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TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017
Update 6-12-2017: Kodi addons have had a big change since June 5th with many shutting down. This list will be updated for any addon that stops working. Read Here for a list of addons that have shut down and ones that are working.
Kodi add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by newer add-ons.
This page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons along with user Polls for feedback.
Each month we also test new popular addons to see if they make the list.
Since Exodus has been dominating as the most popular Kodi add-on we have split up the Poll.
One Poll will include Exodus and another exclude it. Hopefully this will help give a better picture for the top add-ons being used beside Exodus.
Be sure to vote for your favorite Kodi add-on below or let us know in the comments.
Here are the new Poll results.
Poll Results
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
From the Poll results, here is the list of Top 10 Kodi add-ons for June 2017, along with new add-ons being tested.

Top 10 Kodi Addons for June 2017
1. Exodus
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 Exodus
UPDATE 6-14-2017: The Exodus repository is having problems installing. Until it is fixed it is best to go with Specto Fork which is similar to Exodus and working. Read Here for how to install Specto Fork.
Exodus is currently the most popular Kodi add-on and works very well. It plays movies, and TV shows.
It is the evolution of the popular Genesis add-on with updated code by the creator Lambda. The author Lambda has stepped down from maintaining it recently leaving its future uncertain.
Instructions For Installing Exodus Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions For Installing Exodus Kodi 17 Krypton
2. ZEN
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 ZEN
UPDATE 6-11-2017: The Zen addon has been updated and renamed Elysium. Noobs and Nerds Repo had gone offline due to high server traffic but is back with a new alternative URL. Read here for how to install the new Noobs and Nerds Repo.
Read here for Instruction to Install the new Elysium addon.
Zen is very similar to Exodus with a lot more settings and a sections to save favorites to called My List.
Like Exodus it streams movies and TV shows and gives a server list to choose from.
Instructions For Installing ZEN Kodi Jarvis 16.1
Instructions For Installing ZEN Kodi 17 Krypton
3. Specto Fork
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 Specto Fork
Specto Fork is a project started to update the code from the popular Genesis plugin.
Since the code is based on Genesis it has the same user interface with TV shows and movies.
Specto has a favorites folder which allows to quickly save and find your favorite programs.
Instructions for Installing Specto Fork Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing Specto Fork Kodi 17 Krypton
4. Phoenix
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 Phoenix
UPDATE 6-6-2017: The Phoenix addon has shut down and is no longer available
Phoenix has a lot of content including TV shows, movies and sports.
It is a nice add-on that has been steadily updated with new sources.
It has a ton of content within it from a kids section to sports and movies. There is more than one contributor to Phoenix which makes it a big resource to find good streams.
Instructions for Installing Phoenix Add-on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing Phoenix Add-on Kodi 17 krypton
5. BOB Unrestricted
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 BOB
UPDATE 6-11-2017: The BoB add-on is back and working with a new alternative URL to the Noobs and Nerds repository. The Repo had gone down due to high traffic.
Previous member of the popular Phoenix add-on, Blue and Valhalla, left and created BOB. It plays a wide range of content including TV shows, movies, music, and sports.
Playing streams is one-click with no need to search through a server list.
Instructions for Installing BOB Unrestricted Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing BOB Unrestricted Kodi 17 Krypton
6. UK Turk’s Playlists
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Addons 2017 UK Turks
UPDATE 6-20-2017: UK Turk Playlists Repo is Currently Not Working.
UK Turk’s is a nice add-on with a unique layout for categories such as live TV, TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons, and documentaries.
It also has a one-click-to play, so no need to search through a sever list for a good feed.
Instructions for Installing UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi 17 Krypton
7. Sports Devil
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 Sports Devil
UPDATE: 6-9-2017 The Sports Devil Repository is currently having problems.
Sports Devil as its name suggest is mainly for sports but also has a wide variety of other channels.
Its best feature is many of the streams play live streams from the Cartoon Network to Fox News.
The live streams are a bit of a hit or miss if they work depending on how many others are trying to stream at the same time.
Instructions for Installing Sports Devil Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing Sports Devil Kodi 17 Krypton
8. 1Channel
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 1Channel
UPDATE: 6-14-2017 1Channel is currently having problems.
1Channel has been around awhile and is still going strong. It is a good companion to Exodus and both can play the same content.
1Channel has a straight to the point interface with less show or movie information. It is still one of the best add-ons to have.
Instructions for Installing 1Channel Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing 1Channel Kodi 17 Krypton
9. SkyNet
How to Install SkyNet Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krytpton pic 1
UPDATE: 6-14-2017 SkyNet is currently having problems.
Skynet is a Kodi add-on that contains a lot of content and combines other add-ons into one easy to use menu system.
It includes Dojo Streams, Maverick TV, Silent Hunter, Supremacy, BAMF, along with many Skynet streams.
How to Install SkyNet Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
How to Install SkyNet Kodi 17 Krypton
10. Players Klub Beta
Top 10 Kodi Add-ons for April 2017 Players Klub
The Players Klub is a new add-on still in Beta but so far working very well.
It is a Live TV IPTV add-on with many streams divided into categories including USA, MLB, Local News, Canadian TV, Latino / Spanish TV, NHL, NFL, and more.
A username and password is needed to get the streams which has changed a few times.
How To Install Players Klub Beta Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
How To Install Players Klub Beta Kodi 17 Krypton

New Add-Ons Being Tested June 2017
… Yes Movies
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 YES
UPDATE: 6-9-2017 Yes Movies is currently not working.
Yes Movies is a great new addon from Mucky Duck.
It gives a choice for the resolution a movie should play at including 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p.
This is a great option for those with a slow internet connection or on a limited data plan to stream a videos.
While most will want the high video quality feeds there are scenarios when using less data is better.
How to Install Yes Movies Kodi 17 Krypton
… Kodi Live TV
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 Live TV
UPDATE: 6-20-2017 Kodi Live TV is currently not working.
As its name suggest Kodi Live TV is all about real time streams from TV channels.
While all Live TV plugins have problems at times this is one that has been farily relibale.
It has links to Italian, French, German, and English TV stations.
How To Install Live TV Kodi 17 Krypton
… Openload Movies
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 OpenLoad Movies
UPDATE: 6-20-2017 Openload Movies is currently not working.
Openload Movies is a good one-click to play addon that has movies and TV shows.
While it does have TV shows it is mainly about movies including sections for trending, featured, all, genres, release year, and IMDB Top movies.
How to Install Openload Movies Kodi 17 Krypton
… Maverick IPTV Extra
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017
UPDATE: 6-9-2017 Maverick IPTV Extra is currently not working.
Maverick IPTV Extra is a Live TV add-on for Kodi.
It has many international feeds including USA and UK streams.
As with all live TV plugins it can be hit or miss if a link plays or not, so far it has been working well with most links working.
How to Install Maverick IPTV Extra Kodi 17 Krypton

New Poll June 2017

Which KODI Add-on is Your Favorite JUNE 2017 free polls


Which KODI Add-on is Your Favorite JUNE 2017 Without Exodus free polls

Old Top Kodi Add-On Polls
Read Here for A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies / TV Shows
Kodi add-ons have exploded in the last year with new ones coming out almost daily.
This page uses Polls for user feedback to see which add-ons are being used the most in the community.
There is no-doubt many other Kodi plugins that are also good which we try and evaluate new ones each month. We add new ones that are found to the polls to see if it makes the list or not. No plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. Most all programs listed here are coded by third party sources.
Read Here To See Our Picks For TOP Best KODI Boxes of 2017.



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440 thoughts on “TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Addons JUNE 2017

  1. Zeeba Ali

    Does anyone know if there’s any apps currently that lest you watch Indian tv shows? I feel like exodus is the only one working so far but doesn’t have all the shows that I watch. And nothing else is working😔

  2. Frank has been down for a few days now. I’ve been trying to install it on my new Sony TV in vain. Now I learned that Kodi is compromised and probably will keep all Movie and TV shows Addons like Exodus and Prime Wire down until further development. Go figure….

  3. Karl Jackson

    I am not having much luck with the Maverick TV add-on. Especially with the …-US channels

  4. stephen wright

    I’ve tried loading fusion.. zen.. UK turks as described above but there is nothing in the zip files. I’m really stuck. Have they all gone down or is it me? I’m using kodi 17

    1. Paul B Hammond

      I think the best advice to all this is.
      Open kodi
      Add a skin
      Add the add-ons you like. (Not what a builder likes).
      It Will run smooth and clean.

      NOW for Tv stuff: download the Mobdro APK.


    2. Lloyd Obando

      Guys Kodi is going down it might be death already may we should start looking for other alternatives .
      Any suggestions??? Anyone ???

      1. pamela

        i dont think kodi will go down, as long as there are so many 3rd party developers around it will keep running. exodus, salts, uk turks all found new homes already to view these homes look below at a reply that i made to another individual. thank you

  5. Malcolm

    I have noticed that in the last few days everytime I look for a film in exodus it tells me there are no streams. This also applies to tv shows.
    Is this because fusion.tvaddons has gone down?
    If so what addon are available that do not use fusion?
    Also why has putlocker suddenly disappeared from the list of available sites?

  6. Shabee

    Hi, I can’t seem to update my Indigo, Exodus, URL resolver etc. I am using Fusion by TV Addons…Is this common with all others as well? Thanks

    1. Joe

      Yes, it is a common issue. Although you cannot presently update Exodus or the Fusion repo , Exodus itself is still functioning normally. I would assume that a fix is coming soon for the Fusion TV addon repository. The Dandy Media repo is funtioning normally and is a good one for high quality streams .. Also , check out the JesusBox Repo and its addons for a great backup to Exodus !!

    2. Lloyd Obando

      How can I create a shortcut app for kodi in my fire stick interface ???

  7. M Hatten

    I’m new to the firestick, just got it to working Monday and today I had to find a new addon to stream movies. Thank goodness I found this website or I wouldn’t have known what was going on and would not have known to addon Speckto.
    What are other Addons you all would recommend for live tv

  8. mark

    I’m going to miss Phoenix. It had all the Disney animation and all another kids movies. My daughters loved being able to just choose anything they wanted to watch.

  9. chrisj

    Has Phoenix shut down, currently showing goodbye message…any knowledge any one???

    1. Norm

      Its shutdown due to the lawsuit against fusion repository.

  10. Zemelya

    Right, agree about SALTS. But Specto is my backup addon, in case something is wrong with Exodus. However lately RD links are busted, unfortunately. Hopefully MrKnow will fix it soon.

  11. GhostFish121

    Zen was better when the “channels” link worked…still a good reliable addon

  12. mike

    Usually I use Zen for tv shows but lately hard to find recent tv shows in HD. Bob never works, Phoenix sux now, Exodus is hit and miss for HD, spekto use to be my go to, not anymore. Maybe its my Wookie build.. love it, but maybe they have old likes that need updated manually..but whats the point of a build it they’re links are broken..

    1. Drell

      Try sanctuary, pro: instant stream – con: slow update when it comes to movies

    2. Jack Knoff

      Builds suck anyway. Why use a build at all? Just install the addons you want on your own and install a custom skin.

  13. Header

    Nice article. What would be nice is just a list of the ad-on sites for those of us who are installing a few. Maybe I just missed it…

  14. Cheryl James

    Only thing is Exodus needs to be faster and have a trailer button.

    1. jen

      TO watch trailers you press your menu button click information then trailer.

  15. vince

    Specto fork seems to get the tv streams earlier than exodus

  16. Jochet

    Zen is so wonderful, especially for watching movies from 40’s 50’s 60’s ect

  17. Austin

    Zen, Exodus and Bob are awesome. Between those, I haven’t run into anything I’m looking for and can’t find. Only thing that’s missing is LMN. Lifetime Movie Network. Pheonix has 213 of them. But most of them are old. They come out with new Lifetime movies almost every week. They should have a add on for that by now.

  18. Dave

    I have to say i find the 17.1 very confusing and difficult to navigate around,,, but Kodi is still the best thing going

    1. James Lanclos

      Change your interface to confluence it will change the look and feel back to kodi Jarvis 16.1 though u are using 17

  19. IP Fool

    I love all the addons. I am using a OTT box and love the ability to Use them as DVRs and Host my own library. Add a tuner card to a PC and BAM live local chanels on all the boxes. I can’t get CNN to work on anything. any ideas

    1. Paul lord

      Made in Canada iptv
      Has perfect cnn and a lot of usa channels
      And lots of British

  20. Ryan

    So i am totally new to all this and am below a novice in my knowledge. I have a small question. Why is it that many of these addons will not work on my firestick? It is jailbroken. For example, as i am writing this, exodus will not show any movies on my firestick but it works totally fine on my cell phone

    1. Anthony Hill

      It might be your Internet Provider blocking or interfering with certain searches made by Exodus.
      I tried to use my Firestick on a friends TV but his IP (BT) blocked most of the content (not just on Exodus). Whoever you are with may have some kind of firewall that you may have to disable or adjust to allow improved performance.
      I’m not really an expert on Kodi – I’m always learning – there are a lot of YouTube videos that may offer a few tutorials which might help you. Good luck.

  21. Rebecca

    Do all the new release movies on EXODUS have the Asian subtitles? Im new to this and would like some advice as to which source, app, or setting I can choose to not have the foreign subtitles. TIA


      If the subtitles are forced you probably won’t be able to do anything about it.

    2. Geonosis

      The movies that are found on Exodus are torrents. If you go to a site like, you’ll see current movies listed with HC. HC means “hardcore subs” which are subtitles in Chinese. They are burned into the video and you
      can’t turn them off. You’ll have to wait until the movie is available at retail for a version without subtitles.

      Also, if you search on you’ll know if a movie is real or fake. Exodus has Pirates of the Caribbean 5 but so far only language is from New Zeland. All the sources you click will be the same movie.

      The new Wonder Woman is also listed but if you look for a torrent, the movie has not been cammed yet. The only
      Wonder Woman you’ll get is the new 2017 DC animated movie.

  22. Chris S

    I got a deal on Amazon. I got an Abox with keyboard and remote for less than 90.00. I am new to all of this but this box works great. I have U-verse with 75 megabytes but I use wireless and it’s around 40 megabytes. Been having very few issues. For all other newbies remember google is your friend and can help with your startup.

    1. Frankie Valentino

      Raspberry Pi works great for a media center as well, you can get it set up for under $50

  23. Jean

    vStream for French people from Quebec – is very popular – Thank You

  24. Banman

    Only been using for a short time but so far I like it better than Exodus. Newer content and less buffering and higher resolution options. My go to streamer now.

  25. BlaBla

    Quasar with Quasar Burst. Movies 1080P DD 5.1 DTS-HD

    Makes you forget al the rest.

  26. matt

    cmovies,m4u,real movies,tykes (for kids),sky net,and stream army all great addons

  27. julie

    maybe some one can test them in australia not much works here

  28. lwoods33

    exodus will prob remain at the top of the best list for quite awhile to come, just as genesis did prior–easy interface to access all the newest movies & tv series w/great links for them…but all of the add-ons above (and others) are awesome add-ons and each have there niche and purpose…exodus is my go to program on firestick usually for new movies, but it doesnt offer everything…Phoenix is just as good for what exodus does and is great for a lot of additional content, esp if you take the time to check out the different sections within it & all they have to offer…as with many of the add-ons, each are great and provide different content types…A Huge Thank you to all the Devs that make it all possible, so many do so much at different levels before the content makes it to our screens to view! …Rant over & Thank you to the Devs once again

  29. Dave Ackert

    Made in Canada add on is the best not naming exodus. Live USA channels plus all the sports channels you need. Check it out people.


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