Get Rid of Cable TV With XBMC / Kodi

By | January 10, 2015

Get rid of Cable TV with XBMC  Kodi

I have been a fan of XBMC / Kodi for many years starting with the original Xbox years ago. Since those days XBMC has evolved a lot to become a full fledged home entertainment system all for free.
Back in 2007 when I was first introduced to XBMC is was a cool way to hack a old Xbox and add on all kinds of very cool features. At the time it basically took a Xbox and made it into one of the better home entertainment units of the day.
XBMC has moved on since those days leaving behind the hardware limitations of the old Xbox and moving into other platforms, and changing its name to Kodi.
XBMC / Kodi can now be run on many devices from a desktop computer to a Apple TV 2 there are many options.
I use a old computer to run Kodi but there are many other ways. For example a friend recently showed me a small mini android TV stick that looks like a flash drive. It plugs straight into a TVs HDMI port and is a fully functioning Android with XBMC/Kodi. It streams movies flawlessly.
There are also dedicated android boxes that run Kodi.
An Apple 2 TV can be modified to run XBMC but not the new Apple 3 TV. Only the older model.
To keep it all simple and cheap you can always just run it on a old computer.
Even though XBMC/Kodi can connect to all your paid outlets like Netflix or Hulu Plus obviously most want the free content when using XBMC/Kodi.
A plug-in / add-on will need to be added to XBMC much like a app is on a smartphone. Here are the most popular.
Here are the steps to installing Kodi on a PC and installing the above top plugins.
Download Kodi here an install it on your computer. Choose Windows to install to a PC.

After Kodi it is installed we need to install plugins to take advantage of it. To install the plugins it is easiest to install a repository such as SuperRepo which will install them for you when selected.
Here are the steps to installing SuperRepo repository There is a video below the screenshots for a visual step by step install of SuperRepo.
System–>File manager

Add Source

Click where it says “None”

Add the following URL

In the next box down type in the name SuperRepo

Than click OK

Back out and click on Settings. System–>Settings

Install From Zip file

Click on SuperRepo

Choose the version you want it is the same as the version of Kodi you installed.

Click ALL

Click to install

SuperRepo is now installed. To install a plugin / add-on from SuperRepo go back to System–>Stetting


Get Addons


Video Add-ons

Select the plugin you want to install. Here 1channel has been selected.

After installing the plugin go to Video-> Video Add-ons.


If you have not played with XBMC / Kodi and are thinking of getting rid of cable TV or satellite, definitely check it out.

31 thoughts on “Get Rid of Cable TV With XBMC / Kodi

  1. Arleszeus

    Have Legacy tv box , kodi was on it when I got it but was older version .so I deleted it to start with fresh kodi but when I try to down load from play store it say it’s installed but can’t find it or open the app ,then it says this device is not compatible
    Is the box android or what os do I use android or windows



  3. Terry

    Although I have just got my new Kodi box there are a lot of tips on how to get downloads there are not any on what and where cables are needed to connect Kodi box to the TVs ….

  4. carlo guttillo

    How to install kodi onto a rca WiFi streaming media player

  5. Tony Baker

    Hello . I have just found out about Kodias I was researching ‘ how to get UK TV abroad’ namely Asia I am going bthe for 6 months and I want to watch my UK TV.
    Can you please help & advise me
    Can I use Kodi in Asia, South Korea and Malaysia,
    All I want to do is simply open Kodi and watch a UK TV channel,
    would this be possible
    Hope someone can help

  6. Shirley

    Can I watch a mobile TV box on my TV with just an ordinary ariel

  7. johnny

    once i download fire stick where do i go just click on anything and its free?

  8. Angelia

    I have a older tv with no hdmi so I bought a hdmi adaptor hdmi to rca jacks but I can’t see nothing on my tv……pls help I have spent alot of money

  9. Colin

    Hi, I am completely new to this, i have ordered an amazon fire stick that I will have tomorrow , I have been told that I can download kodi fully loaded onto it, is that true and if so, how please.

    1. WirelessHack

      There is a hack for the firestick. There are many step-by-step YouTube videos on it.

  10. Trisha

    Do I need a kodi box for each tv? And if so will that slow down my wifi I have?

    1. admin

      A Kodi box would be needed for each TV. As for WiFi It depends on the router used. Some routers can handle only a single connection at a time while many new routers have MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) that can handle multiple connections at the same time. These type or routers also have four or more antennas that can talk to different signals. Here is one such router the Linksys AC2600

      It is best to run a wired connection if possible since WiFi can be tricky at times when streaming video but MIMO routers are good.


    Can I connect my windows desktop which has no HDMI port to my smart TV? I have wireless wifi. And what do I need to do this if it is possible?


      What I want to do is download kodi tv to my desktop. I have kodi installed and configured to my laptop, but I want to free up my laptop and have it on my desktop instead.

  12. Louise

    I have a Kodi box connected to my tv and I want to add Netflix – is this do-able? If so what steps do I take to do this?

    1. WirelessHack

      Most Kodi boxes are android based so you would go to the Play Store and download the Netflix app.

  13. Rey

    Would it be possible to miracast this from a phone and have the phone be like a smart remote?

    That would be cool!

    1. WirelessHack

      There are smartphone remote control apps for Kodi, such as Yatse and Kore.

  14. WirelessHack

    1…..It depends what hardware you use as to how it is displayed to a TV but usually there is one Kodi box per a TV.

    2….Again it depends on the output of the Kodi box. For example one computer I have it installed on only has VGA out while the TV I wanted to use it on had only HDMI so I had to get a VGA/HDMI converter. There are also TVs that can run Kodi Wirelessly so it all depends on your hardware setup.

    3….Kodi doesn’t take up much space itself I have installed it on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a 4 GB SD-card. With all the hardware it supports you wold have to look at what it is being installed on for a exact size.

    4….You dont have to purchase a pre-setup Kodi box, in fact I would suggest to run it from a old computer first so you can see if it is for you. It is free to download for a PC/MAC and is the best way to get a feel for it. Some people struggle with it while others get it right away and love it. So I would suggest going the free route until you know how it fits your scenario.

  15. Laurie

    Hi there! I have just started looking into kodi but am having trouble getting some very basic questions answered. I’m hoping you can help me out.
    1. Will kodi work on more than one tv?
    2. Does it need to be an HV tv?
    3. How much space does kodi take it up on a computer? It was recommended that I purchase kodi fully loaded.
    If you could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it!

  16. Troy

    Looks good. Can you do this on a pc without connecting the pc to the tv. so do it with wifi?

  17. randy opas

    can I connect my mac to my TV without HDMI cable? Is it even with it?

  18. TOMt

    Great information I had no idea XMBC had come so far. I to had it installed on a old Xbox back in the day definitely have to try out the new version.

    1. Dan

      It dont instruct correctly, in settings it doesn’t come up with install from zip, just appearance, video, tv, music, pics, weather, etc.

      1. Brian

        Hover the mouse/controller over the System Icon (don’t click it only hover) and than move it over to Settings.

        Than click add-ons, Install From Zip will be right there.

      2. Dan

        Now I’ve rebooted and it’s now came up but when I go to install from zip their is no ‘all’ to select after selecting superrepo, just a long list. You need to update your info or your links guys this is poor. I am using kodi on minix x8 h plus.

        1. Brian

          You need to go to System–>File Manager—>Add Source and add SuperRepo as the repository.


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