How To Install Kodi No Limits Magic Wizard Build

By | October 23, 2018

How To Install Kodi No Limits Magic Wizard Build New October 2018 Screenshot 2
UPDATE: No Limits Magic Wizard is Currently Down.

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Kodi No Limits Magic Build is a very good Build that has a nice layout, all the popular add-ons are included, and no need for a password or pin number to install.
How To Install Kodi No Limits Magic Wizard Build New October 2018 Screenshot 5
Its popularity caused some servers to slow down which has been resolved by using the No Limits Wizard.
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 17-17.4 Krypton S17
The No Limits Magic Wizard now has multiple servers to choose from.
It also has different versions that can be installed including a Fire TV Stick Version and adult version.
How To Install Kodi No Limits Magic Wizard Build New October 2018 Screenshot 4
Be sure to install any Build on a Fresh New Kodi install to help prevent any potential problems. Read here for how To clear old Builds or other Data from Kodi and have a fresh start install.

Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
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Name: No Limits Wizard

Alternative URL

How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard and Build
1… At the top left click the System Settings Icon

2… Click File Manager

3… On the left click Add Source
How To Install Kodi 17-17.6 Addons and Builds Step 3
4… Click where it says NONE
How to Install Flixnet Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton step 4
5… Type in the following URL:

6… Name it No Limits and click OK
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 17.1 Krypton Pic 6
7… Double check everything is correct and click OK

8… Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 17-17.4 Krypton S8
9… Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 17-17.4 Krypton S9
10… Click Install from zip file
How to Install Flixnet Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton step 10
11… Click No Limits
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 17.1 Krypton Pic 11
How To Install Kodi No Limits Magic Wizard Build New October 2018 Step 12
13… Wait for the top right of the screen to popup with No Limits Wizard Installed
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 17.1 Krypton Pic 13
14… From main menu go to Add-ons
How To Install Kodi No Limits 2018 New URL Step 14
15… Programs Add-ons
How To Install Kodi No Limits 2018 New URL Step 15
16… Click No Limits Wizard
How To Install Kodi No Limits 2018 New URL Step 16
17… Select the version wanted including Adult, No XXX, and Firestick versions. There are also multiple servers to choose from in-case one has problems.
How To Install Kodi No Limits Magic Wizard Build New October 2018 Step 17
18… It will download, extract, and install. This can take some time depending on the speed of the hardware.
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 17.1 Krypton Pic 18
19… After it installs it will shut down. It is a good idea to restart your device.

20… Restart Kodi and No Limits Build should be installed. Be sure to give it time to finish the install and update.

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How To Load the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin Manually
Sometimes the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin does not load automatically and needs to be manually changed.
If this happens the addons will load up but the layout will have the same default Kodi Estuary Skin.
Steps To Change To Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin
1… Click System Icon from the top left
2… Click Interface Setting
3… Skin
4… Click Aeon Nox 5: Silvo (If Aeon Nox 5 is not there click Get More to find it)
5… Click Yes to keep it.

236 thoughts on “How To Install Kodi No Limits Magic Wizard Build

  1. Dale

    Hello guy’s, my android box recently updated to the kodi 18 leia version and i had to reboot the no limits magic build but it kept coming up qith an error log at the end. So i removed kodi all together and started again from scratch. Though im still getting the error log notification instead of it restarting with the build. I also tried to simply via simple downloading the exodus redux addon, but had the same issue. So im now wondering what the fix is for this? Ive gone over the process again and again to make sure ive done nothing wrong and it’s definitely not an issue with the procedure ive taken. Please help.

    1. Tiffani Gadoua

      Use this URL: “” as the url and install with the above directions and when you choose a server pick 4 I did this on 2 of my boxes and works fine some things are not working great but I am sure things will get fixed I believe it’s due to the new kodi 18

  2. OZ

    I’m having trouble downloading the source, it says that it’s not connected to the network, I have downloaded it before with no problems.
    So… what’s the problem???

  3. R Rehme

    Went through the whole install three times now and keep getting to the same place “No Limits Wizard” screen is up and says “285.51mb of 285.51mb – ETA :00:00 – Please Wait”… And then NOTHING! It just sits there… Been 4 hours now and still NOTHING! It has stalled and if I restart the fire stick, I have to go through the whole process of downloading and installing again. What went wrong?

    1. Jacie Leavell

      I’m having the same problem but mine says 0 of 0 please wait. I know I did something wrong. I’ve installed this build on all my devices but always have issues on my kitchen pc. About 6 months ago I tried a different build and it went right through. I want no limits though 😢

  4. Bob Fletcher

    Love the layout….
    What a lot of work went into this…
    Am having good audio but no video problem
    on this pc (windows 7}…
    Cannot find player settings, render method,
    allow hardware acceleration…or other..
    Would appreciate any help.

  5. Wonerwoman-not

    Hi I have downloaded “” to my MS8 no problem however after unplugging and restarting I have 3 rolling screens….DLNA/ miracast/ and one with a PIN entry I have tried all the usual from the blogs/vlogs etc 0000 1111 1234 6969 2017 2018 could you help please as I cannot get past this

    1. Tyrone E Madison

      Replace the box with firestick it much better

  6. Ben

    Well I just installed No Limits Build on a MX Q Pro 4K box. The best way to start out is downloading Kodi on a Flash drive and installing it from that. Then just carefully follow the instructions and I’ve have done this over a 100 times on 3 different OS and No problems EVER.

    1. Trevor

      I can do kodi no limits add on easiest on a smart tv with WiFi(service)
      1. Setup the stick (expert-allow downloads from unknown sources. On stick get downloader. (Enable java)
      Www. choose thirty two bit android

  7. No Limit Wizard

    Being a techie all of my life, nearly all of my off and on time is spent working on and with computers. Hardware as well as software.

    1. Tyrone E Madison

      That device is not the best i would use a firestick it much better and easy to work with.

  8. jenna

    downloaded it today, the download part was fine and didnt take very long. But now that its up and running the whole box is very very slow , keep getting kodi not responding , when I do get in to choose a tv show I can see the names of the shows but there are no actual episodes under those shows. Takes a while to transiting through the main menu. Any thoughts????

    1. Tyrone E Madison

      This could be do to your internet speed
      But if you have fast internet it could be the
      Box the real firestick is the best trust me
      I have fix many of those boxes and there cheaply

  9. Hope

    Ok so got everything loaded. When trying to watch something says select link but no links show up

  10. K0di_R0cks

    An easy way to add Mobdro inside of No limits? This is the only real issue I have with it. With that mod, it would be complete for me.

    1. K0di_R0cks

      NVM, I figured it out finally. Not sure how to add it to the no limits menu but 1 step in the right direction.

  11. Deb west

    installed kodi and no limits on to a brand new fire stick; although I can see all the different tabs as in movies tv shows live tv etc., there is no content on anything when I click on it? Help! I always had Pulse via Ares but cannot find it anymore 🙁

  12. John cavazos

    Loaded Kodi it works great but none of my sports channel seem to give me majorLeague baseball videos will not load gives me error message every time on all the sites is there a fix for it

  13. Moon

    I have done no lits and it does NOT work did it twice dont waste your time on it

  14. Denise

    I got the wizard downloaded and I installed the no limits build and it I stalled a build extracted the files I forced closed kodi and when restarted no build was there

    Ok have tried this 4 times ..
    btw restored my fire stick to factory settings prior to d/l

    1. Bryan Baron

      Have same problem on my Fire Tv Box 2nd gen. Goes through everything but when done and restart Kodi just have a emprty Kodi

  15. Phoophan

    If the screen goes Black, simply ckick the Center button on your remote to wake it back up. Should continue downloading.

    1. AL

      you need to enable javascript in kodi. there is a video on you that shows you how .

  16. Vince

    I cant get the buiild installed when i go to “Install From Zip File” and then click the one i need to i dont see anything i looked for a bad spelling but nothing to find so i cant follow the rest of the steps
    its for a kodi tv box where i wanna install the no limits kodi is 17.6

  17. Lodi

    Downloads approx 75% then screen goes blank and kodi shuts down…tried 3 servers…won’t go pass step 18

    1. Doc

      Best way to remedy is to reset firestick back to factory default setting and then reload the Jodi software.

  18. ARi

    Is anyone having a low resources can not do continuous play back error and know how to fix it with this build?

  19. Jimi Gladstone

    Any one getting a skin shortcut error, unable to build menu, install Kodi log uploader?

    1. Paulo F.

      Yes, on server 1 I got error. Just selected server 2 and it works fine.

      1. Alicen M. Varoz

        I tried all of server 2 no it doesnt work anymore

  20. Michelle

    Newbie here -After following all of the steps and restarting the fire stick, nothing pops up, as the instructions indicated it would. I then go back into apps and find Kodi, but I’m sure what I’m looking for once back in it…How do I know if it has downloaded Properly? I suspect it has not.

    1. Cswat

      Once you click the Kodi icon it will show Krypton loading and go right to the main build screen

      1. gmcACK

        I am having the same issue. Once i unplug and go back in, it doesn’t bring up any of the new add ons. I added the skin and no luck.

    1. Dennis

      sorry for the double post, servers must be swamped, i finally have it downloading from server 3, 1 and 2 still gave Wizard errors.

  21. Efd

    I tried to download it for a friend as download plenty of build but this ( I was there nine hours) when I put the url in and went to the name bar the space below it ended up with the order so thought what the heck I’ll put the address in but it wouldn’t click ok .
    I factory restored it 4 times,pressed every button on remote and could not get it back where it belongs,what is going on? I took it off by uninstalling after doing a fresh start and it’s still there , finally uninstalled Jodi and put mods so.rthi.b on bit can’t get rebirth or others to load on.
    She really wants this build
    Any ideas, corrupted files et it’s drivi g me nuts 9HOURS BRUV. HELP!!!!!!!!
    I have CELLARDOOR and works a treat but this is the only i.e. too have me stumped and how the heck did the name bar end up in a centimetre black li e below the name tag ie where no limits shoul be before pressing ok and it won’t go away ahhh I’ve tried every tool in the toolbox except my jack hammer in the shed lol

    1. The Exorcist

      Lmao, being 9 hours stuck in the hell hole you sound like you’re going crazy

  22. Tracie

    I have tried downloading this several times now using 3 different servers and havent had any luck. Any advice?

  23. Ruby

    Hello, I downloaded no limits. M new so bear with me. It is all downloaded
    How do I get them to work. For Example, I clicked on food Network. It did nothing. I clicked on a movie. It did nothing

  24. Jared

    I have tried multiple times and can not get any version to work on amazon fire stick 2nd generation. Any suggestions?

    1. Marie E Oliva-Woodruff

      There was apparently a crash on it Christmas day. So, trying several things like KODI 18, which is still not stable, I finally settled on uninstalling KODI 17.6. I then installed KODI 17.5.1, and reinstalled No Limits Magic and it works fine. I didn’t choose the first server to download though. I chose the 4th one on step #17 above. Try that and good luck to you!

    2. Eddie

      Same here, I go through all the steps but once it gives me the promp to restart and I do restart the no limits is not installed and its like I never downloaded anything.

      1. Brad

        I’ve tried three times as well. Each time after the hard reset (Not exiting Kodi, pressing HOME and force stopping the app, then resetting the FireTV) I launch Kodi 17.6 as if I’ve just installed it. The source is missing each time and I have to begin again.

      2. Jazmin

        Try unplugging the small power cable from the Firestick to restart and plugging it back it. It should pop up

      3. Mark

        That’s exactly what I get….I used wookie before and that was so easy to install.
        Why do you have to take the power cable.out etc..just making it harder for people..
        I’m trying again now and that’s it…oh and if you touch the screen or move the mouse when it’s downloading it cancels it automatically…wtf?

  25. Cheryl

    When I get to the part where it says to “Install from zip File,” then “Kodi No Limits,” I don’t get the option for I followed the directions exactly but don’t get that option. Any ideas? I’m at a serious loss here and can’t move forward.

    1. Daniel

      Go back into file, delete the nolimits folder by highlighting the folder and clicking the the lines button on your remote, add new source and try again. Did the same to me due to typing in “http://nolimitsbuild. Com/kodi/”, rather than “http://nolimitsbuilds. Com/kodi/”. It worked after that. I hope that helps.

    2. Austin

      Hey I just did this today with my new Fire TV. I had a similar issue. Did you click on the No Limits folder and it was empty?

      My issue was that I was typing “” but what you might not have noticed is that the link is actually nolimitsbuilds with an s at the end. So the link should be “”

  26. Cody

    For us, it worked best to fresh start Kodi and to force close Fire TV from the device menu rather than unplug. Then is worked very well indeed!

  27. Tim

    Loaded this build to day 19/12/17 no limits lite for fire tv box works great no problems at all really great build if you follow the instructions it loads ok so yes I can highly recommended this build

  28. Grahamm

    Just finished installing in KODI 17.6 in Win10… no issues at all other than a slow FTP dpwnload. There is way more here than I really need, but I can remove some plugins and it has saved me a ton of customizing. Will now try on my Linux laptop! Than ks for a great mod!

    1. I need help

      It says add on updated and not installed on mine also after it force closes its the same start up screen

  29. Bob

    You guys suck. Haved used these directions on 6 boxes and 2 laptops. Zero issues …..

    1. Dousey

      Worked strait up for me on any device.. make sure ya ya put the correct link address in.. i missed the s of builds first attempt lol..

  30. Army0f1

    Having no problems on several firesticks now, everything works. Must be me.

    1. Eddie Bernal

      Which one did u install for firestick? The ones that say firestick lite or the regular no limits magic??

  31. Judith Mayatte

    This is the easiest directions and the best build I have ever seen for the firestick. Absolutely no problems, works well and has easy access with all shows and movies. Love,love it. Thanks for your efforts!

    I have sent this link to several people, some not tech oriented and have put it on two new fire sticks myself.

  32. Steve

    Garbage. Followed instructions exactly, running krypton 17.6. Installed NLM, unplugged power. Rebooted and nothing. Switched skins to Aeon Nux..and absolutely no apps are there…its just the empty interface. Tried this 3 times. Giving up

    1. Beecham

      I had alot of trouble at first also. Go through and force stop everything in your list . Then force stop and launch kodi.

    1. Just Me

      never mind. just had to do a whole fresh start and lose all my settings. ARRGGHH!’

  33. Danig

    17.4 downloaded and installed…only issue…is no streams in all apps…NY advice

  34. joe

    trying to download no limits latest version seem my down load speed has died to 0.14 Mb/s is this on there server end I check speed test on amazon fire tv 2gen 80 Mb/s yet seems like I used to down load these builds much faster?

  35. Chad Ruddle

    i loaded this onto kodi 17.3. it down loaded, then extracted. kodi then shut down. i restarted firestick, opened kodi but there was no home screen picture with the horizontal options bar, it was the kodi blank home page. when i look at some of the dropdowns the build seems to be there tho. suggestions on how to get it fully functioning?

    1. Keiton

      Go into settings > interface > skin and change the skin setting to the Aeon Nox 5 skin that is there. It was probably just an error with the downloading or patching of the files.

  36. Buzz

    I did 2 devices yesterday upgrading from 17.4 to 17.6 then added 8.5 to both. One was a Firestick and the other a MXQ Pro. Had to do Firestick twice but I believe it was my error that caused that. Both devices are working fine and really didnt have any difficulty re-doing either one. I always back the original device up and then do a totally fresh install by doing a factory reset to each device. Once done I can fish and transfer any additional add-ons back to device that the build doesnt contain. Easy as pie. Nolimitsbuilds are by far the best I have seen.

  37. Al

    You are all installing on 17.6 please try installing on 17.4 before commenting saying that it does not work because it does

  38. Rick

    Looks like I’m having the same issue as a few here.
    The install completes but when the small Window pops up saying that Kodi will force a shut down, it never shuts down. I’ve let it sit for almost 30 mins and it just sits there. I’ve shut Kodi down as described in the Firestick System Settings. I’ve unplugged the power cable from the Firestick.
    When I reopen Kodi after the 15 + seconds of being powered down, Kodi just comes up as usual with no Build.
    I’ve completely reset the Firestick to factory defaults, reinstalled Kodi 17.6 and then the No Limits. I’ve done this 3 times Shutting down Kodi various ways as described in the above instructions and the Video.
    Still no Build, once I even had it, as someone else said above, the Download link was missing when i wen to the Add Ons
    An input would be of great value

    1. RIck

      Spent another 2 hours on this……
      TOTAL waste of time
      Not a good build and no support
      Good luck everyone!

    2. Ed

      You have to change the skin to the build in settings… this is missed off the tutorial for some reason, but is mentioned in the YouTube tutorials

    3. Crazykck

      I had the same issues…. basically hit the ok buttion and hit home on your fire remote or off the stick or tv box and go to ur device and hit restart and I let it restart and the. I u plugged it for 15 seconds after it started back up and had it restart again and my build has been on there and fine ever since

  39. Joely Moody

    So after i downloaded and restarted my fire stick it doesn’t open am I missing something?

    1. Steve Kincade

      Check the spelling of the web address. If there is a misspelling you will get the results that you are seeing.

  40. Krista Isley

    Install went fine. But anything I try and watch will not load at all or when it does it constantly freezes.

  41. Judy Carson

    I installed Kodi 17.4 Krypton with the no limits build about a week ago worked fine but now when I click on the kodi icon it’s just a black screen. This is on a firestick . What do I need to do to fix this?

    1. Mike

      Not sure what causes your black screen but I would recommend removing Kodi from the fire stick and reinstalling. From your fire stick settings go to Applications and then application manager scroll down find Kodi click on it and click on uninstall. Wanted to uninstall go back to this video and reinstall Kodi on your firestick along with the No Limits wizard

      1. Mike

        I have Jarvis 16.1 I believe and I installed third no limits build and nothing plays or works properly

    2. John

      I get this all the time on the fire stick. It is a suspend mode type of thing, I just hit ok in the remote and it comes right back.

  42. Mary Hamilton

    Omgoshh THANK U so much for one that actually works & was soooo easy to install!!! I Love it!!! 🙂

  43. Dimitri

    The No Limits interface looks great but I am a bit confuse on how to tailor it to my need.
    1) How do you install a VPN through the No Limits interface?
    2) How do you manage the categories in No Limits? I would like to remove some of them, change some names etc.

  44. Dave

    The Bob unleashed section of the build is not working. I tested a different build like Pulse and it works fine through that. Anyone know what’s up?

  45. Michelle

    You are awesome for providing detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. I love this!

  46. Big E

    Hello everyone,
    Fire TV GURU is the #1 build to have. You will love it. It’s easy to install and runs great on the fire stick. I guarantee that you will never use another build.

    1. Tracy

      How do you download Fire TV Guru? Can you provide full details and instructions please.

      Thank you,

  47. William

    I have tried to install this build 5 times from complete scratch…and I still cant use the damn thing. I install Kodi, I follow the instructions to install No Limits…it unpacks the zip file…then gets about halfway through the install and my computer freezes…I built this system myself…I havent had it freeze up once on my in the last 3 years…now it has frozen 5 times in less than a few hours…I really want to try this build as my friend is using this build as well and it works great for him…is there a way to download the files and install them myself…without the wizard???

  48. Yah00eu

    Nolimits the most bloated build so far. If you want wait and wait – go fo it

  49. Steve

    OK, Win 10
    Clean install of K 17.4, check
    Default skin, unknown sources ok, check
    Good install of No Limits Wizard, check
    Apparent good install No Limits, check
    Restart Kodi, app errors up the wazoo, “dependencies not met” etc
    Retried THREE times, same errors. Ready to bag it.

    1. BOBBIE

      You must Google the no-limit installation for 17.4 Kodi. No Limit build is different for each Kodi version

  50. Ștefan Iulian

    Subtitles that work ar only for english.
    Posibile to change to diferent ??
    Thank You.

  51. Anony Mouse

    Sorry to disagree, but Nolimits has to be the most bloated build so far.
    It has lots of addons…..

    it has lots of addons…
    Locked to using very outdated UI,
    Very slow transitions from menu to menu.
    Susceptible to freezing.
    Canceling an action often causes the UI to hang indefinitely.
    Attempting to transition out of sub-menues too quickly (i.e. spamming the “back” button) causes the UI to hang indefinately.

    The jist of it is, there’s quite a few MAJOR issues with their last 4 builds. Most of which has to do with the overabundance of background processes and services that are redundant, some overwrite each others files. The massive amount of pointless addons that serve only to clutter up the main screen with hovering fanart icons, with NO way to set which addon they are comeing from, and no way to disable them. And the most frequent culprit of issues with the Nolimits builds is the UI. It’s a patchwork quilt of old, buggy code, half-assed patches, and terrible design. Most of the issues with it are generally out of reach of being fixed by the normal user, and with every “update” of the build, more clutter is piled on top..

    It’s a massive steaming pile of poo, and it’s only getting worse with every subsequent update.

    Until the maintainers address these issues, you’ll see more and more people moving away from it. And rightly so. The fact that the maintainers have no forums, and rarely respond to facebook / youtube questions, shows the complete lack of dedication to the build they are, and are merely keeping it alive long enough to suck up any donates gullible people are willing to donate to a build that’s been dying since it’s inception.

    All in all,

  52. Chris Williams

    Cosmic Saints builds are the BEST! Most underrated. better check it out! in ares wizard

  53. Dominique Singleton

    Up to step 15 is where I get lost. After it downloaded and I went to program add-ons. It shows nothing in program add-ons. What shall I do now?

  54. AJ

    I cannot download kodi though downloader, ES file manager or fireDL on my Fire TV Box. I have tried about 15 different links on each of the 3 downloading apps but have had no luck. I had it on there originally then it wasn’t working. I did a factory reset of the Fire TV box and now my device will not connect to any kodi website or any site that allows me to download kodi onto the FireTV Box. I have followed the exact directions listed on this site multiple times to verify I have done everything correctly but I have had no luck. Before I throw it out my window, someone please help me!

    1. Richard Vespoli

      It is very easy to download Kodi 17.4 on downloader. Just type in bit.lykodi174arm

    2. Mark Mcdade

      Try downloading kodi on your mobile phone,then from the app store download “apps2fire”. Then open the apps2fire app and link it to your firestick then select kodi from the list and it installs it on your firestick with ease.

    1. BOBBIE

      You may try goodfella it has the Sunday Ticket but there are other add ons provided by no limit that have NFL or you can look at it on your local channels through the no-limit live Channel

  55. CL

    FIRST, I went to my device and reset the firebox to factory settings, as it says.

    THEN I followed the directions above and had ZERO issues.

    Night of September 10, 2017

    If you’re having issues, factory reset it like it says to and try again. It’s AMAZING!!!

  56. Manny

    I installed no límite but I have an error
    It sas
    Toolbox script error
    Who can help me please email me how to fix this
    problem thanks

    1. Will

      I too have the same issue. Tried YouTubing it, nothing. Anyone know what to do?

  57. Mark

    followed the instructions, installed fine.
    whenever i try to navigate, it shuts down with a windows warning closing it down.

    any suggestions?

  58. Phil

    Thank you for the process that worked.
    2 BIG questions now that Nolimits is installed and running:

    How do I have access to standard (or equivalent) interface to choose the default language?
    How do I access the stands interface with Kodi?

    Thank you for your answers

  59. George

    I had titanium build. Tried to update itself and ended up breaking. Could not install another build by clearing kodi data or fresh install. Had to wipe the whole stick a d start over but I did get this to work after

    1. Charly Brantley

      Same!!! I JUST wiped mine clean. Was PRAYING I would get This one to work…so thus far yours is fine!!???

  60. Elizabeth

    While trying to complete the last step. It keeps saying “no limits wizard error:check the log for more information” I therefor cannot download the program. What can I do to fix this?

    1. Anonymous

      You have to just keep trying them. Mine did the same thing. I didn’t want the one w the adult shows but that’s what worked.

  61. klasdjfklnadf

    Every time I download the Lite version it will stop at 39-40MBs. I have reinstalled Kodi and tried it with a fresh instal, I have also tried all of the other sources… same result. Any ideas?

  62. Matt

    I finally got this downloaded and the movies and TV shows work fine but the XXX material will not load once I select it. I installed on a tablet. Can anyone explain as to why the XXX material will not load up. I keep getting error messages.

  63. shaun roscoe

    just installed it and it works fine make sure you wait till the skin menu has finished then it will start working

  64. Kaz

    Thanks installed this earlier and it’s working great love the layout and working nice and smoothly on my firestick

  65. Mark

    Installed this 3 times after the restart just plain kodi.

    I noticed that the install from unknown sources was set back to off.

    I thought maybe that setting is not sticking and causing it not to take.

    SO I rebooted kodi after setting install from unknown sources to yes. and made sure it saved. The next time I installed the build it worked.
    Tried on my fire stick without rebooting after setting unknown sources it rebooted to plain kodi
    I then followed the same steps with my firestick and it took as well.
    You may want to try making sure the unknown sources persists after a reboot before installing the build

  66. Lynda

    Not sure what happened but after trying several times I finally got it. Then while clicking through things after watching stuff and just exploring it disappeared and I no longer had it now having trouble downloading again. I am using ipvanish.

  67. Jackie McMahon

    I tied downloading from the zip file but get the error that it didn’the install. “Dependency of version could not be satisfied.” Does anyone have a fix please?

    1. Matthew Bilz

      Uninstall Kodi and start again. I made sure to check allow 3rd party apps in the TV box before starting and after you reboot wait a few minutes for Kodi to finish install before you try to open it. I got a little chime tone when Kodi was finished with the install. Make sure to power down fire stick/TV box after initial install

  68. Carey

    So I do everything correct and I unplug the stick and go back into kodi app and it’s still the same? What am I doing wrong???

    1. Beck9150

      Just installed it now for the 1st time. worked a treated. I selected the 1st build on the list

  69. alan

    I dont understand how this works. I followed the instructions to add the source as shown. After I add the source I followed the instructions and went into install from zip file. I click on No Limits. Its empty. There’s nothing there. I don’t get it.

    1. Beck9150

      Try loading up Kodi app settings on your device, click clear Cache and Data. When you load up Kodi look for the setting to allow unknown sources. I had the same problem with The Beast Build

  70. Clay

    I tried to update my no limits build and the update failed and now I can’t get my old version back and can’t download a new version separately I have deleted and reinstalled the entire app to try to install the build and it won’t even try to download it just says it failed and to view log for info but as soon as I back out to go to the log it clears everything I just did like it was never there and I have to clear the cache and data to even try again… What is going on with this thing

    1. Rich

      I am having the same problem. It downloads everything but when it comes time to install the build it kicks up the error message. I’m stuck also and I’m installing it on a brand new stick

        1. Rod

          I had the same issue. I did not wan the adult option, but was finally able to download the adult mini file on 2. I downloaded the full file and it just reloaded and the system was empty. I finally did a complete new. I tried to clear Kodi with the same issue the second time. Now new install of Kodi and downloading the adult version on site 2. I am hoping the install works and I can block the adult part……. if not I will use it till the other slim versions are fixed……

    2. Bryan

      Make sure to go into settings and turn on your resources options again. If you did the default. You have to start from scratch again. I can walk you through it if you haven’t got it done yet. Many builds are bull!!! I got the build u need

  71. Fuzzybat23

    Is there a way to customize it, say change the background images to custom ones of your own?

  72. Terrie

    My Kodi keeps restring back to its original setup never allowing me to actually put the nolimits build on it. It will download and get to the point where it tells me to force close Kodi but when I turn it back on it is on a fresh screen of Kodi with nothing downloaded on it. Please help

    1. Janay

      Mine is doing the same? Does anyone have a solution? I would appreciate any help. Thanks

      1. wolf

        dont pull the power lead just kill the app and when you restart kodi it should start up with the new skin and give it a min or two to update/build itself

        1. rjmdl

          That worked for me. Wish I had seen your message 100 tries ago! LOL
          Thanks so much for you help with this stressful problem! 🙂

    2. JP

      Exact same thing with me as well. None of the settings get saved.

    3. K O

      When you force close-unplug the unit directly, DO NOT shut down KODi first or power off!! UNPLUG-then wait at least 15 seconds, make sure 15 seconds or, then plug back in. When you start KODI, Nolimits should be there now. Hope it helps some.

      1. CC

        Once it had full downloaded I unplugged it from the tv waited approx 30 seconds then plugged back in restarted firestick and nothing is there! Help please 😩

      2. Bryan

        That’s exactly what I been telling people. Just unplug after installing the wizard. 15 seconds plug in and enjoy. But no one listens

        1. Sarah

          I’ve tried 3 times… unplugged… completely wiped. Any suggestions?

    4. Kevin

      same here, get it d/led and get to the pull power cord. do that restart and kodi is back to original kodi

  73. Wayne

    “No Limits” is great. Easy installation. Easy to use. How do I add add-ons to the package? I see “install zip file” tab, but how do I go to a website to get the zip file? i.e. Deliverance add-on? I could not find just an internet connection – just pre-built repositories.

  74. Richard Parker

    I live in Ecuador and use your services along with Kodi… We do not have the privacy laws you have in the use so I am wondering if I still need a VPN ??? I mean does it help the Kodi system ??? Can you please also copy my email so I make sure I see your reply…
    Richard Parker

  75. Xpdite

    I to have been loyal to the Beast build but am loving this build.

  76. charlie

    the non adult lite version was corrupt, tried multiple times, the lite with adult worked fine though

  77. Ladip

    Rockem sockem cowboy worked great. Love the step by step instructions. Less than 10 minutes and it was done.

    1. PinPin

      So far mine seems to have loaded ok. I am getting tv shows for now. But wasn’t able to open movies initially. Does this no limits build take time to load? How long should one wait before all of the new build is fully loaded and accessible?

      1. Rod

        it takes about 2-5 minutes to load from all the sources. I usually go around to screens waiting for icons to pop up.

  78. Leroy

    Just installed this but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it connected for real debrid which I paid for. I activated the debrid providers on Elysium but they still don’t show up. I am new and this is the first time I have installed a build. I am using this on a fast laptop with windows 7 if that matters. Please help.

  79. KodiDas

    Perhaps a dumb question but someone’s gotta ask it. Is there a difference between the 2 different builds? example:… 1-No limits Magic (Adult) vs 2-No limits Magic (Adult)?

    1. regina almaguer

      no, i was confused as well. I reseached and figured out that they are just different download files. I guess they just named them differently.

  80. Ron W.

    I installed no limits ( w/o xxx) 3 times on Jarvis 16.1. Each time the install worked well with one exception. The hardware acceleration in video settings returned to default and on my older box does not work. ( Videos do not open). I could not find the video acceleration settings in the easy advanced settings menu. The amcodec is selected and the media codecs are not in the original settings. The default having all three selected does not work for my unit.,( Android Box dual core) w) jelly bean. Can these settings be changed in No Limits ?

  81. Tony D

    You Build worked great easy step by step instructions I did it on a new android box i bought on eBay for $49.00 Thanks so much.

  82. Dee

    Spinz is down so I switched to this. Loaded it 4 times and it get stuck in the writing menu script (firestick) version. What a waste of my time. It sucks!! Now I have to try something else.

  83. cheick

    I can clearly say and without any remorse(because I was loyal to the Beast) that there is a new Sheriff in town. NoLimits is the best Kodi build out therte period!!!!!!

  84. Danielle

    How do I disable the open steam authorization/pair? My older version if Kodi had instructions on changing something in the settings, add on dependency settings to make it stop.

    1. Bryan

      Download kodi krypton over your old version. It will work itself out. The new krypton is great! Just did it today

  85. Ken

    None of the updates are working, they all say fail. What to do?

  86. Mark

    Awesome!!! Followed the steps to the letter, very simple, and boom!!! There it is. Love this site.

  87. Cindy

    Installed perfectly following the directions but anything I try to open just gives me a black screen with the blue spinning circle and nothing actually launches. Any suggestions?

    1. Chris

      Try a new installation, it sometimes fails without notice….

  88. Debra Hawkes

    I’ve completed this process, instructions were great to follow but am experiencing the following issues: continually locks up in the menu process necessitating reset, plays shows for awhile then sound disappears, excessive buffering (compared to our previous kodi 16) and then locks up. Any suggestions?

    1. Erin

      I am having the same issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything twice. I am wondering if it has something to do with kodi 17.3.. Have you had any luck correcting it?

    2. Bryan

      Too many apps. Just delete the apps you never use. It opens up more space and speed. You’re lagging.

  89. Stacey

    After selecting the version it deleted all my addons! Now I have nothing and it won’t download?! Help!

  90. Anthony

    Followed the instructions and loaded fine. However the build seems pretty brutal….waiting at least a minute after I click on anything for it to load.

  91. Scotty84

    All the addons etc have been added to my kodi but no images, just the standard kodi screen. All the addons work which is great but it just looks crap. Any ideas how to get the skin on?

  92. Amy

    Do I have to use the fire stick lite version for my fire stick? What is the difference?

    1. Connie

      Did you get a reply on this question?
      I am wondering the same thing before I install it.

      1. Ash

        I have this build on 2 firesticks and I didn’t use the lite version. It works great.

    2. Jason

      No you do not need to use lite. It’s just a smaller build

    1. Gregory Johnson

      Doesn’t work on mine either. I’ve tried 6 times now. Everything goes fine until I re-start kodi … then POOF nothing there!!

  93. Amy

    The videos are not very functional with the fast forward and rewind options. Other than that a great build

  94. Kudo

    Thanks a million! Your instructions were great and and detailed. There was no issue following them.

  95. Tony

    I just followed the instructions as posted, everything worked perfectly for me on a couple of different devices. Lots of great movies TV and other entertainment. Thanks for the hard work..

  96. John

    For the Fire stick, After step 13,I had to goto program addons under settings and enable the wizard before seeing it in my program addons list to be able to run it.

  97. Desi Lobos

    Your instructions were great. Definitely better than Spinz. Thanks!

  98. Klopp

    Fail, that’s another piece of crap I will be staying well away from.

  99. Tina

    How do you close the screen out to go back to what you were watching that is playing in the background?

    1. joe mcelroy

      Always hit stop on the movie your watching b4 exiting. If u forget go back into the movie and then hit stop

    2. Bryan

      Unfortunately you have to back all the way out. But it will clear and you can still watch. Just have to re enter after the movie or show

  100. dd dd

    Main skin didn’t come up load, lots of stuff failed updating! What a piece of @#$t

  101. Anthony

    Every time I start up my kodi on my firestick I have to reinstall skin on no limits need help

  102. Dee

    I got mines to week but I had to go into a different section to find the wizard for step 14 and forward

  103. Jessica

    I tried it several times on 4/13 with no luck however I have successfully programmed 4 of my personal firesticks today with this build using instructions above with no issues at all!

  104. Nick

    I’ve done this a dozen different ways, they have changed a lot recently (links/wizards). Followed these steps, worked perfectly.

    1. Adam

      What do you mean by links/wizard is that extra to the address at ad source I’m new to this sorry

  105. Maria

    I tried the no limits on both amazon fire sticks and failed on both. The first one I am pretty sure I did not wait long enough for the installation, however, on the second stick I got all the way to step 11 but on step 12, the plug in was not there. Can you advise on how to proceed? How long does it take to download No Limits? The 2nd stick is an older version, could that be the reason? BTW, I am a newbie so if you answer this long winded email, please not too technical. Thanks. T

    1. EDDY

      April 13 ,2017. Your correct. It did not work for me on 17.1 I did however try the other one. http:// and it works. I REALLY hope this is the 17.1 version though. I think it works so it doesn’t matter.


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