How To Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon

By | January 5, 2020

How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon

UPDATE: Exodus 8.0 Is No Longer Unavailable

Read Here for the current top working Kodi add-ons
Exodus is a Fork from the once popular Genesis Addon that has been updated to version 8.0.
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Overview
It plays movies and TV shows in a well laid out format.

The original developers have stopped maintaining it, but it has periodically received updates from other enthusiasts most recently to version 8.0.

The update to 6/7 and now 8.0 has Exodus pulling in many links again.

If the Indigo dependency does not install for you it is located in the TVADDONS.CO Repository inside Kodi Bae under Add-on Repository.
How To Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon Problem Step 2
The steps are at the bottom of the page to install Indigo if needed.

Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish or Express VPN with both having multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

* is Not affiliated with Kodi, any Addons or Builds. is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.

Table of Contents
How To Install Exodus 8.0
How To Fix Indigo Dependency Error
How To Use Exodus Add-on

Name: mega-tron
Steps To Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon

  1. At the top left click the System Settings Icon
  2. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 1

  3. Click File Manager
  4. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 2

  5. On the left click Add Source
  6. Click where it says NONE
  7. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 4

  8. Enter the URL:
  9. In the next box down name it transform and click OK
  10. Double Check everything is correct and click OK
  11. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
  12. Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
  13. Click Install from zip file
  14. A box will slide open find transform and click it
  15. Click REPOS
  16. Scroll down find and click
  17. How To Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon 17.6 and 18 Leia Step 13

  18. Wait for the top right to popup Kodi Bae Repository Installed
  19. Click Install from repository
  20. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 14

  21. Click Kodi Bae Repository
  22. How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 16

  23. Video add-ons
  24. Find and click Exodus
  25. Install
  26. How To Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon Update 9 Step 19

  27. For Kodi 18 Leia users A box will popup showing all the dependencies and add-ons that will be install Click OK

Indigo Dependency Error Fix
If the Indigo dependency does not install for you it is located in the TVADDONS.CO Repository inside Kodi Bae under Add-on Repository.
1… Within Kodi Bae click Add-on Repository
How To Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon Problem Step 2
2… Click TVADDONS.CO Add-on Repository

3… Click Install
How To Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon Problem Step 4
After installing TVADDONS.CO Repository go back and install Exodus again and it should install.
How To Use the Exodus Add-on
Add-ons such as Exodus scrap the internet for movie and TV show links.
They do not host any files they simply display links to websites found on the internet the same way Google searches for websites.
Like all Add-ons Exodus has categories such as movies and TV shows.
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Overview
Selecting a movie or TV show will search the internet for possible links and display them in a long list.
How To Use Exodus Add-on 1
Clicking on the top link an Add-on will automatically try to play the stream by going through each link.
If it kicks out start again farther down the list.

Sometimes a PAIR box will come up simply click Cancel to move on to the next link.
How To Install Kodi 18 Leia and Neptune Rising Using 3
The Pair box is a website wanting you to go to their website and click a Pair box to play a stream.

The Pair box will be surrounded by spam or ads so it is usually best to stay away from these sites unless you are experienced with Kodi.

Pair sites such as Olpair tie to the IP address so any device can work when Paring. Often if Paring is done, it is best to use an old phone or tablet since while pairing works the link will be surrounded by spam.

Once a stream starts if it buffers stop it from playing and click farther down the list of links until a good one is found.

Sometimes a good link will be found quickly while other times it will be harder to find and require a bit of patience.

139 thoughts on “How To Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon

  1. Andrew l

    Just FYI the install is not at any longer.

  2. Ashley

    Is there any way I can sign up for updates to this article? The rebels address for the repository changes too fast for me to keep up with. I usually don’t check this page until my add on stops working, and then I have to go update it. It would be nice to know when I needed to do that.

  3. john

    This wont install on Kodi Leia on Raspberry Pi. None of the fixes work eith e.g. to fix dependencies


      Hello. Well, i had troubles on 3 devices with Exodus and the Repo-2. But, when you install FIRST the Repository
      === thebackup1..0.0 ===== and secondly ====== script.module.exodus3.1.3 and lastly ======= the Repository2.0.0 ======= it DOES install AND works !
      All of these files are on a well know site, just Google the name and/or app .
      (When installing Repo2.0.0 it needs repo.thebackup, but it fails to install.
      Also the script module3.1.3 is not being installed, because the install-software wants to install version 3.1.4)
      I have tested Exodus on my 3 devices(newest Kodi, Old Kodi, and PC with newest Kodi) ans all is well again !

      1. john

        Where do i find thebackup1..0.0 and script.module.exodus3.1.3 and the Repository2.0.0

        1. capslock

          you can find all of these files AND the original REPO(S) on github browser, search for the name of the developer (kodibae).

      2. capslock

        addendum :

        I have first installed “thebackup” repo. (appearently the Repo2.0.0 needs this software but does nót co-installs this software)
        Secondly the Exodus Repo 2.0.0
        Thirdly script.mudule.exodus.3.1.3 (but installed is 3.1.4)
        All software is present in the repo from the owner of Exodus, please use google and or Github browser.
        I have installed these files on three different mediaboxes/pc’s and the Repository 2.0.0 ánd the Repository “thebackup” ánd the script.module.Exodus
        are perfectly installed.
        Also the Exodus Repository 2.0.0 is listed in the active or present list of repos ánd when opening this repo all off the software is present !
        Offcourse is Exodus 8.0.1 now working perfectly !

          1. Jeff

            trying to install on Kodi 8.1 getting kodibae zip file not found

    2. capslock

      march 5th 2019. go to the original page of the developer, he has just updated all of the software !

      1. Lisa

        I’m trying to install this and it says unable to connect couldn’t retrieve directory information this could be due to the internet not being cut knitted you like to add it anyway? My internet is connected what else could cause this error message

    3. capslock

      Dear sirs of WIRELESSHACK

      Please UPDATE your comment on Exodus 8.0.1 !!!

      It is running PERFECTLY SINCE YESTERDAY (new repo3, new thebackup and new exodus.module !


  4. Billy D

    People need to know that the purported “piracy attorneys” have taken over Mr Blamo Repository, and have created tvaddons and indigo. The “piracy attorneys” have put malware into tvaddons, indigo, old Exodus and Death Streams. When the “anti-piracy attorneys” put the nice founder of Mr Blamo, they hit him so hard that he had to give up his software and repository. The new malware gathers indentificatory information about us, e.g., email address, what we look at, our names, etc., which will be used later to sue and to fine us. Do a search on youtube with “tvaddons hijacking rohas” to learn more about this. I never downloaded tvaddons nor indigo, but when the “anti-piracy attorneys” took over Mr Blamo, they rewrote updates to old Exodus to include malware, and they made sure that it was very difficult to remove the apps listed above. See for yourself. Try to uninstall those apps. Tvaddons is a honey trap; it keeps us getting us copyrighted materials, until the “anti-piracy attorneys” spring the trap. You kodi experts must be aware of what I am saying. I am suspicious of tvaddons, which emphasizes re-run apps.

  5. HalGio

    Thanks alot, I installed the last year and came to check the add on, glad still works in my little Fire TV Stick, since Genesis Reborn is down i guess.

  6. Meltdowndan

    I had Exodus ver 6 and it wasn’t working anymore so I downloaded this kodibae and tried again but nothing so I thought I should delete exodus when I did that it disappeared from the video add on under kodibae, I tried deleted kodibae and restarting device and reinstalled but exodus won’t come back. Any tips for a n00b. Thx

  7. Mountaindew117

    Doesn’t work with version 18 of kodi. I installed and followed all instructions and when I click to install exodus it instantly gives me a failed install prompt. It says beautifulsoup4 failed to install and will not continue with the install. Also tried with the alternative install link and had the same result. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

  8. Deion

    I got this error “could not connect to repository” when trying to install kodi bae repository. I even tried to install indigo first through, installed with VPN on and off still has same issue.

  9. Jeff

    I was in Exodus 6.0 which worked fine but showed less streaming link that it was before. Then i follwed the steps to update only it was still showing exodus 6.0 and didn’t see any much difference in the number of links its returning.

    So I tried to uninstall Exodus and reinstall it again. I had some issues with missing Indigo but after I added Indigo I was able to successfully install Exodus 8.0. However, the streaming links its returning is far far less than what my Exodus 6.0 has before. Even for those movies that I’ve watched previouly just before I uninstalled Exodus 6.0.

    Can someone please help?

  10. Tyler St. pierre

    When I choose links it looks like it’s going to load then says no streams available. I use real and all debrid with Exesuse for a long time no issues. Till now. Any thought.

  11. Bill C.

    Update on your dependices error is almost there once you add add-on repository. You then you must go back to repositories scroll down to add-repository then program addons them install indigo. Go back install exodus. It kept giving me indigo error once I did that exodus install fine. Hope this helps good luck.

  12. Clermont

    Is anyone having problem with Search engine in Exodus?
    For the past 3 days , when I search for a specific Tv show somehow, the search engine in Exodus does not respond? Same goes for Yoda search engines.

  13. Rick Montano

    “” gives the best and easiest instructions to follow. Thank you.

  14. Ashley Johnson

    Omg omg! I did it all by myself and I’m not the best at technology. I usually depend on my baby brother, but he is overseas and not available. Best instructions ever!!!!

  15. Andrei27

    I simpy cannot recreate step 18 above. In the Video Add-ons I don’t see any Exodus add-on, just a Sport 365 add-on.

    What is the cause of this this ? Pls help !

  16. Elise

    I couldn’t get exodus to install after installing the dependency. Any suggestions?

  17. Rick

    Help, I have updated to Exodus Ver.8 and loaded RD steams.

    Issue: once selected RD steam, it will go through the list than show “No Steam Available”.

    I noticed that the setting for provider is different from the screenshots shown. It shows a list of provider for me to select 1 by 1 rather than showing “Exodus Scrapers”

    1. Rick

      Found the issue, VPN was blocked by Real Debrid. Switched server solved the issue.

  18. rick

    pls kindly help, I have install exodus ver 8 with real debrid. I was able to find RD feeds when I select them it returns “no stream”

    I try to clear provider and cache but it didn’t help.

    I notice that under provider, I do not have the option to change to exodus scaper.

  19. Rudi

    I now have exodus redux. Best one in a very long time.
    But you have to open lambada scraper settings. . By modules section change to all providers.
    That is the best add on now.
    Good luck.

  20. Ian

    Guys, thanks for an awesome addon…BUT, still having problems when its installed on Leia 18. I can’t search TV shows or Movies. After lots of searching on Google it seems the and python scripts need to be updated. Is this going to be fixed in the future?

  21. Andrew

    We are up to Exodus version 8 now so please update your instructions. And there is a problem with the Exodus 8 install. It is delivering an error message when you try to install. And I tried install it on a cleany reinstalled Kodi

    1. Bob

      The Indigo Dependency is not installing with the new update. Install TVADDONS.CO Repository under Add-on Repository from Kodi Bae first until it is fixed.

  22. Andy

    Scrapers return to “default” when kodi is shutdown. Any fix for this yet?

    Didn’t work at all on first install so I did fresh kodi install and exodus install and it works fine, except for the scrapers resetting on exit.

    1. Frabato

      Same here. Every time after Kodi is closed it go to “default”. When I change it has a lot of links and works perfectly.

  23. Paul

    Working great. Just pay attention and insist on “Exodus Not Pulling in Links” steps 1 to 5

  24. Jay

    adding that there are several scripting errors(mostly formatting[incorrect spacing]) in the and scripts..after I resolved them it started working again

  25. jay

    not working…. I don’t mean links, I mean, I start exodus and get an error… installing it works fine, no errors pop up, kodi reports it was installed, but on startup it crashes

  26. 3rdsun

    Before Exudos was saying No streams. I went into the addon settings and changed from default to Exodus Scrapers and now everything is back working

    1. Adam Guthrie

      Exodus v 7 is broken the exodus scrapper keeps deleting everytime you shutdown then turn kodi back on. You have to install the exodus scrapper again in tools providers. Without the exodus scrapper you can’t stream This is no longer the top addon

    1. BacillusBulgaricus®

      Ditto. After the last Exodus update, the add-on stopped working both on Android and Windows 10.

  27. Charlie

    Worked perfectly then turned off the android box on and off again and ‘no streams available ‘ on every movie I tried anyone else had the same ?

    1. elfpattaya

      Read the info box. Will tell you how to set up the scrapers. Default does not work.

      1. Dan

        What Info box? I’ve been wondering about scraper settings, it’s the only thing I haven’t customised.

      2. Kyle

        I’ve done that and it works. Problem is every time I exit kodi then open it the exodus scraper module is gone and provider settings goes back to default. I have to re download scrapper module every time. I can’t for the life of me get it to save the settings and not delete exodus scraper module.

        1. elfpattaya

          Same here Module goes back to default which does not work. Got fed up of re-installing scraper module, so have uninstalled until it is corrected. A pity because when working works very well.
          At present now using Yoda, just as good.

  28. Tara

    I’ve used the tutorials on this site before, but lately I’m having problems.

    When I get to step 18 (install the Exodus add-on from Video-addons), the only one listed is Sports365. I’ve tried a few of the other popular addons from this site as well, and get the same problem at the same step (I can install from the zip file, but the proper addon isn’t listed).

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  29. hz

    This was the easiest and clearest instruction set I’ve found so far. Thanks.

  30. Craig M

    Does anyone else find that there are no working 1080p streams available on this?

      1. wag

        Yes, too many dead links, way more than the last version, and NO working HD links that I have found.

    1. Kelly Y

      I can’t ever find any streams. Easy install but nothing to watch unfortunately!

  31. Leah

    It all installed fine and it loads the video streams fine but when it is trying to play the movie it loads as if it is going to start and then nothing happens. It does this to me on a few addons any ideas of how to fix it ? Thanks 🙂

    1. Erik

      I get the same results. Several streams, it looks like it is about to play, then it just stops… Anyone else having this issue?

  32. Michelle

    I have Kodi and Exodus installed on my firestick on one TV and FireTV on another. It seems like they want to load but on the FireStick I always get “No stream available”. On the the FireTV it looks like it searching than nothing again. I don’t know how to troubleshoot it

  33. Cinny

    Just wondering what the new installation for terrarium tv is..if tried several different ways and can’t get it ..I’m thinking it may of been shut down and unable to use..

  34. Byron

    PERFECT!! I tried so many different Addons for example Convenant and they all did not worked. I read up on the Internet that Exodus is up and running agian and downloaded it and works perfectly. Also 1080P which is brilliant!!

  35. Dankezz

    When i click a moviestream i only get a trailer. And no movie.
    Those anyone know how you fix it?

  36. Natasha Rivard

    Thank you thank you sooo much!!!! I missed exodus soooo much!! I am happy happy!

  37. Joe


    I have a Fire Stick 1st generation. I have the latest updates on exodus (and its forks Yoda, Magicality, Placenta, Neptune Rising, Incursion) for months.

    A month ago, I started to have the same problem on exodus and all its forks that I use….

    It crashes Kodi when browsing the listing “New Episodes” after about 30 seconds. It looks like that something is happening in the background once the list of “New Episodes” is populated.

    It doesn’t matter what addon I use, it is always the same.

    I can browse the list “new Episodes for about 30 seconds then it locks up and crashes.

    I can browse “New Movies” and settings etc… and nothing happens, only on “New Episodes” in the Exodus forks.

    Kodi totally crashes. I have looked in the logs and there is nothing in there of note, I have done the usual, fresh install of Kodi, cleared the cache and providers etc but it still happens on all Exodus forks.
    I have even uninstalled most add ons and just left exodus and it still happens.

    I have the same Kodi install on Windows where this doesn’t happen.

    I have searched everywhere and cannot find anything about this issue.

    I hope I can find a solution for this.


    1. Jon

      Pretty impressive, loads right over an old Android version – seamless.
      Credit to author

  38. Frankie

    When I got to the final step when I said install all I had in the last box on the bottom line was Uninstall I don’t know how to install Exodus

      1. Pete

        There are several Exodus version. Uninstall the old one (Unless you want it) and install the new one.

  39. Tony

    Re loaded Exodus but its not listing any real debrid links, have also re-authorized RD…
    Any help appreciated….

  40. Sean Blake

    Failed to install a dependency in step 19
    Any work around/solution?

      1. Bob

        Same for me, multiple top addons from the Nov 2018 list fail to install a dependency. Other addons get installed fine.

  41. tom

    if you cant get to the system file you are soooo screwed kodi is going to be sooo bad . as it is im in there changing apps every 2 weeks now looking for something that works right. and im still looking none of them are what it was a year ago. so get one of your friends to come over and show you how to put apps on and off . you are going to need to no this if you wont any kind of tv from this thing. and learn how to uninstall kodi and put a fresh copy on.

  42. Sarah

    Help nothing is working on my kod i seriously in going nuts x

  43. Anonymous

    Go back to step 16 and select the Kodil repository. replace Kodil for tknorris for the remaining instructions. Kodil is huge, so you will have a lot of scrolling past arabic or possibly Hebrew letters and symbols

    1. Anonymous

      Install the Kodil repository. You can also install tknorris, but this repository is empty… so go back to step 16 and then select Kodil. then select video add ons. Then scroll down past all of the arabic looking stuff. If you scroll far enough, you will see exodus. FYI, Covenant and Elysium are pretty good too.

  44. somebody

    step #19 does not work. it says download at 0% not sure whats going on. everything worked fine until that step.

  45. Gedda

    I am stuck at 13 where you wait for it to show installed in top right hand corner of the screen. Then you click on install from the repository, but it never gets to the stage where it says installed in top right hand corner on step number 13

  46. Rose

    Worked perfect for me
    I bought an Amazon stick ,I try many source and nothing work to install Éxodus ,thank you very

  47. bank

    would like a directory list of all the repository and zip files to DELETE
    Hundredths of older 2014-2017 Repository and ZIP files left inside KODI

    The KODI BACKUP has no way to remove NON ACTIVE Repository and Zip files
    so is the solution ONLY TO START NEW with a Kodi browser OR is there a TOOL
    that can TEST and ASK to remove broken non working links same as or during
    a KODI standard AVAILABLE UPDATE sessione

  48. T-Car

    Link works great for Exodus! Old link I was using would always give me “No Streams Available”. Thanks for the info! People who are writing about video quality…if you watch movies under the “Theaters” category, you will be watching a CAM video. Qualities going to be bad if it’s not available in stores.

  49. MH

    Works great for me. I’ve tried others and nothing working. Great for watching other than new releases on demand.

  50. Cujo

    Just as broken as covenant. All old sources . Half of the new ones require a sign up of some kind . Kodi is dying

  51. Tara

    Worked perfect and Exodus installed. Thank you. I was having major issues with the TV add-ons repo. This one, not a problem

  52. Jen

    I did all this and Exodus is installed. However it works like garbage.
    Everything I try to watch almost every source has a pop-up looking for stream authorization directing to some website, which I don’t trust to do, and the sources that do actually bring up a show, the quality is absolute disgusting. The videos shake and vibrate and the audio is messed up. And it won’t work if I try to cancel on the specific download to stop the video.

    Then it basically gets frozen on that screen, so I never have the opportunity to return back to the main screen of exodus and search for a different program.

  53. TT

    I did everything correctly but still i get “…” when i try to install from zip file

    1. Matt

      You spelt the web address wrong then. Go back to that step and readd the source url and spell it correctly this time.


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