi 18 Leia users a box will popup showing all the dependencies and add-ons that will be install Click OK

37 thoughts on “How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addon

  1. Can Ozy


    MaverckTV;SERVER Down!

    I’v been used this Add.since a long time but now its not working
    so when you attempt to open the Add. you got warning ; “Server Down”

    1. Graeme

      I have successfully added maverick tv but when I go into it and select any channel nothing happens ? Went into sports , went to live sports , got a list of all of tonight’s games but when I clicked on it nothing happens ? Can u help ? Tia

  2. racchel scott

    great addon but nothing works in the trak section im i doing something wrong

  3. Jerrylee35

    Probably wrong section but has uk Turks gone too can hardly get anything to play on their classic TV set

  4. WayCoolBlue

    Hi just a tip you now need to install YouTube and Sports Devil before installing Maverick TV. this is because the YT And SD URL’s have changed but not been updated in Maverick TV so it curses error’s. Hope that helps.
    If you already have the error’s you need to update Maverick TV and reinstall the zip file. Then reinstall YOUTUBE and SPORTS DEVIL.

    1. Becky Moosbrugger

      I am still getting an error message- Error check log file? How can I fix this?

  5. JM

    Has anyone else noticed that Project Mayhem is missing from the Maverick Repo?

    I’ve downloaded it twice now and it’s been missing both times?

    Is this new?

    Any advice much appreciated!

  6. Daniel DiNoia

    hello, I have MAVERICK TV and trying to find a search option for movies………There is only a limited amount of selections like NEW MOVIE RELEASES and no search for other movies……….help

  7. buffer

    reset your your phone and download kodi afresh will
    Work 100% guarantee
    I experienced errors with mav after trying some repo
    I unistall and install but nothing helped
    So i reset my phone and installed kodi afresh then installed mav now everything works fine.
    Password for xxx : sexme2018

  8. Toyota1956

    I have successfully installed but when I click the open button it gives the error ssl.c: 590

  9. Irene

    Recently I have successfully installed Maverick TV but when I click the world IPTV or Fluxus TV, a pop up saying Maverick error 401. I tried many ways to fix but but failed. Can help pl?

    1. WayCoolBlue

      You need to update or install sports devil it needs SD to open SD now as an individual URL. The URL For SD Is out of date this should fix your problem.

    1. ACG

      Did you find an alternative? Maverick has been so good til the last few days, now furtually all the add-ons aren’t working.

      1. WayCoolBlue

        HI ACG if you open up maverick TV setting’s and click or select update. Then go back to the install from zip file you will see a new repo file install it and then restart kodi that should fix.

  10. Robert P.

    After installing MaverickTV today, 01/26/2018, I tried watching Live Sports. message popped up telling me I needed to install SportsDevil. So I agreed to install. problem is it did NOT install correctly and every time I try to watch Live Sports I get a pop up box saying SportsDevil Error – Web request failed and a blue box with OK in it. Any ideas how to REINSTALL SportsDevil or correct this error? Thanks!!!

    1. WayCoolBlue

      Install sports devil separately and that should fix it
      That’s what worked for me.

  11. linda

    works great ,just installed on kodi 17.6. working great on 16.1 as well.

  12. Johnny

    Acestream links within are stuck for me on a show 4 days old and stop after 13 secs. Can see kbps falling in notification pane..any ideas??

    1. Johnny

      Sky sports links to be specific. Same thing on 3 devices and one with spmc latest. Also same result on skyNet.

  13. Daz

    Cant seem to get this too work on xbox one version . 18 alpha. . Anyone help me . Comes up wid error log message when try to start up maverick tv. Installed as said above but wont open.

  14. Bree

    I get this message after about 3-5 secs into the install “Failed to install a dependency.” Can anyone help me

    1. Michael Stipek

      Did it with mine too but i just kept trying and after the 3rd or 4th time it said the same message then right after it said add on installed. So just keep trying…

    2. Dean

      You have to install YouTube at the bottom of the list first then install

    3. Jordan

      I had an error message flsh before that saying it failed to download some simple downloader for xbmc plugins so i searched addons for the word “simple” found what it was failing to install and just installed the simple downloader myself. Then Maverick TV installed fine. Hope that works for you although I have no idea which of my repos kodi managed to find the simple downloader in…

  15. Zara

    Just updated this with new Repo- was working fine- now no longer working. Did they update the url again?

  16. doug

    does this still work? i get the repo to install but it says it cant connect to it

    1. Manu

      I ve got the same problem, no internet connection! I set my device to factory data reset, now works!


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