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Kodi add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by newer add-ons.
This page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons along with user Polls for feedback.
Each month we also test new popular addons to see if they make the list.
Since Exodus has been dominating as the most popular Kodi add-on we have split up the Poll.
One Poll will include Exodus and another exclude it. Hopefully this will help give a better picture for the top add-ons being used beside Exodus.
Be sure to vote for your favorite Kodi add-on below or let us know in the comments.
Here are the new Poll results.
Poll Results
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons May 2017
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
From the Poll results, here is the list of Top 10 Kodi add-ons for May 2017, along with new add-ons being tested.

Top 10 Kodi Add-ons for MAY 2017
1. Exodus
Genesis has updated the code and called it Exodus
Exodus is currently the most popular Kodi add-on and works very well. It plays movies, and TV shows.
It is the evolution of the popular Genesis add-on with updated code by the creator Lambda. The author Lambda has stepped down from maintaining it recently leaving its future uncertain.
Instructions For Installing Exodus Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions For Installing Exodus Kodi 17.1 Krypton
2. ZEN
Top Best Kodi Addon January 2017 ZEN
Zen is very similar to Exodus with a lot more settings and a sections to save favorites to called My List.
Like Exodus it streams movies and TV shows and gives a server list to choose from.
Instructions For Installing ZEN Kodi Jarvis 16.1
Instructions For Installing ZEN Kodi 17.1 Krypton
3. Specto Fork
Genesis Specto Fork
Specto Fork is a project started to update the code from Genesis.
Since the code is based on Genesis it has the same user interface with TV shows and movies.
Specto has a favorites folder which allows to quickly save and find your favorite programs.
Instructions for Installing Specto Fork Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing Specto Fork Kodi 17.1 Krypton
4. Phoenix
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons July 2016
Phoenix has a lot of content including TV shows, movies and sports.
It is a nice add-on that has been steadily updated with new sources.
It has a ton of content with-in it from a kids section to sports and movies. There is more than one contributor to Phoenix which makes it a big resource to find good streams.
Instructions for Installing Phoenix Add-on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing Phoenix Add-on Kodi 17.1 krypton
5. BOB Unrestricted
BoB is an add-on from original members of Phoenix.
Previous member of the popular Phoenix add-on, Blue and Valhalla, have let and created BOB. It plays a wide range of content including TV shows, movies. music, and sports.
Playing streams is one-click with no need to search through a server list. Funny messages appear while waiting for the stream to start. (There is a option to set the messages to possibly offensive in settings.)
Instructions for Installing BOB Unrestricted Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing BOB Unrestricted Kodi 17.1 Krypton
6. UK Turk’s Playlists
BEST WORKING KODI Add-ons June 2016
UK Turk’s is a nice add-on with a unique layout for categories such as live TV, TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons, and documentaries.
It also has a one-click-to play, so no need to search through a sever list for a good feed.
Instructions for Installing UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi 17.1 Krypton
7. Players Klub Beta
Top 10 Kodi Add-ons for April 2017 Players Klub
The Players Klub is a new add-on still in Beta but so far working very well.
It is a Live TV IPTV add-on with many streams divided into categories including USA, MLB, Local News, Canadian TV, Latino / Spanish TV, NHL, NFL, and more.
A username and password is needed to get the streams which has changed a few times.
How To Install Players Klub Beta Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
How To Install Players Klub Beta Kodi 17.1 Krypton
8. SportsDevil
Top Kodi add-ons of 2016
SportsDevil as its name suggest is mainly for sports but also has a wide variety of other channels.
Its best feature is many of the streams play live streams from the Cartoon Network to Fox News.
The live streams are a bit of a hit or miss if they work depending on how many others are trying to stream at the same time.
Instructions for Installing SportsDevil Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing SportsDevil Kodi 17.1 Krypton
9. 1Channel
Best WORKING KODI Add-ons December 2015
1Channel has been around awhile and is still going strong. It is a good companion to Exodus and both can play the same content.
1Channel has a straight to the point interface with less show or movie information. It is still one of the best add-ons to have.
Instructions for Installing 1Channel Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing 1Channel Kodi 17.1 Krypton
10. Wolf Pack
Top 10 Kodi Add-ons for April 2017 WolfPack
Wolf Pack is an add-on that has a section for most everything.
It includes live TV, latest movies, 3D movies, TV shows, anime, documentaries, kids zone, music, standup, live cams, and much more.
The streams so far have been working very well with good links.
How To Install Wolf Pack 16.1 Jarvis
How To Install Wolf Pack Kodi 17.1 Krypton

New Add-Ons Being Tested MAY 2017
… SkyNet
How to Install SkyNet Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krytpton pic 1
Skynet is a Kodi add-on that contains a lot of content and combines other add-ons into one easy to use menu system.
It includes Dojo Streams, Maverick TV, Silent Hunter, Supremacy, BAMF, along with many Skynet streams.
How to Install SkyNet Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
How to Install SkyNet Kodi 17.1 Krypton
… The Black Hat
How to Install The Black Hat Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton pic 1
The Black Hat is a new Kodi addon from Maverick Repo. It has wide selection of movies, TV shows, 24/7 Movie Channels, kids movies, Documentaries, Live in Concert, Paragon Music, TV Boxsets, The Jukebox, Music TV, 3d movies and 4k movies.
How to Install The Black Hat Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton
… At The Flix
How to Install At The Flix Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton pic 1
At The Flix Kodi add-on is a great one-click movie add-on with a great selection of movies including 4K and 3D movies. It has also kids/family Movies, Sci-fi Fantasy, Her Movies, British Cinema, 1080p HD, 720p HD and more.
How to Install At The Flix Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton
… Mad Streams
How to Install Mad Streams Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton pic 1
Mad Streams is the one of the latest IPTV Kodi Add-ons in 2017.
It has IPTV channels from all over the world. It includes the following sections Top 3 Servers, M3U Lists, Free Servers, World Streams, Movies and Sports.
How to Install Mad Streams Kodi 17.1 Krypton
… X-Stream
How to Install X-stream Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton pic 1
X-Stream is a great add-on from Mister Repository that has movies and TV shows. It is also combined with other popular add-ons including 321 Movies, One Channel, Moviez2U, Tiki movies, Solar Movie24, Series Online, Emovies and more.
How to Install X-Stream Kodi 17.1 Krypton

New Poll April 2017

Which KODI Add-on is Your Favorite MAY 2017 free polls


Which KODI Add-on is Your Favorite MAY 2017 Without Exodus free polls

Old Top Kodi Add-On Polls
Add-on Worth Mentioning
… Navi-X
Kodi 17 Navi X Install
Navi-X is the oldest working add-on when it comes to Kodi. It was around when Kodi was still on the Xbox and called XBMC.
It is basically a barrage of channels by individuals sharing their favorite content.
If you can think of it, likely it can be found with-in Navi-X.
Instructions For Installing Navi-X Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions For Installing Navi-X Kodi 17.1 Krypton
TOP WORKING KODI Video Add-ons January  2016
SALTS (Stream All The Sources) is a interesting add-on as it is trying to solve the problem of unreliable sources.
It has an option for using paid services called Real Debrid Accounts that are supposed to help stream better video sources.
There is a free option in SALTS so the paid services are not required.
Instructions For Installing SALTS Kodi Jarvis 16.1
Instructions For Installing SALTS Kodi 17 Krypton
… GoodFellas 2.0
How To Install GoodFellas 2.0 Addon Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
GoodFellas 2.0 is an add-on with a lot of sections and content including movies, TV shows, news channels, sports, military and much more.
Some streams use the popular Specto Fork add-on which will automatically installs if needed.
How To Install GoodFellas 2.0 Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
How To Install GoodFellas 2.0 Kodi 17.1 Krypton
Read Here for A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies / TV Shows
Kodi add-ons have exploded in the last year with new ones coming out almost daily.
This page uses Polls for user feedback to see which add-ons are being used the most in the community.
There is no-doubt many other Kodi plugins that are also good which we try and evaluate new ones each month. We add new ones that are found to the polls to see if it makes the list or not. No plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. Most all programs listed here are coded by third party sources.
Read Here To See Our Picks For TOP Best KODI Boxes of 2017.



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403 thoughts on “TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons MAY 2017

  1. Cheryl James

    Only thing is Exodus needs to be faster and have a trailer button.

  2. vince

    Specto fork seems to get the tv streams earlier than exodus

  3. Jochet

    Zen is so wonderful, especially for watching movies from 40’s 50’s 60’s ect

  4. Austin

    Zen, Exodus and Bob are awesome. Between those, I haven’t run into anything I’m looking for and can’t find. Only thing that’s missing is LMN. Lifetime Movie Network. Pheonix has 213 of them. But most of them are old. They come out with new Lifetime movies almost every week. They should have a add on for that by now.

  5. Dave

    I have to say i find the 17.1 very confusing and difficult to navigate around,,, but Kodi is still the best thing going

    1. James Lanclos

      Change your interface to confluence it will change the look and feel back to kodi Jarvis 16.1 though u are using 17

  6. IP Fool

    I love all the addons. I am using a OTT box and love the ability to Use them as DVRs and Host my own library. Add a tuner card to a PC and BAM live local chanels on all the boxes. I can’t get CNN to work on anything. any ideas

  7. Ryan

    So i am totally new to all this and am below a novice in my knowledge. I have a small question. Why is it that many of these addons will not work on my firestick? It is jailbroken. For example, as i am writing this, exodus will not show any movies on my firestick but it works totally fine on my cell phone

  8. Rebecca

    Do all the new release movies on EXODUS have the Asian subtitles? Im new to this and would like some advice as to which source, app, or setting I can choose to not have the foreign subtitles. TIA

  9. Chris S

    I got a deal on Amazon. I got an Abox with keyboard and remote for less than 90.00. I am new to all of this but this box works great. I have U-verse with 75 megabytes but I use wireless and it’s around 40 megabytes. Been having very few issues. For all other newbies remember google is your friend and can help with your startup.

  10. Jean

    vStream for French people from Quebec – is very popular – Thank You

  11. Banman

    Only been using for a short time but so far I like it better than Exodus. Newer content and less buffering and higher resolution options. My go to streamer now.

  12. BlaBla

    Quasar with Quasar Burst. Movies 1080P DD 5.1 DTS-HD

    Makes you forget al the rest.

  13. matt

    cmovies,m4u,real movies,tykes (for kids),sky net,and stream army all great addons

  14. julie

    maybe some one can test them in australia not much works here

  15. lwoods33

    exodus will prob remain at the top of the best list for quite awhile to come, just as genesis did prior–easy interface to access all the newest movies & tv series w/great links for them…but all of the add-ons above (and others) are awesome add-ons and each have there niche and purpose…exodus is my go to program on firestick usually for new movies, but it doesnt offer everything…Phoenix is just as good for what exodus does and is great for a lot of additional content, esp if you take the time to check out the different sections within it & all they have to offer…as with many of the add-ons, each are great and provide different content types…A Huge Thank you to all the Devs that make it all possible, so many do so much at different levels before the content makes it to our screens to view! …Rant over & Thank you to the Devs once again

  16. Dave Ackert

    Made in Canada add on is the best not naming exodus. Live USA channels plus all the sports channels you need. Check it out people.

  17. VoodooChile

    All this is really funny. I’ve been using kodi since the xbmc days and honestly the only addons worthy are Exodus and Quasar. Everything else either sucks or you won’t get HD content streaming reliably. You’ll spend countless hours hunting around broken links unless you’re willing to pay for some of the higher end addons (Sportaccess or a real debrid account). Anyone that’s expecting to have the experience that a cable box provides by using Kodi will be in for a total surprise. Its not a direct replacement and requires some patience. If HD is not particularly important to you then Kodi might be ok for cutting the cord to your cable provider.

  18. Boxout

    Zen is also not working and it looks like it’s looking for a NaN dependant URL resolver

  19. Boxout

    BOB 1.3.7 doesnt seem to be wanting to install on my Kodi 17. Getting Dependency fails.

    In the video I believe the version is different thsn the one I have. How do I get the older version?

  20. Sheena

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME? I have put exodu, pheonix, and spec to on my firestick w/ kodi 17 and when I select a movie on any of these add ons it says there are no steaming available. I’m new to this, beginner, and I have followed all directions please let me know what I’m missing.

  21. Praetorion

    This thread is very interesting! The best I find is Exodus, Phoenix, HD box. For those who like something hot, try Ultimate Whitecream! But now I discovered Ultimate IPTV, you can get whatever you want. But it is updated daily.

  22. Mtl

    As a Canadian viewer, there is nothing better than MIC (Made in Cansda)
    Still testing others…..

  23. Suee

    Can anyone confirm what the latest top 10 movies / Billboard are for 2017. So everyone knows what should be on exodus for 2017 as the updates are slow. Also no streaming?

  24. Pete

    I like Bob’s humorous lines waiting for the streams to load. I also use Exodus if Bob doesn’t have what I am looking for, which happens occasionall

  25. Sassi

    Spectro, hands down. Latest movies from Dec 2016 unable to play any where is Lion, Jackie, The Promise, Miss Sloan, Am. Pastor, Fallen, Man Down, Brimstone, De Premier. I just don’t get no streams found?

    1. Ricky420Bobby

      Check and see what the date is on your box. Sometimes it will reset, so you will only be able to get movies/tv shows up to that year.

    2. Kodinut

      Clear your source data in setting and update addon. Could solve ur issues

  26. Audz

    Someone mentioned about Exodus not having a favourites. Mine does. If I search whatever I’m looking for. Highlight the le of the show/movie and click ‘C’ it gives me an option to add to favourites, which can be found in the star in the bottom left of the Exodus home screen or just by navigating the arrow keys to the left or right. This will bring up the favourites list on the right hand side of the screen. Hope this works for others ? ps I’m not very computer savvy, so if I can do it, anyone can. Lol

  27. John c

    Spector is a carbon copy of exodus ,a waste of time having both,there is no difference

  28. Allen Gresham

    I am barely able to see any TV content using exodus, phoenix, salts, specto…. they won’t bring back any reliable results for recent shows. Some older shows might have a link, but most do not. Movie content seems to be largely unaffected, but TV content is terrible right now. Sources like ymovies, putlocker, movieshd, pelispedia, etc… don’t even show up in TV searches anymore.

  29. Diane

    Does anyone know the best addon to watch tv shows such as Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Gilligan’s Island etc. ? I used to watch them on 1channel but now I can’t get anything to work. So far I cannot find these shows anywhere else.

    1. Jason

      Have you checked SALTS? I used this addon to watch the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman. Lol!

  30. Cedric King

    Will the kodi user be able to watch 2017 movies now on this stick in 2017? I purchased my stick last week.

  31. Gary

    I have trouble finding a consistent provider for FOX SPORTS 1, I have Sports Devil , Ukturks , Ukagain.anyone know of any better ones?

  32. Maurice


  33. Geof

    Building it is half the fun. Knowing some Cable company is not involved, makes it well worth a few clicks. This is awesome. Thanks to those that contribute without all the whiney complainers. I don’t see anything better than my Raspberry 3 with a 5TB drive right now unless you go with a dedicated PC. A PC is a great choice but I’ve moved to the Raspberry without any problems.

    I use PIA for VPN. I use Exodus, Salt, SportsDevil mainly supplementing stored content.

  34. keith

    so far not to happy with this shit. I read through the comments and also im getting links dont want to work, or i have to open up my computer then go to the website and pair it. the problem with this is i have to pair it on every movie or tv episode i click on. And also i was told i could watch live tv on this shit. so far all im finding are these stupid ass Muslims and and other Arab bullshit. Now if there is someone who can send me a link on what each of these addons are from and what they show I may feel different about this.

  35. Tommy

    I use Exodus and Phoenix and a few of the others but Exodus is the best next to Phoenix. Some days Phoenix is better. Which is why it’s best to have a crap load of addons that can accommodate the wide range of channels and sites. Hail Kodi and the TV sites. One of these days the cable companies are going to be asking George Bailey for a job.

  36. Courtney

    I prefer Salts over any addons so far. But right now its not working for some reason. First time having a problem with it 🙁

  37. J. Lynch

    I bought a box with kodi installed on it. I use Exodus all tge time. Today it is very slow to load and nothing is liading. Well it loads tge icons for the tv shows but when you cluck on one the bottom corner says its working and nothing happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled the add-on but nothing changed. Any ideas?

    1. RasB33R

      download Addon Repository ( repository.xbmchub-1.0.6 )
      install the repo (system /addons )as zip file ,
      than install from repository TVADDONS.AG / PROGRAMS / addon installer

      go back to mane menu and klik on programs / addoninstaller
      in addon installer klik on video addons , search the addons you want klik on it
      and it will install the addon , repo that belongs to the addon and plugins for the version of kodi you are runnin


      also install Shanis repo (it is also in xbmchub) you need some plugins from there
      ( script.common.plugin.cache-2.5.8 ) and (script.module.liveresolver-0.1.48) and
      ( script.module.urlresolver-2.10.0 ) and ( )

  38. oluwaseub

    i’m an African, from Nigeria and i just bought a “cheap” chinese box (nexbox A95x) and i love it!!!!!! it came with kodi preinstalled. prior to getting the box, i’d never heard of kodi, repos, addons and the likes. i’ve had thw box now for 3weeks and i’m still learning great stuff about the wonderful piece of technology called kodi. thanks to forums such as this and helpful videos from youtube, i’m learning a great deal. As you guys know, africa doesnt really enjoy the fast broadband speeds u enjoy in europe and the U.S, but even the slowspeed internet i get in Nigeria still gets me by in watching my movies and live tv on kodi (sans buffering and all 🙂 ) just want to thank the great guys doing their best to keep kodi working. Thanks and Africa loves you guys.

  39. Charles Medion

    Running a FireStick now and after endless Video’sto create my own touch to these little 8 Gig Sticks,and had all the good stuff fromTV GURU from Ares download.Then looked and had put over 25 builds in the normal way of Zip’s and all was so good one Update and the lot disapeared as in the Stick Settings i simply go in to each APP and Clear Cache to everything and they go back to 12kb ,like some cache removal helps a faster Stick but now with my own hand picked Sites from Football and of coarse ye old Exodus ,Salts,Zem,Halow tv,Turks,Xunity,Release Hub,TV Mix,Phoenix and a good few others and constantly Updates with little hassle. Search for any Movie and it all works well with everyhing you need as in You-Tube watch as many New December 2016 Videos and just add the HTTPs . Eventually i will hang them all within a share file site and make more videos a lot surrounding these little Plug + Play anything FREE via streaming ….. PEACE

    1. Sean

      Exodus is the best addon for tv series. If you can think of it Exodus has it (:

    2. dave

      I like Specto because you can add your TV shows to a Favorites list and it keeps track of the episodes that you have watched.
      Its almost the same as Exodus.

  40. Sean

    I only discovered Kodi last Xmas when i bought myself a 55″ Sony Bravia android tv, I’ve heard of it before hand but i was very sceptical about it. I downloaded it the very second i installed my tv & messed around with it for about an hour or so but to my horror & disgust it was full of crap but i just had a feeling that there was more to it than met the eye (: So i went online to find out more & that’s were i learned about repositories & all the other terminology associated with kodi so after another hour or so of self educating myself i found out how to get the best addons from the best repo’s & i also learned some vital tips & tricks to make kodi run smoother. ie eliminate dead or slow links in exodus & integrating Trakt & there’s a few more tweak’s that i implemented also. I’m big into my Movies & T.V Shows so my main focus at the time was to grab all the best addons that would provide me what i was looking for.
    These are my addons as of Nov 2016. Exoudus, Zen, Afdah, Watch 32 HD, Genvideos, HD Box, HD Movie14, 123Movies, Ice Films, Pub Film, Phoenix, Evolve/The Jukebox, Uk T.V Turks, The Music Source & Ares Mafia. I cannot fault any of these addons everyone of them works flawlessly for me everytime with no buffering issues & with plenty of HD streams. Kodi is absolutely an essential part of any home imo, I have it on two tablets, an old laptop & on my smart phone so it keeps the whole house happy including the missus (;

    1. Sean

      I forget to mention that i’m no Kodi expert far from it (: & i know kodi can do so much more (i’m still learning) but what i do wanna’ say is………… I wanna’ thank all those people behind these addons for giving us this incredible content free of charge, I cant imagine how difficult & time consuming it must be to keep everything up & running. If there is ever a donation page set up for any you individuals to help improve what your doing i’ll gladly give a donation. For all you people out there who say kodi is shit, Exodus is shit & so on i’ll give you one piece of advice, Educate Yourselves, You’ll never konw what you might learn.

  41. Jonathan

    I have a noob question. I’m able to find plenty of movie sources however there is no info such as CAM or 1080p. What often happens is that I have to go through a lot of sources until I find a good one. Is there a way around this? Also does beastmode have an alternate name bc I can’t find it. I installed the Pulse theme

  42. devonian

    XBMC/KODI 2002 has changed the way people & now the info & entertainment industry as whole view content most importantly throughput speeds encroaching on frequencies capable of boiling water.
    ISP/cable companies are no longer just service providers but are now full fledged utilities as the convergence of technologies continues you really don’t want to relentlessly stream wireless content @ 5G close to little children.

  43. Leanna

    Can someone help?? I can’t get past the genre page on exodus?????have I missed something??

  44. A

    I can’t get exodus to work can anyone help me????? I can get as far as the genre list but when I select one it says working but doesn’t do anything???

  45. Gaz

    I’m new to all this, In the last week I got Kodi on my PC and a cheap TV box and for me Exodus is amazing and Sportsdevil is also very good. Apart from that most add ons don’t work for me All I realy want now is something that has a comprehensive tv channel list with a tv guide that I can quickly flick through. If anyone could help me out on this i’d appreciate it. UK tv by the way.

  46. Russ

    Exodus is the best now.
    Rlseries was a second choice but not working very well right now.
    Phoenix was excellent when it had “Her Place” but not as good now.
    Movie Vault seems to have good streams

  47. mb

    Navi x isnt bad but browsing history constantly freezes when trying to delete actual browsing history !!! deleting cache works as well as deleting search history..

  48. Augustus

    Nothing has the consistency of Exodus, and nothing has a more personal one click touch than the Uk Turk. 123 is great for simple surfing when you don’t know what to watch. I wish there was something as reliable as 123 for TV.
    Another thing worth noting is the addition of the “Do entary” genre to most lists. Would like to see Exodus add this; it might then be the perfect addon.
    The most noteworthy live sports addon is Pro Sport. Running around looking through other addons’s lists of channels is ridiculous, a la Castaway.
    Kodi is great fun above all. Customizing your skin is a blast. I use the Aeon Nox Silvo and think it is the best if you know do not want to get into coding, which I know nothing about, and yet still want to mess about with widgets.
    In that regard, Super Favourites is a necessity. There are a few things that annoy me about it, for one the silly superman logo, and also, and I know this is small, but it is about five clicks to add something to a super folder even after you have whittled the options in the addon settings. Small thing but it’s especially annoying when initially building folders with large amounts of material.
    If I was installing a simple Kodi set-up, without any live tv other than Pro Sport, these are the five addons I would install to get’er going: Exodus, Pro Sport, UK Turk, 123 Movies, Super Favourites. And the additional addon for maintenance would be the Ares Wizard.

  49. John P

    If anyone is wondering why the Nvidia Shield TV was discontinued, the reason is that Nintedo is using that factory to produce the new Nintendo Switch gaming tablet. I’ve read the shield is still avalible in France and Germany.

  50. mick

    Love my kodi box its paid for itself many times over just from the live football I have watched never mind the films. Keep up the great work developer’s. What’s the best FREE vpn just to try out and best way to install it please.

  51. Neb

    We as a family cut off Cable since 2012 and in my opinion, Kodi is great. What is not to like. You watch what you want when you want to watch. It takes some tweaking and reading about it at first but soon enough it will give you all that you ever wanted in a TV box. I can’t even begin to grasp those who say that it’s broken or that it doesn’t work.

  52. heiner

    I like the “XStream” Addon which is great for German TV shows and movies. It includes Burning Series and Kinox.

  53. Viviane


    PLEASE add the capability of voting MORE THAN ONE preferred video addon. If you keep giving people ONLY ONE CHOICE to vote from, people will obviously choose EXODUS or any other further version of the former Genesis. That simple. In my own case, at this moment I would say that my favorites are: 1) Exodus duh (sorry heheh) 2) CASTAWAY which isn’t even mentioned here! 3) Sports Devil 4) A bunch of others: Phoenix, cCloudTV, UKtvAgain, UKTurks, BBTS.

    See, many of us are not so smart as to learning how to install and run the IPTV capability on Kodi, so WE RELY ON VIDEO ADDONS to watch LIVE TV as in news, sports, and other things that are interesting to be watched LIVE. For stuff that doesn’t need to be watched LIVE, and also stuff we wish to actually be able download, such as TV programs and movies, the best BY FAR is Exodus. But it doesn’t provide LIVE TV (which would be way too much to ask for, I know!).

    I hope my suggestions are useful, thanks for reading!

  54. Crash Me

    What I have found out about addons. UKTV Again was great, but has now shut down along with TV Mix. Channel Pear is good, but is at moment closed??? I use SALTS for movies…never issues, Genesis (FORK)…has never let me down for shows, and it has favs. Ccloud I use for live tv, most all US stations work most of time. And, I also use USTV Now for local out of Harrisburg, PA. Sign up at website…45 days free, or pay for more. Hope this helps everyone. By the way, clear cache and purge all the time.

  55. Jeremy

    Can I stream live tv on just a laptop? I have tried and tried but can’t get the streams to ever come up. If not what is recommended to be able to get the live tv streams to actually work? Thanks

    1. Faye

      Do you have addon installer? You need the maintenance tool from addon installer then go to config wizard and config to Windows or whatever you want it configured to. That should work

  56. JLW

    123 Movies has done a good job for me as an Add-On. I wouldn’t recommend using it as a website on a tablet or computer but for Kodi it’s fast and so far reliable.

  57. ali

    I love Shahid TV addon and Stallion TV…. great for sport and International TV. I also use all of the above!

  58. Nolimts

    Just a thought. I tried Sports access and love it. Pretty much just use it for live TV, news and all Sports. It’s a pay site but it’s all HD which is kind of a must if I can. Works almost always. Two weeks ago when I got it, it had issues but they told me they were doing server work. The last week I’d say it works flawlessly almost 95% of the time.

    1. Jeremy

      Can someone please explain to me how to get LiveTv on Kodi to work? What are the requirements? Do I need a box, and if so what is a recommended box? I thought you could just stream LiveTv from a laptop, but every time I try either nothing happens or it says working in the bottom corner and proceeds to do nothing. No stream of LiveTv ever comes up and it’s frustrating. I can get movies and tv shows from different sources but can’t get the LiveTv working. I guess my main question is if it’s possible to stream LiveTv on a laptop without any extra box or anything? Thanks!

  59. Paul

    Hey guys just get a android smart TV and download the Kodi app from Google store then u dont need a fire stick or anything else
    Free and easy

    1. John Preisser

      I’d say get a Amazon Fire TV Stick if you’re a noob. Get to know how to add http addons, and Movie HD apk. From there you can upgrade to something more expensive.

  60. Jack

    The way i look at it if you don’t have a sub for your TV viewing than Kodi is alright as you can luck out and find some streams that you might like . I have had Kodi on my PC for years but trying to find reliable streams can be a challenge . One things for sure you need a darn good internet Connection or forget it ,as half the streams will not work . For me Movies work ok most times but live TV forget it and i have 50MB down and 6MB up so that shouldn’t be a problem but live streams are always inconsistent leaving you to buffer or just lock up until you refresh the connection . Most streams that usually work with movies are either poor SD quality and even the HD streams lack clarity but hey its free so you can’t complain . My favorite add ons are still One Channel , and Phoenix , Exodus is not my favorite as it takes to long to load the long list of links on my setup anyway and then the hunt is on. People hosting these links are getting hammered with traffic so thats the main cause for buffering its not Kodi or your setup . I tend to stick with SD video links when ever i can just to avoid the buffering problems and pixilating pictures which can get kind of annoying after a while . Phoenix is probably the only addon that will stream HD movies for me on a good day , Turks is perty good at times as well . My Favorite Live Channel Streaming Add on that seems to work more than not would be UKTV Again which has alot of American channels in both SD and HD so you can take your pick . Those are my Fav’s any how .

  61. Lo

    Hi all, I’ve been reading all your post and I just purchased a Fire stick and I installed Kodi. I’m reading about the VPN? How do I do that? I’m hoping somebody can help me.

  62. John crane

    Buffering issues continue with add ons ,frustrating.( I have tried all the remedies and have 75mbs internet speed)

  63. tony

    anyone know how to get this to work on kod( latvdefrance )
    for movies the best ShowBox great

  64. hdmoviez

    What sources are you using? I hardly get anything working out of SALTS …………….. Love the istream

  65. kent westmoreland

    Anyone have a clue why Pro Sport is not working yet again? Been out 3 days now.

    1. Bill

      Kent: I haven’t a clue. Was highly recommended to me too. But here’s the thing, a couple as a matter of fact. I’m a newbie ( not a month yet) so bear with me: 1) I got the addon about 5 days ago and haven’t had much, if any, luck with it. But from what I read, is to be patient. Who knows, some fixes by the author may be in the works. 2) I’m highly considering a VPN since it has some distinct advantages for me. I hear a VPN can unlock some streams that has been blocked by you know who….LOL. Research and patience seems to be the key that unlocks many mysteries in the game of TV boxes. Good Luck!

  66. charlie medion

    DATF -BUILD i found on Facebook works and very well mainly a Scottish build with Celtic or Rangers or just a simple DATF – BUILD ,i just used it on my MMQ-Box for all things Celtic F-c and although the football was on i could still look at other channels. Like a picture in picture effect you can switch on/off ,just look -up Facebook for DATF Android builds ,Exoudus – Turks -Football – Genisis – and all uk & u8sa movies to everything you need with KODI built-in already …wow

  67. Chris

    firestick works with no buffering if you set the following in advanced settings

    buffer fix for firestick
    advanced settings.xml

    buffermode 1
    cachemembuffersize 157286400
    readbufferfactor 20

  68. Agne

    Hi, please please please someone help 🙂

    I purchased fully loaded Amazon Fire Stick. It had all add on’s, IPS and whatever was needed. However it wouldn’t work on my TV. no one of these: Exodus, Phoenicx, Specto,Salts or UK turk.
    Now, I cleared cashes and data, reinstalled KODI and have a fresh start opportunity myself as everything else is gone 🙁

    1. Dunnahow

      From your fresh start install the ares wizard,then browse builds and add jeds build,eminence it is awesome and nearly everything works

    2. Crash

      The addons I use are, Ccloud…for live tv. There is also, CannelPear..down at moment, Castaway, and GUL Live tv, but doesn’t work often.
      SALTS…for movies, Sports is a toss up, I usually use, but it isn’t on Kodi. And for tv show viewing I use Genesis (Fork)… Works great, and I always use Primewire/Vidzi for the link, it has never failed me.

  69. James

    Tombraider, Phoenix, UK Turk, Exodus, Evolve, Specto, Salts, Tinklepad, 123 movies, Goodfellas and 1channel is ok, its descent. But all the rest are good add ons, dont sleep. You’ll never find a channel that plays perfect all the time everyday, what you need to do is set your channels up to auto play, and let the channels do the searching for you. Best build Wookie Lite, build has a great interface, and every to customize.

  70. Shawn

    I had no problem installing or running Kodi, popcorn flix, popcorn tv or Exodus. I followed ALL instructions, going over everything twice to make sure I was doing it the right way, especially with exodus. And I did all this on a Samsung Tab 1. No firestick or any other paid for item.. Kudos to all the authors of Kodi, the addons and the instructions. Nice job people.

  71. Mark W

    Totally agree about all the moaners I know f@#k all about computers been using Kodi for about 6 months just look on you tube (SEO MIchaels tutorials excellent) remember all these guys volunteers nd don’t get paid so big shout and thanks wish it had have been around 20 yrs ago don’t know wot wud do without it !!

  72. Anthony Sure

    Creo que el futuro de la televisión está en Internet. Con Internet se superan las barreras que limitan la cobertura de los satélites…los problemas de la meteorología …por ejemplo si yo soy europeo dificilmente podré ver las televisiones de América Latina y viceversa….y cómo podré ver las televisiones de la India…de Vietnán…de Australia ?…..La respuesta siempre la tiene Internet…..hay unos programas estupendos como el Kodi que cargados con sus correspondientes addons nos permite visualizar canales de todo el planeta…pero ahí ,en los addons, hay también un gran problema que parece ser nadie es capaz de solventar. Ahora ,a las cinco de la tarde del lunes 18 de julio, aparece en las redes un nuevo addon que se llama por ejemplo…..que se yo….pues Monsters por decir un nombre cualquiera, se ve la BBC1…la ITV2 y cuando pase un rato…..a las seis de la tarde….ya es del todo imposible volver a ver esos canales…..eso es lo que yo no entiendo….por qué? por qué sucede esto? y cual es la finalidad…el objetivo de poner en circulación un addon que contenga dos mil canales…tres mil canales….un millón de canales !!!!! cuando todos sabemos que el 99,99 por ciento de esos canales no se van a ver….para qué sirve eso?….Que derroche de energía…que perdida de tiempo ……qué cosa tan inútil !!!!! y no sería mejor poner un addon con muy pocos canales pero con la seguridad de que tú vas a ver esos canales hoy lunes…y mañana martes y el próximo fin de semana?….tan difícil es eso?…eso no se puede hacer?
    Un saludo a todos los aficionados

  73. Kim jenkins

    Well I have to say 1channel not working even after trying the fixes

  74. Chris Blade

    I myself enjoy and thrive on the kodi platform. It does take some computer literacy though. Its not dumby proof! Sure see allot of b!+@hing for something that the developers at kodi do for free. Its just too bad you may just have to spend a bit of time to actually learn how to navigate the program and its contents. Maybe it is just too complicated for you and you should just go back to paying $100+ a month for standard cable PLUS theater rates for all the new movies. Just remember… nothing is ACTUALLY FREE in this world. You will have to contribute to EVERYTHING in some capacity.

  75. Ggeorge

    Live Mix is dead? 🙁 It had animal planet, nat geographic etc on English
    I get error the last couple days (no update available)

  76. Scorjon

    Exodus and Alluc. Havent had any issues with either yet. I usually have several live TV addons just in case one is having issues, but I’m usually good with Cloud, or Cloud+

  77. Jodi Pops

    I know that Exodus is the big movie addon. I guess I am searching for a ‘build’. I used TheBeast but it was lacking some content. I kept looking and I liked the Gary3DFX one.

  78. Robert James

    Exodus is great, and it doesn’t need a favorites folder, all you need is a account and you can save and keep track of everything you watch

  79. Mari

    Anybody know a place with lists hallmark or lifetime movies only without seaching for each movie? I have found one of each under phoenix one but it’s not always updated with the latest movies out….please help. I’m obsessed. Lol

  80. Cola

    Exodus still by far the best add on available. Showbox still giving trouble.

  81. Jet

    Ultimate white cream works flawlessly.
    Downloads all the time!

  82. Nat bytes

    All this moaning about boxes not working! The reason addons are not working as they should is a combination of cheap hardware an unsupported android software. Raspberry pi can be loaded with openelec a Linux based OS with a huge network of programmers supporting it and keeping things current . people buy cheap android boxes with rubbish cpu/ gpu loaded with bloatware, outdated addons, apps, games and geo locked content and then wonder why they can’t watch what they want without buffering and broken streams. If you must buy an android spend some proper money and buy a box with decent spec. But my advice is Raspberry pi with openelec over android or firesick. Also worth mentioning that sky and virgin have ,without asking, installed “voluntary ” filters to customers “protection” from the evil world of streaming. So log into your account disable the filters, plug in your Raspberry pi 3 and enjoy. Like anything new you have to learn how to get the best from new technology plenty of YouTube content to learn from

  83. MRT

    Got Firestick laptop and smartphone all with kodi on with builds tried upto 50 different builds trying to find the best 1 to suit me. For Tv and movies all builds with plenty of apps in work great till they go down not a problem as there are that many to choose from. My issue is live sport’s kept buffering with average Internet speed of over 100mbs this shouldn’t happen but the builds I have now touch wood are all running as they should so I’m happy with mine for now. So it’s just spend a bit of time finding what works best….

  84. GARY


  85. mark

    i havent a damned clue what im doing. i cant stream any news channels. I would like to get a local channel streaming but i dont think its possible. help the newby

  86. Dave Noah

    SALTS is the best for SD content hands down.

    Icefilms has always been good but whatever has happened in the past few days has made it unusable as no content can be accessed any more.

    Exodus and Phoenix are good but can be slow.

    Navi X has to be the worst of the lot and consistently fails most of the time.

  87. Nick

    I stick to the addons that work well and i am happy with it, Your bound to get some hiccups as it is all done by hobbyists for free they are not some multi million corporation, What you also have to remember is alot of LIVETV streams especially USA the streams are changed daily so if the developer loses interest the channels wont work [would you like to update an addon every single day for free?] Also due to dipshits on youtube connections to alot of addons get full so people find they get kicked off a channel all the time, Exodus i find is about the best for movies and pre recorded tv shows and are updated quicker than 1channel, For live TV i use DNA PRO [UKTVNOW/LIVE TV Clone but without the annoying menus] I use it mainly for USA HD streams, Phoenix is ok for Live TV but UK channels have captchas [Cosmix is a Phoenix live TV clone]. The best Live TV addon has to be ManiacTV [PsychoTV] LiveTV portugese section has quite a few movie channels and TV show channels that are in original language with subs even though the quality isnt great they can run all day long with no hiccups, There are HD streams too but these tend to buffer unless you have mega speed…So to all you moaners out there, If you want perfect TV then get a subscription, If you want it for free put up or make your own addon.

  88. Tierra l Miles

    can someone tell me the best addon i can use to workout with

  89. Adria

    I just bought a kodi box and I ‘m enjoying it.
    My problem is minor. It displays the wrong time. How do I locate the area where I can correct this?

  90. Dynas

    What is the best add on for streaming channels like Lifetime ,LMN, Hallmark, Palladia and the premium movie channels( HBO, Starz, etc)

  91. NC

    Does anyone know what add ons work for free ufc fights, UFC on Fox replays? UFC replays?

    1. DDMM

      All Wrestling

      You can find answers to questions like this and others on you tube

  92. Kayanse

    Up until some random update a few months ago, kodi+genesis practically never failed me. It offered 1080p streams which were both reliable for just about every show I watched. One day genisus updates and changes all the sources. Now i can’t find a single 1080p stream through the promgram anywhere. I plan to buy a 4k tv soon and their upscaling for content works so much better upscaling 1080p over 720p yet 720p seems to be all I can access through my android box anymore. What the hell did lamba do to fuck up all their 1080p sources ? I am wondering if there is anything out there than has realiable 1080p sources like the old genesis did before that stupid update. Are there any such places? Or where can i find realize 1080p streaming anymore? God i miss seeing 1080p quality through genesis that has absolutely disappeared since they altered all the sources and seemed to have removed the best ones of all. Please someone help me so I havent wasted money on a 4k tv that wont be able to upscale this 480/720pp crap like it would with 1080p stuff. Where am I to turn?

  93. Denise

    Finally i have read a post worth reading. JJPKODISU said it great. A friend mentioned they had a firestick and all that it could do. I am not a master at the technical things. (For instant I can not figure out how to make this font bigger so get out your glasses or magnifying glasses ). So I got a firestick from amazon, not knowing the first thing about what it was . It was loaded of course and the things that I have learned have been many. I have never posted on a site before and probably won’t again but I happen to be reading all of the negative comments here and thought what a waste. OK now even before I got this sweet little item I would be using ASK or GOOGLE almost daily to figure out something that I needed to know. After I started using the firestick and would have a problem that I couldn’t work out I’d google it or look on ask.

    Long story short all ,ALL of the issues that I have read about here have solutions if you have the patience to look for them and then work them.

    I wanted to watch a show really badly on 1 channel and no matter what I did I could not get the buffering issues resolved. It was only a problem with the one show every other one seemed ok. So I did ask about buffering issues. It took me to some settings that I could change a couple of numbers AND a process to switch up the buffering process. (Over and above erasing chache).

    So it can be done. And I still have the shows that I have recorded on my A T &T regular tv if the frustration becomes overwhelming. Haven’t let the regular tv go quite yet.

    So those of you who are grumpy about your purchases, I bet that there are a lot of people who would love to get a good deal and buy those from you, or better yet it could be a great time for you you to feel really good about yourself and find someone who might appreciate it who maybe has less than you. You could give yours away to someone and wish them luck huh?
    Then again there are always answers on the internet. I love my firestick and look for new things every week.

  94. Jd

    Noter wont install keeps goin back to home page of the amazon screen

  95. derek

    Ive tried installing everything. 1channel.genesis. i went through 10 different ones. nothing plays for me. my internet works great, i have no problem streaming anything from my laptop or box. any help would be appreciated.

  96. Kamil

    Live mix and sport mix best live tv addons i have came acros

  97. Allan

    Exodus is fab, pheonix is fab, the thing i hate about phoenix is that certain channels ask you to tick the road sighns you see in order to watch the channel, if you click out and go back in to another channel, you then see more pictures to tick street sighs or whatever, it`s a pain, why do it ? does anyone know why this is

  98. Vidmovldn

    Hi all.
    I’ve been using Kodi on my Amazon Fire stick since summer 2015. It used to freeze and buffer a lot. One day I erased everything by accident and spent a few hours trying to figure out how to set it up via YouTube videos…… It took several tries but it’s been workingfir 4 months, better than ever…. I use fusion with the video add ons of (vid time & live mix) for movies and U.K. /USA to channels.

    As of 3 or 4 days ago – everything stopped working , when it turns on, it goes to the registration page or connect to a network…. Despite it saying that it successfully connected to my wifi, it returns to the registration page again. One other person I know has the same problem….. Is anyone experiencing this too? ….. Is there a way of fixing it?

    1. Enhanced User

      Amazon Fire TV did an update and reset the Stick or removed/blocked Fire Starter if you had it. You ni w must register your aftv stick with an Amazon account activate One Click Settings with a Shipping Address, No Credit Card is needed! Next register your aftv stick

  99. Iain

    I run OSMC (KODI) via Raspberry Pi 2. Phoenix and Genesis are great – no issues and all current. Absolutely no need to go full blown PC or xbox etc. In fact I now make use of multiple pi’s communicating via powerlink using tethering to watch online material or media centre shares. Pi rocks.

  100. E350BRY

    Come on peeps

    I’ve been on Kodi for a number of years XBMC etc. and now isengard is just the best. I have always watch HD movies without a problem and its all free. I have LIAN LI home build PC (size of Xbox) under Panasonic 58DX902 up scaled to both 4K UHD and HDR, got myself i7 chip with a couple of M.2 SSD’s and there’s nothing to match it. I watch practically all Virgin or Sky for free movies and sport and receive 236Mb broadband (fibre)

    Just do a little research and you will have the best entertainment system ever, courtesy of KODI…

  101. John P

    I recently installed Jarvis after erasing the CLEAN build. From the http addon source it seems like all the major players like Titan, UK Turks, 1 Channel, S.A.L.T.S. have been disabled permantly from installing. I erased Jarvis and re-installed Isengard and got all working except Titan.

  102. den

    I just updated to Jarvis 16.1 on my android box. its locks up and crashes. I noticed that in my apps folder in settings, I have an XBMC app and a Kodi app. Should I have both of these apps installed on my box? Is this why its not working correctly?
    Are they in conflict with each other may be?? I don’t know what to do. I get a lot of script errors, lock ups, crashes of the kodi screen back to the android screen and have made sure the URL dependencies advise was done, but still did not fix anything.
    I also uninstalled a program that got script errors, removed the cashe, force closed, uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but still getting script errors. Any help please! thanks Den

  103. Tony A

    Use a vpn this sorts out your router blocking most of the sites that your all moaning about saying they don’t work!!! THEY DO WORK. In the UK most network providers like Virgin media & BT & Sky all agree that a high court order for pirate streams will be banned from their networks so in other words there’s about 1000 really good streaming movie sites gone like which provides hd quality cinema films about a week after general release but now it’s gone but use a VPN VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK and all these sites are available again and kodi now has all the movie apps working and real good live tv streams and really you go from a hit and miss media experience to a full blown I can watch any film out there or any live event in the world in genuine 1080 even 4k & 3d streams. I have free box office free ufc free movies and even tons of free porn full movies not clips and all this for a 4 pound a month vpn. I recommend this to everyone the people designing the apps that run on kodi are doing nothing wrong it’s the network servers banning anything that was free but get a vpn set up and I guarantee that your kodi app will put a smile on your face.

      1. Nick

        VPNunlimited is a good one, Also works on firesticks

  104. JJPKodiSU

    OMG the squabbling and insulting one and other over this topic is tiresome. Everyone of these addons mentioned above WORK in their own right UNLESS the entire addon is down. They are all usefull and do their jobs each at different levels of content quantity and video quality. If you are having issues I promise you that A) it is on your end and B) it CAN be resolved. You absolutely MUST, A) be patient, B) do alot of research. And I mean ALOT. If you need to resolve an issue, then watch 50 different YouTube videos on 1 topic if you have to. You need to take bits and pieces from everyone of our experiences to make this thing work flawlessly as well as for it to become second nature to you. AND IT WILL BECOME SECOND NATURE TO YOU. Take your time and try different approaches and no matter what do not be discouraged. I have this running flawlessly on old laptops, new laptops, old tablets and new as well as all kinds of phones. Remember it is FREE and you can always pay for cable or to rent a movie if you are dissatisfied. My suggestion, Get a real-debrid account, install exodus, icefilms, istream and SALTS, do a weeks worth of tinkering and call it a year. You wont need anything else (for movies or tv shows? for a long time. Also, Never forget that the more you put into this the more you get back. The possibilities are virtually endless. Good luck!!!

    1. Bill

      Again, I’m a brand new tv box owner, and yes, I mirror your comments JJPKodiSU !! Thank you!

  105. Joseph Carlson

    Big thanks to all that wrote these programs and that are updating it we are very greatful! does anyone know how to get arabic tv channels I have tried some links but the add ons are completely useless, if anyone has any knowledge adding other add ons please let me know im a super noob like two days in noob

  106. Sean

    All you who say nothing works are stupid buy a decent box like a Minix, everything plays flawlessly dont have any problems at all with TV/movies you get what you pay for firesticks are better used as a door stop, pay out an you will be rewarded

  107. Andrew

    Everyone moaning about the boxes being shit sell them go back to sky etc and leave these forums for people who know how to use the kodi programme you don’t even need a box it’s a computer program that you can put on any device and set it up to suit yourself
    Woody didn’t say bigger and better things he said another direction and if it’s him who overhauled phoenix sport section good on him

  108. Gene

    Hello megatron how do we use a private address for kodi to work? I am sorry I am new to kodi and Amazon Fire stick!! I got mine from eBay don’t know anything about them!! Lots of mine work but some just stopped!! I would love to be able to get in the circle with any of you guys who know how to use this stuff.. I want to get rid of my comcast tv provider but I am just not their yet with knowing I will have tv! With kodi and Fire stick! It works good but I just wonder for how long? I love Exodus!!! It’s my favorite app!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you

  109. rupert bear

    you obviously have no idea what your doing or how to use kodi properly if you think its worthless.

  110. Megatron

    I had a lot of problems getting streams to work on Kodi. Then, it occurred to me that the USA blocks most online TV Sites. So, I logged into my private VPN using using a Sweden Server and all the streams began working again. I think people would have more luck with Kodi Add-ons if they used a private VPN or PROXY service while trying to view content through Kodi Add-ons. I wish the Kodi developers would make Kodi more user friendly when trying to run private VPNs and/or SOCKS5 PROXYs.

  111. John

    Because with a fire stick you could watch on your big screen tv without hooking a computer to it. It’s not perfect but for the money with a little patience you could watch hundreds of movies.

  112. Andrew

    What are people using for live sports? used to use operation robocop but the premier league link isn’t working.

    1. Otto Leipzig

      Robocop has been hit n miss recently but was working ok today.

      If your in the UK, other options are Sportsdevil, Money Sports &NJM Soccer. All offer PL football but can all be a bit hit n miss too. Phoenix still offer PL football through Valhalla though the picture hasn’t been very clear for quite a while now.

  113. PaulMc

    99% of latest movies/series i can watch in 720P or 1080P from Genesis or salts. (didnt jet look into Exodus)
    Have a MiniX android box with kodi. Of course there are many dead links, its a bit annoying, but anyway its all for free!
    All streaming wireless. 120Mb connection

  114. BIG JOHN

    The problem is not the boxes but the software. I found a user on a youtube search who totally setup the box software first then install kodi. He used CCleaner APK to clean and clear the cache files and it does work then run Kodi maintenance tool to also clear cache.
    These boxes are not perfect but the software people really screwed up. I have a 1 gig ram and 8 gig rom and KODI only uses 65 Mbs for cache which is redicuous. If it was me I would have the full system available memory and clear cache once a week not 3 times in a hockey game or nascar race.
    Once your hooked your hooked and nothing better than free so I hope sometime in the future real soon someone smarter comes along to figure this s**t out.
    Also the dead links are run by pu!@# that just can’t eccept the free part and open source part and need to be removed. lets work on that Kodi!
    Hopefully by 2020 we will sit back any use a voice activated system that simple does what we ask and not waste many many hours trying to figure it out!

    1. Bill

      Getting there is half the fun bro. I’m brand new at this and have a ton to learn. But what I’ve experienced so far has been super good, despite the turmoil along the way. In the end, it’s all worth it.

  115. u4instance

    Exodus works 9 out of 10 times for me, phoenix not so much. Either way, you won’t waste nearly as much time money as when you pay for cable TV and have to watch 3 minutes of commercials every 7 minutes. Yay Kodi!

  116. mark

    Can any one tell me the best add-on for sky TV that works all channels including freeview ??

  117. Menace uk

    Most the addons listed are terrible lol. castaway and exodus ftw

  118. Will_76549

    Exodus is the replacement for Genesis… Check it out

    1. Dlbp2p

      you must not have tried salts… icefilms is where i go when i can’t get anything to stream.. which is almost never with salts

  119. Paul

    Cant seem to stream live feeds and Genesis streams thru Localcast to Apple TV. Anyone having same problems? 1channel runs perfect thought..

  120. Ann

    Isn’t Genesis dead?
    1Channel is what I’m using but I like the layout that Genesis had.

  121. Dlbp2p

    If you apply yourself and learn SALTS u won’t even need genesis or its knockoffs.. SALTS is the goto with trakt tv integration. Has been my number one. Keeps track of shows i watch and the Dizi servers….. always a good source feed.. I was kind of taken aback by authors comment.. “just okay” are you serious.. this dev busted ass and it shows in his flawless addon… !!!! Use salts above all else

  122. John

    SALTS just OK?
    It’s the best addon for movies or tv shows right now…

  123. KiltyK

    I am using new apollo 6 build and it has the new exodus and its top dog as is the new tv mix

  124. Dlbp2p

    SALTS is the best.. ever.. especially if you devote a little time to understanding. I mean seriously, the addon is flawless. It takes care of your Kodi Library.. is like married to Trakttv and keeps track of all your shows… The Salts developer busted his ass TKNORRIS and it shows in a constantly working addon.. and he replies to people with questions etc.. Not taking anything away from Phoenix but.. I put SALTS on the throne for the last year i’ve been using Kodi –

  125. Dave

    Only thing i’m struggling with in Kodi is finding a reliable Live Sports Stream for English Football. I’ve tried Castaway which was supposed to be a good new one on the go, but i can’t find anything reliable in there? Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

    1. DDMM

      You need to install Sports Devil Launcher.

      Go to Search (under install from zip file) – type sports – click on Sports Devil Launcher

  126. Dragon

    Is it possible to put Kodi on a blue ray player using a usb stick? If so how please?

    1. WirelessHack

      No not yet. There are many other devices that can run Kodi though and connect straight to a TV.

  127. John Preisser

    The problem is that noob developers are creating channels that don’t work when maxed out with traffic and the official Kodi site is pissed when they reciece complaints.

  128. John Preisser

    You need to keep updated. Genesis is now EXODUS from Lambda. Specto is a Genesis fork taken over from Lambda by Mr. Know

  129. streamer

    Does anyone know what happened to the woody in Phoenix I no longer have it?

  130. Jay

    All are down constant unpayable as streams on navi x Phoenix genisis please help

  131. Lea

    Have to agree Who TF are wirelesshack……gensid is dead , pheonix going the same way. Kodi has become an airing site for cave dwellers who think ghey can program!!

  132. Cci

    Phoenix provides best channels for us. We watch more movies than before, current and old movies and TV shows

  133. Patrick

    Rock rusher was the best there was, hoping he comes back bigger and stronger.

  134. Wesley Pipes

    Phoenix was the best for live streaming and 24/7 content. Is there an equivalent out there?

  135. Johnny

    New add on Exodus is a new improved version of Genisis created by the creator of genius try it excellent

  136. Feetfxr

    Im surprized HD-Movie14 not higher, great work.
    Loaded last nite, well done.

  137. Carlos

    Real-Debrid sucks, do you homework before signing up for this crap services / scam

  138. Eddie Pritchard

    Velocity is also a great addon, it often has content long before Genesis and looks slick! Its in SuperRepo.

  139. Heather

    Phoenix-woody was the best add on. Just recently stopped working. I loved the 24/7 channel. Does anyone out there know of another add on that keeps playing shows continually??

  140. Armagh sniper

    Kodi TV the best thing ever for sports try out RoboCop or sports devil there both the dogs nuts for sports

    1. Tony A

      Robo cop has closed down for Good there’s nothing left on this ad on at all which is a pity

  141. RapmasterUK

    Just bought the android box and set it up with a few things watched a few good movies and streamed a few football matches , i think its just paid for its self with the content ive watched . Its been brill
    Although i have found a few things dont work , but over all very pleased …

  142. invincibleinc

    I’ve said goodbye to Genesis and embraced SALTS as my new go-to for TV & Movies as of a couple days ago and paired with a Real Debrid paid account (which is very, very cheap) am maybe more satisfied with Kodi than I’ve ever been. Some people will scoff at the idea of paying for the RD account, but at $5 or less a month, depending on your plan, it is WELL WORTH the time saved. Simply put, it eliminates any need to “search” for working links.

    Every person who bitches about not working links will be so happy if they just go this route. I’ve been using XBMC/KODI for almost 4 years, and I am over the moon with how my new setup works.

  143. Julie

    Spectro (fork) great replacement for Genesis with up to date tv series also md watch series

  144. John Preisser

    @JJPGS5SU- Isn’t Real-Debrid only used for downloading (which I stopped doing)? A VPN account I learned is worth having but why Debrid? Thanks!

  145. JJPGS5SU

    There are many, many excellent addons from many different sources including ALL OF THE ABOVE. Really, it depends on your connection, hardware, settings and quite possibly most important, patience. All it takes is a little tweaking, trial and error and a lot of googling. A Real-Debrid account truly pays. Trust me. Ask questions and do your homework and you will enjoy most all of these excellent video and iptv streaming addons. I was a huge genesis fan until I payed for my R-D access and have since found Icefilms, S.A.L.T.S and iStream to be the most reliable and highest quality for videos. 5 Repos to sum it up, Metal kettle, Entertainment repo, Mucky Duck, Lambda and ElDorado. Theres 20 amazing addons for movie and TV shows rite in those. As for IPTV lol, LOTS AND LOTS OF GOOGLE and trial and error. But I will say this, it is still very very achievable.

  146. Your Name

    I prefer SALTS to any other add-on. I have little problems with the content such as buffering but whatever I click on will play.

  147. John Preisser

    @Terry _ Kodi is a repository for all things, including 50’s -2016 shows which many people enjoy.i

  148. George

    Hey all. I’m very new to all this. Can Kodi be loaded on to a Wd Live box? And how? Thanks

    1. Randal

      No it can’t. You need a box/computer on which to load it. I sell custom boxes that are not Android based and have a wide selection of working add-ons PLUS I keep them updated.

  149. Beau

    Lambda has given all rights to Genesis over to Mr.Know. He has turned it into Specto – A Genesis Fork. Works just like Genesis used to. On MY sticks, I am also using 9movies, Movies32HD, Pro Sports for HD sports,, cCloud for the best live tv, watch4free, The Royal We, Castaway is a Sportsdevil replacement, Izle, VodlockerX.

    These are some of the best working add-ons and are very dependable.

  150. Terry

    I think Kodi potentially could be awesome but it;s just too cluttered with crap. 50’s Movies, 60’s Movies old TV show’s…..who really gives a shit. Why don’t they just have latest movies, TV shows and live sport. That’s all it needs. Get rid of the clutter and it would be much better.

    1. KodiCableCutter

      you sir make me sad, that so called clutter is what makes Kodi so appealing over paying extremely high cable fees just to watch old classic movies and shows without having to torrent them. Obviously your one of those people that truly do not understand Kodi and probably complain the minute something stops working instead of doing research and trying to figure out what changed and how to correct it.

    2. Ron

      What a nonsense, you get the newest Fims and series, live sports but you can also watch old movies, further more its free! I suggest reading in to tutorials and get your Kodi run the latest software will work. Dont get comments like yours

  151. ivo

    Salts is takeing over genesis as my favourite add-on. biggest plus from genesis was library integation, but salts has that covered to. at the moment genesis and Salts are both intregrated in my library for tv shows, but Salts provides better streams for movies, so it’s the number one in my movie library. (yes i place a bunch of (straming)movies i’m planning to watch in my library… it gives a much nicer wow factor if i have friends over for movienight ) setting up Genesis for the first time is easier than Salts but once you get the hang of it it’s just as easy as Genesis

  152. ooofer

    phoenix is my go to for movies and tv, love it, ustvnow for my live tv when it works.

  153. HeligKo

    SALTS has replaced genesis for me. Having already been using the trakt addon, it was pretty simple to rebuild my library using SALTS. All I had to do is copy my collection into a list on trakt, and SALTS has the tools to do that. Then configure library integration. I could only get MQ files on Genesis to stream without problems. Now getting 1080p and 5.1 audio from RD links and 1080p with 2.0 audio for most others.

    1. Pipes1977

      What sources are you using? I hardly get anything working out of SALTS

      1. KodiCableCutter

        have you actually done any kind of research other than randomly asking how do I get this to work have you tried reading through Kodi community forums, watching videos, talking directly to developers any of that at all if not your not trying hard enough to get things to work which is why I am not shocked its not working for you and no I am not being a dick I am just being honest

  154. Veneciangoldkingpin

    Since the demise of Genesis I’ve started using SALTS and with the tweaks and a real debrid account I’ve found it as good as Genesis ever was

  155. wwni60

    I am not sure why Pulsar, now forked to Quasar, is not mentioned here. It is THE best movie, TV show addon. 1channel, icefilm no longer provide reliable sources, Genesis is no longer updated and losing its steam. It takes extra steps to install Quasar but is well worth it.

  156. James

    After reading comments on here it seems alot of novices to Kodi don’t appreciate what these guys do for us, it is alot of work to get these addons constantly up and running, show your respect or go back to sky!

  157. John Preisser

    I may be the newest person to use Kodi and I have no complaints about any channels. I was up and running in about 5 min using a Toshiba Satellite laptop. Genesis, Television Online, Youtube…THEY ALL WORK! Kodi plays the files even at slow net speeds.

    1. fred

      I am in the same boat working awesome. Some people have no patience..

  158. Jorgi305

    Phoenix with the rockcrusher addon has to be the best for movies, tv shows, cartoons and other things

    1. Jmac

      We love that add on too. For some reason, it disappeared off of our Kodi this morning.

      1. Michael Zarb

        It happened to me yesterday night everything gone while I was waiting to watch a premier football match.Hope it doesn’t do this night. M

  159. Awlcoffee

    Please integrate Trakt watch lists so we can go straight to our unmatched episodes! Please!

  160. hawker

    Only just got this and phoenix has to be
    the best for live sports thanks.

    1. Linden

      Yup, at least some do. Just look for one with an AV jack on the back (it looks like a headphone jack). My M8S box came with an adapter cord with the old school yellow/red/white RCA cables like on VCR’s.

  161. Kduge

    1channel isn’t showing any movies or TV on my android box can anyone help with this.

  162. katmoda

    Missing out some great ones below

    Watch 1080p
    Royal WE TV
    More Power

  163. Bob

    Brandon, Navis in a bunch like tvaddons, superepo etc. but heres a small packed one that has Sportsdevil, genesis and Navi-x

  164. Joe Kewl

    Kodi is awsome I like Genisys 1 channel and icefilms I am going to try some of the others listed here but for A simple progam installed for free its amazing. I normally torrent lots of shows and movies but now with kodi there are lots of cam sources and I find the shows are available on or the day after there air date. I watched Revanant on 1 channel before I found it on any torrent site.

  165. serial farter

    All the addons on this list sucks. 1channel is only SD, Genesis is almost extinct, navi-x is garbled trash you have to sift through to get any thing worth a damn and there’s no point when you can use SALTS which has everything and very easy to use. SALTS & PHOENIX are the best.

  166. Dennis Pulley

    I read from a Genesis dev that these are rumors. This was in Nov 2015 but he solidly stated that if and when that ever happens, we would hear it straight from him.
    SALTS works great, when it’s up, and it works just like any other addon but for those of you who are having issues with it try entering your TRAKT account. TRAKT is free and it’s easy to open an account. You never have to mess with them again.
    FUBAR is one of the best, when up.
    Channel Pear is also good for tv.

  167. derek

    If problems getting 1channel to work are you in the UK? most UK ISP’s block 1channel etc so you’ll need to sort out a proxy or vpn service to get around it. decent ones are not free, but not that expensive

  168. marie

    Some are good but freeze too much. Adrian list is the most reliable at the moment.

    1. Dave

      I had Kodi 14.2 and it froze frequently. Even Genesis would freeze. I upgraded to KODI 15.2 AND NO MORE FREEZING.

  169. Add-on_Guru

    All you add-on rookies… So funny…
    None of the above are good.. They’re all public knowledge… You need to be invited to private ones…

      1. ron

        I don’t know if you are the Guru from hardware guru, but if you are then i don’t know why you call us all funny people.
        a lot of the add ons that you provide in youre account don’t work also anymore, like the sport channels

      1. steph

        Why are all you people having pops at each other. How many add ons can you watchaat the one time. All you need is Exodus,Phoenix,sportsdevil,UK turks and you willhave everything you need. Stop moaning!!!

    1. Melissa

      Yes id like to know how to get invited as well please

  170. Mashes

    I’ve just started to use salts it seems ok but I’m use to genesis..
    I’ve seen that genesis will not b getting an update so I need to find a better one

    1. WirelessHack

      Genesis may get a update it is still unknown. Hopefully it does.

      1. JohnnyHack

        WirelessHack…I read a blog this weekend stating that Genesis is on it’s way out, possibly as soon as the end of January but the blogger (who has quite the audience) said, and he named the guy who runs Genesis, is quietly working on a new add-on that should be very, very good. You never know how much truth there is to all the talk but coming from the blogger, who is a trusted member of the community, I’m going to believe for the best!

          1. Bob Willis

            EXODUS Is no better than GENESIS. Both have a ton of links that don’t work. Plus their latest movies aren’t even organized properly. EXODUS stinks!

            PHOENIX by far is the the best!!!

            1. Tommy

              And now, only SD links! Rumor has it they’re trying to make it so you have to pay for HD….

      2. jon montrelli

        I just installed Kodi Jarvis on my 65″ 4k sony smart tv no box go to apps download and then program your apps.

  171. Luis

    IStream is a good addon for me.
    It has 24 servers to locate your movie or tv show and works fine giving options to choose a server or quality movie..!!

  172. AlexMacy

    ProjectFreeTv stopped working all together for me, on two devices…

    1. WirelessHack

      Project Free TV is down right now, was working yesterday. Hopefully it comes back or I’ll have to pull it from the list.

  173. Peed Off

    1 Channel, Navi X & Hulu Box are all rubbish, most of the links don’t work. Sorry i ever got a box because all you ever seem to do is search for streams and most don’t work, the only relaible ones are Phoenix and some of Sports Devils….forget the rest.

    1. Leroy burrell

      You obviously don’t know how to work it.navi x is the best u don’t even have to surf through streams and works perfectly.

      1. Lorenzo

        Navi x may be old but you know exactly what your getting and very seldom let’s you down.

      2. Jason

        NAVI X has some stuff that works great and some stuff that after clicking on it 100x over 2 years never works. I know some of you want some of that PORN to work, but it won’t, but some does (if that’s what you like) there is so much content, I’ve watch plenty of movies to know NAVI X works but with Phoenix and all it’s content, Navi X doesn’t really offer anything I can’t get from EXODUS or PHOENIX. CCLOUD is also great with the 24/7 channels. I’ve been cable free since 2011 and rarely use NETFLIX honestly. So anyone that says it’s garbage, rubbish or broken doesn’t have the patience or the know-how to figure out what works and if you are looking for a cablebox with 100% workability, then go pay for one and it’s ridiculous monthly fees. My bill was 130 a month and since sept 2011 I’ve saved 1000s of dollars, I’m willing to forgive some broken links. You guys should too.

        1. Bill

          Touche` Jason !! I’m not a month into my first TV box and already I couldn’t agree with you more. I have Exodus; Ccloud; SportsDevil. And some others, but just with those 3 addons I couldn’t ask for more. Much of anything else I’ve seen so far appears redundant. Just last night I watched my favorite NFL team play their first preseason game, clear and without interruption, when otherwise would have been unavailable. I earnestly look forward to this NFL season. Broken links, or those that simply don’t work? Sure! But whatever is wrong with some things, are more than made right with what works!! What I want, when I want, is right at my fingertips — Just doesn’t get any better than that for this 60 year old. Soon enough, I’ll be more than willing to work on my home network enough to save over $100 every month on cable. The savings alone would pay for 3 tv boxes in short order. Right now we’re sharing 1. I have plans to use an old router as an access point to improve signal accessibility in one area of my home. So the sun continues to shine in my house, even a little brighter now with just a little black box. Be well !

          1. Robert

            Bill. May I ask which add on you were able to watch your favorite NFL team’s preseason game on?

              1. David

                Pro Sport, Sports Devil, or download APKs to your box for live tv. Mobdro, Solid Streams, and alive NetTV are the best and have reliable streams. Sky sports typically has all the games along with various other channels

            1. BLTFreedom

              I didn’t see Bill reply but I too watched my fav NFL team 1st pre season game un-interrupted in HD. I’m going to be a bit vague because I cant remember how it happened but hopefully this will help. I tried the SportsDevil addon by itself and found NFL on the list. Then I found NFL Network. I watched it for a bit and it would buffer and go off. I have my Kodi on PC so I’m not worried about Memory or space. So I tried Zero Buffer setting and it did not improve. While messing around, I changed my skin back to Eminence, and I saw an addon that just said sports. I clicked on that and I found some new NFL links and after trying a couple I found “LIVE GAMES” there was my game in regular and HD. Once I connected the stream, it was flawless for the whole game, unlike my team :(. I have Exodus, Phoenix, 1Channel, SportsDevil, Turks. I’m guessing the stream came from one of those as Eminence organized all my categories into tiles. Hopefully this helps. I will go home and check tonight. I can come back here and update with the stream source.

              1. Oj

                What do you mean you changed your skin back to eminence? I’ve had the same problem with sports devil. I did not see just sports. I am new at this and I love sports, so if you could do ap by step i would appreciate it I would love to find the “sports” you’re referring to. Thank you

              1. jake M

                I have so much trouble getting anything to work anymore . i mean it kills me to goto 40 different streams to sit there for none to work !! i use castaway , live mix . that “:prosport ” sucks i mean over 80-90% of all these apps are crap click stream after stream and cant seem to get anything going it all used to work flawless, ccloud is my #1 app that norm works alll the time and castaway then dimsports is what norm works, but sportsdeval sucks navix sucks

                1. Andy

                  You are ranting on like you have some divine right to illegal television streams that you aren’t paying for. There are people out there working tirelessly to keep these sources up and running so you can have your free TV. You obviously have no idea what is involved to get these streams online and even less idea how to use them. If you don’t like it then instead of throwing all your toys out of the cot why don’t you get your hand in your tight pocket and fuckin pay for it, then you can complain when it doesn’t work.

                  1. Paying with consciousness

                    Sick reprimand. I wish kodi could stream advice like that!

                  2. Victor Mellinger

                    That’s irrelevant, because I totally agree with jake M. I have not one, but two boxes, which I paid $700 + to get. And yes, a vast many streams don’t work, and most of my time is spent searching for anything that works. You’re full of it. When I buy something, I expect it to work. Then the advertisers of these streaming media boxes shouldn’t boast about being able to watch all those thousands of channels. They should be forthcoming and mention that sometimes some or most of those links might not work. That would be telling the truth. Get it? Got it? Good!

                    1. tom

                      it’s like this:
                      speaker 1: Get it?
                      2nd guy: Got it.
                      speaker 1: good!

                      Two people talking.
                      Got it??

                2. AJ

                  Go to SportsDevil then Mainly everything there works. Navi X sucks because there is a learning curve but once over the curve it becomes a great companion.

                3. Tom

                  dump your add ons and reinstall. i was having a similar problem with the box that i got from a friend. nothing seemed to work. I dumped everything and reinstalled kodi and the add-ons. everything works perfect now.

                  could just be a corrupt install. try it again and it may fix your problems as well.

                4. Yazz

                  Hi Jake,

                  I am kind of agree with you about none working streams but I have a solutions for you, when you have a free time just find out which streams are reliable and not buffering a lot put them in your favorites that way you don’t need to switch stream by stream to find a good one.

              2. Jackson

                By far EXODUS is the best for movies & TV shows. But it’s very slow . Stopped using Genesis, however SPECTO…Fork is a great new video add on, same content as exodus but loads fast, and is updated unlike old Genesis. I find THE most content on NAVI-X for old TV series and current movies. If I only had access to 2 add-ONs. Exodus or Specto..Fork

                1. Henry

                  Hey, does it live stream The Walking Dead? If so, I’m ditching my cable! Only reason I have cable is because of the Walking Dead. m

                2. gludwig

                  agree don’t screw around with all of the builds. do with the leaders!!

          2. John Crane

            I would love to know where you watched an NFL game without buffering and in HD,because in my experience that is a very rare find

          3. Ron

            Hi Bill,
            Just one question regarding the NFL games, are you able to stream out of market game or just local games.

            Thanks in advance!

          4. John Doe

            You have to look up the Good Fellas 2.0 add-on
            HBO, Cinemax, Starz, tons of free channels.

        2. Chris

          I am new to Kodi. I would like to thank everyone who takes their time to help us newbies get the addons to work. Thank you very much. And yes all the streams do not work at this time but I have already made my investment back with the ones that do. I was told by someone to add popcorn to my kodi and it also works great. And the streams in Navi X that do work, work great. For all the other newbies remember this is a new learning experience so be patient an enjoy.

      3. A.Watkins

        Well I do know how to work it and he is right, 99% of all the sports links on Navi X don’t work, and much of the rest is hit and miss.

    2. craig sagar

      I feel your pain. I’m exactly the same constantly searching for things to work. I don’t understand what these wankers put add ons on kodi that don’t work. I’m running the beast on my firestick I’ve just purchased. and to be honest I should have kept to my iPhone to Hdmi speed wire and gone out on the piss with the money I spent on shit that dosnt work haha. it’s about time http://www.the dare tube had a ad on as that would work.

      1. TONY

        DiziLab/DiziGold worked a treat…
        NOW THEY ARE GONE & Genesis is Crap TBH.

          1. ubetcha

            I’ve had a box 2 yrs and mines works great maybe the guy you purchased from doesn’t help and wants more money I got like 25 apps on mine and all mine work I’ve searched too and I got tsn1 2 3 4 5 and sports net 360and a lot of film on are live tv

            1. Al Phamale

              Salute Kodi, embrace the matrix. I have 2 Fire sticks both on Beast ( S/O Chris b). I have all posted and The Music Source add-on and Fist of fury 3x. ..I SEE EVERYTHING ! Death to high cable bills ! That alone why I learned Kodi . This post is actually very accurate with the Repos you need. Follow this list and you won’t be needing much else.

            2. Rick

              Where did you buy your box and which repository are you using to access TSN 1,2,3, 4 and SPORTSNET???

      2. h

        The problem is the stick…
        you get what you pay for $50= headaches
        $99 works fantastic

        also remember the feeds are free and illegal to post.

        You may have to use a proxy that mask your location or figure out which links are the most reliable for your location.

      3. CL

        ive sideloaded it on the ATV 4, it works incredible, so smooth, plus I got a programmer to set up the repo’s and all else on it. Use a good vpn and you pretty much have one of the most awesome entertainment systems ever. Spend the money on a decent setup and you wont regret it pal.

      4. dwayne

        there is your first mistake.
        firestick has been having issues and not kodi.
        change and spend for a box

      5. PC_TECH

        Hello All
        I have kodi on several devices and recently was given a Fire Tv Stick with the voice Audio controller. Just wanted to say I have much faster devices CPU Core And Ghz, Devices With video Cards and a desktop PC build with 16gb of DDR 3 but said F It I will put kodi on the fire tv stick and see the performance. Boot time from fire tv menu to kodi 5 seconds. I have not had any lags due to the ram and CPU speed on the fire tv stick. I do have 300mbps DOWN/150ish UPLOAD Speed On My Modem And Even Not Being Ethernet Hardwired I am Happy With The Performance.

        Only Real Con
        4K playback seemed like it needed to buffer periodically while watching a title. Not ISP related. The fire tv stick is barely hitting the minimum required specs for Kodi to operate. When receiving the fire stick I SAID TO MYSELF WTF AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS USB FLASH DEIVE SIZED POS. Would have sold it open box if kodi did not operate. I do like that it’s barely bigger than a flash drive and have taken it to friends places. No need for the remote if you have an android or apple tablet r smartphone.

      6. Tony

        Just got to say the beast is to big a file for a firestick you need something a bit smaller

      7. lugger11

        I did the same thing with my box when I got it (installed Beast). At first, I was blown away by all the options, but over time I realised I was only really using Genesis and Sports Devil, but all the regular updates were slowing my box down to a crawl.
        So I did a factory reset on my box, re-loaded Kodi and just installed Exodus and Sports Devil. Now the the thing is snappy fast.

    3. Maria

      I totally agree I bought an android box the only consistent apps that work is showbox, movie hd, sports devil and Phoenix.

      1. laurie

        Whatever happened to Woody? i am new to using this box. Sports Devil doesnt seem to carry OHL games or cant get Nascar. Where do i go now for live sports? Live in London ONt. Can.

        1. Cadlex

          The creator of Woody took it down, he said he is moving on to bigger things 🙁

        2. CB

          Try Vidtime add on, streams live sports – currently a few issues though

          If anyone knows how to ‘run as admin’ to get the streams let me know. That was the Vidtime solution posted

          1. LG

            Instead of left clicking on the program you should be able to right click on the program which should bring up a window that should allow you to click on run as adminor administrator.

      2. Sloepoker

        Why do ya all buy the android box when you can download the free kodi app right on your home computer for nothing

        1. Tom

          Running Kodi on a computer works good but who wants a big bulky machine next to their TV. Plus their are cheap Kodi boxes for spare rooms like the MXQ Kodi Box which comes fully loaded ready to run for less than $40 dollars.

          1. aidasfm

            why not a raspberry pi 3 then?
            why deal with crap chinese stuff or locked down boxes

            1. Ronie

              I agree I purchase 6 boxes because I was able to get rid of my expensive cable bill and the box is so small you barely notice it’s there.

            2. Rolo

              If u want a great box buy a amazon fire tv box, it’s $99 but the best to run kodi. I have used android boxes like the g-box and so on but my fire tv is the best. Also a raspberry pi 2 works good.

              1. RJ

                Nvidia Shield is best! The rest are not even close! Best with Kodi plus 4k! Nothing compares to the Shield!

                  1. Mikr

                    It is yeah, for almost 3 x the price of an average android box that you can use for basically the same things. Mine runs kodi very smoothly, no problems with other movie and tv apps.

              2. Stewart

                Ya I have to agree, I am a veteran of Kodi and my new Minix U1 makes things just to easy.

                I have added all the best add-on myself and still find myself using SALT most of the time.

                Update, until I got a brand new 55 inch 4K t.v. and know use 2 completely other add-ons that no one really talks about.

                I can barely tolerate 720, so once you go 4K you seriously will only watch 4K and 2K content and perhaps the odd 1080 program or movie if it’s brand new.

                I used to like SALT the most because it would just bring you to the nest stream’s for you to choose which is great, unfortunately SALT, Genesis, and Phoenix are mostly 720 with only a smattering of 1080 so all three all though great need to add some 4K or 2K content ASAP!

                1. Bill

                  Brother has a beautiful 4K set. Can you recommend an addon with dependable 4K content? Having found any for him yet. Thanks!

            3. Tom F


              Those options all require work on your part. Do not believe when they advertise “Fully Loaded”.

              You will need to fresh start the Kodi because most addons and builds from a Chinese Box are broken and do not update. You will need to download the various addons that bring you content. You will probably want to customize your own Kodi with a better skin because Confluence is not that great and for easier access to your addons and content. Depending on where you live and your ISP you may need a VPN. I always recommend a VPN for your safety, and it gets around your ISP from blocking access to sites you need. You can do all this your self, but if you do not know what you are doing it will take a lot of time. You can also buy a box completely set up. Just make sure you know who your dealing with. Many box sellers give us a bad name with no support and poor builds! Mine are $150. Easiest to use totally icon based build (my 80 year old dad uses it…. and he cannot even access his email without help!) Mine include 1 year P.I.A. VPN pre installed and properly configured. Kodi & all addons are completely set up. Everything updates by itself. Everything starts by itself. Plug it in, and enjoy. I do not ship mine, and only sell to people I know, so I cannot help you. Ask whoever you buy from if they provide a box like this. Check if they have a YouTube channel with support videos. Good Luck!

              1. Bill gordon

                I know this is late but how do get a hold of you. Thanks

        2. Jc

          I run Kodi on firestick & Mac mini,really don’t notice any difference between the two

        3. goforit

          Exactly what I do, no issues with memory or HD space, ethernet very little buffering.

    4. Yves

      Xmovies8.. Just click the name and it will play..123 movies is also the same

      1. KodiFied

        I just installed Xmovies8. I could not get any movies to play – script failed 100% for 1/2 dozen selections. Any suggestions?

        1. Jen

          Try deleting what may have uploaded and shut down – then start over…… I’ve learned from much experience.

    5. Jim

      Genesis is good, phoenix is great and adding more, I stream works great, popcorn time good, PBS great there is so many great addons. Google or YouTube how to get more addons. Get a good TV box we use amazon fire boxes. We have prime, Netflix, ESPN, kodi, showbox, popcorn time, TV portal. We love the TV box… make sure you hAve good Internet speed, and put your TV box on a cat6 cable to your router, speed is everything when streaming.

    6. Julie

      It takes a while getting to know box and finding best links, I have a few fans spectro being my tv series one and also ms watchseries my other for tv…. There are loads for movies …. Just google best add ins for Feb 16 and listen to what add ins are trending …. Ps it has taken me ages to work out box

    7. Dav

      Get titan, watch tv series and pub film. All work great. Go on you tube and check out a guy called joenobody, videos help out a lot.

    8. Jim

      You must have a strong Internet connection for any box to stream properly. Do a speed test and make sure you have at least 7maps. More is better for quick and reliable viewing. Best addon is Exodus.

      1. Andre

        So true.
        Cant just get the bottom shelf internet connection and expect to stream like a pro!

    9. Strat

      Don’t know what you’re talking about everything I try I’m able to find a stream he must be doing something wrong

      1. Mike

        Agreed. I never have any issues. Got a few go to add ons like exodus and specto and everything plays flawlessly.

    10. Judy basnett

      Totally agree with you. This box is a piece of shit. Worthless. I addon things like youtubeonfire and when i launch it i get a script error. Genisis worked for all of a month then stopped. Ichannel gets a uk error. Xmovie8 goes into a loop just trying to install it.

      Anyone listening, dont spend the money on kodi.

      1. Ron

        I have severall Kodi boxes, cheap from liexpress and I have no problems.
        Ofcourse you need to make sure you install the addons accurat I did it following Youtube.
        I have 1 box over a year and I dont have any problems running genesis, Phoenix, Exodus.
        Note genesis wasnt updated for a long time but you can just go to the addons and update them.
        Specto Fork is the new genesis, just look on youtube how to install.0000

    11. Pun

      1channel, Exodus, and sports devil are basically all the ones I need. Not sure what’s up with yours.

    12. KodiFied

      My Navi-X has always worked fine. I always thought Genesis, now Exodus was the best.

    13. Miguel Orduno

      Install Gears of War build has all the latest addons you will love it YOUTUBE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO INSTALL

    14. Nat bytes

      Buy a raspberry pi I have had a pi 2 for over a year (now upgraded to 3) and all the above addons working wirelessly. It is the cheapest reliable option. I also have it dual boot as desktop PC. @ £60 ish for kit with keyboard a bargain. The problems you experience are due to cheap hardware combined with unsupported android software . openelec is Linux based and works seamlessly due to a huge community of programmers keeping addons and links current . also lately sky and virgin have put “.Voluntary ” soft filters in place to “protect” customers without asking. Log into your account remove these filters plug in your raspberry pi 3 or pi2 and open a word of entertainment

      1. Jennifer

        I would like to buy a new raspberry pi, mine is about 2 years old. Where did you buy yours?
        Thank you

    15. Nvidia

      I bought a Nvida Shield and loaded SMPC on it with the husham repo works great. Some links are dead but what do you expect from free streams it’s like complaining about a free lunch LMAO 🙂

    16. Lamar

      I think you have a low internet connection. I’ve had tons of boxes and if you feel you are searching more than watching, then it’s possible your internet speed is slow. Try running a speed test. Most boxes come with one pre-installed. If not go to the Playstore and download the one by Ookala. You should have at least 50mbps download speed to get the max out of your HD links. Under that and I’d stick with SD steams and upgrade your speed with your ISP. I hope this helps!

      1. Bill

        Hi guys and gals: I have a question about internet speed and Ookala. I have Ookala on both my smartphone and installed the same on my tv box. I can go to the furthest point from my router to the master bedroom television. Do a speed test with my smartphone and get between 32 and 45 mbps. But when I do a test with Ookala on the tv box, it struggles getting to *get this* 2mbps. Yup, two. Note that this is a wireless connection to my home network. I’m able to stream almost as well as other areas of my home that’s closer to the router, I’m just curious as to why that is. Maybe I should reinstall Ookala on the tv box huh? Curious to know what your thoughts were on the matter, or if anyone else experienced the same. Thanks!

    17. Access

      I agree, u have to play with some of the sources but kodi is awesome. I do think kodi needs a face lift and content should be made easier and better. Live tv needs a major upgrade since servers are lacking.

      Navi x use to be great but now the content is hardly ever updated as of late. Moves are all old.

    18. Cvt

      I hate spending time seaching for apps and installing it only to find out there are list of movies with no source available on any of the movies listed. Movies for me , filma24 and movie storm are a few! Why list apps people can’t use? If there are no streams take it off the list!!

    19. Center City Ronny

      Common sense would take you a lot further. Don’t blame the box or developers because you don’t get it.


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