Best Working AppLinked Codes 2022 Store List

By | December 31, 2021

Best Working AppLinked Codes List
AppLinked is a replacement for the one very popular and now shutdown FileLinked.

Like the old FileLinked app, a store code is added which will display APKs that can be installed.

This includes movie apps, TV shows apps, sports apps, anime and more.

Using AppLinked makes it easy to share files between Android devices such as the Fire TV Stick, Smartphones, and Android TV boxes.
Best Working AppLinked Codes October 2021 Store List
Installing AppLinked is easy by going to the official site, downloading and installing it.

Here are AppLinked install guides for each Android device if needed.

Best Working AppLinked Codes Store 2022 List

  1. 5555
  2. 6464
  3. 7777
  4. 911
  5. 475414651
  6. 8888
  7. 3333
  8. 4444
  9. 301851852
  10. 727272
  11. 000111
  12. 3011851852
  13. 4554
  14. 719778818
  15. 607809938
  16. 6464
  17. 811
  18. 363605206
  19. 849320303
  20. 799783203

Best Working AppLinked Store Codes 2022 List with Details

  • 5555

  • Best Working AppLinked Codes List 5555

    The 5555 AppLinked Store is from FreeTech with many APKs available to download and install.
    Best Working AppLinked Codes List 5555 Overview
    It currently includes the APKs, IPTV Smarter Pro, STB Emulator, Swift Streamz, Crunchy Roll, Flixoid, UK Turks, AOS TV Mod, Dofu-sports, HD Streamz Mod, HDTV Ultimate, La Depotres, LiveNet TV, Ola TV, Oreo TV, Media Lounge, Thop TV, TV Tap Pro, Tivimate, RedBox TV, Bee TV, Bee TV Mod, Cinema HD, Cyberflix, Cuco TV, Coconut TV Mod, Film Plus, Nova TV, Tea TV, Stremio, and Viva TV.

  • 6464

  • App Linked Code 6464

    The AppLinked Store Code 6464 has many APKs for Download.
    App Linked Code 6464 Overview
    It currently has Free Flix, Newest Movies, ZINITEVI, Cinema HD, Viv TV Add Free, Cyberflix, Flixoid, UK Turks ad free, Red Box, Rokker, Oreo, TVTap Fire Stick, LA Deportes, Leptop Sports, Strix, Navix Sports, Swift Streamz, Nova TV, Stremio, USTV Ad Free, Cuco TV, Media Longe, Crunchyroll, Max Movies, Bee TV, Film Cartoon HD, Film Plus, Old Movies, Movie HD, Tubi TV and more.

  • 7777

  • AppLinked Codes 7777

    The AppLinked 7777 is Store is from Doc Squiffy and currently working very well with several APKs to download and install.
    AppLinked Codes 7777 Overview
    It includes Cinema HD, Free Flix HQ, Cuco TV, Nova TV, Tubi TV, Red Box TV, TV Tap, and more

  • 911

  • Working AppLinked Codes 911

    The AppLinked Store 911 is from TechDoctorUK and also working well. It has DangBei Assistant, Pluto TV, Mouse Toggle, DB TV Assistant, Fast Task Killer, Happy Chick, Filmrise, and Plex TV.
    Working AppLinked Codes 911 Overview

  • 475414651

  • Working AppLinked Codes List Updated Daily 475414651

    The AppLinked Store with code 475414651 also has many APKs that can be installed.
    Working AppLinked Codes List Updated Daily 475414651 Overview
    It has the APKs Tea TV, Unlock My TV, Cuco TV, Kodi 19.1, Live Net, Morpheus, Mx Player Pro, SD Maid, Swift Streamz, STB EMU Pro, AOS TV, Bee TV, Cinehub, Cinema HD, Cyberflix, Flim Plus and Flixoid.

  • 8888

  • Working AppLinked Codes List 8888

    The store Code 8888 has many working APKs.
    Working AppLinked Codes List 8888 Overview
    It includes Pluto TV, 8 Sport Plus, Zatto, Tubi TV, Sling TV, Show Time, Show Time Anytime, ShowMax, Philo TV, Peacock TV, IMDB TV, Hulu, HBO, Fubo, Espn, Epix, VRV, Wot Box TV, Discovery Plus, CBS, VUDU, ITV Hub, My5, All4, FreeView, and more.

  • 3333

  • AppLinked Codes List 3333

    Store Code 3333 is also working well with many APKs available.
    AppLinked Codes List 3333 Overview
    It includes Magellan TV, Tea Sports Live, Ostora TV, Fast Task Killer, Xumo, Mushahid TV, Tivimate, and Smart Tube.

  • 4444

  • Working AppLinked Codes List 4444

    Store Code 4444 also is working with many downloads available.
    Working AppLinked Codes List 4444 Overview
    Peers TV, OTTplay, SmarTube Next, vPlay, HD VideoBox Plus, Khho HD, LazyMedia Deluxe, Vimu, Mx Player Pro, X-plore file Manger, and Aptoide TV.

  • 301851852

  • Working AppLinked Codes List 301851852

    The Store Code 301851852 has two apps including Tubi TV and Mouse Toggle.
    Working AppLinked Codes List 301851852 Overview

  • 727272

  • Best Working AppLinked Codes 727272

  • 000111

  • 3011851852

  • 4554

  • 719778818

  • 607809938

  • 6464

  • 811

  • 363605206

  • 849320303

  • 799783203

What is AppLinked?
AppLinked is an easy way for Android users to share APK files.

This includes the Fire TV Stick, Android TV Boxes, and smartphones.

It currently looks to be the best replacement for the FileLinked app which has stopped working.

AppLinked can be installed on almost any Android device and with a code able to download and install APK files.

How To Use AppLinked
AppLinked is easy to use by installing it onto your Android device and then using a code to access a Store.

Installing AppLinked is easy by going to the official site, downloading and installing it.

Once installed, type in a code from above to get a list of APK files that can be downloaded and installed.

This includes apps such as utilities, Movie APKs, and TV shows APKs for Android devices.

Why is AppLinked Not Working or Giving an Error?
AppLinked is very new and still has some kinks still needing to be worked out.

When it was first released, it was mostly down and not connecting but now with release version it is much more stable.

There is also some slowness with AppLinked, which may just be the rush to use the app.

If Download button gives an error it can be updated by downloading and installed from the official site.
Working AppLinked Codes List Ver1.0.3 Error
You may need to uninstall the old version and reinstall the new version.

AppLinked Codes are sometimes not connecting and giving an error.
AppLinked Codes Error
It is sometimes giving the error Code does not exist please make sure you typed it correctly.

If it does connect to a store, there are many APKs available to download in each store.

AppLinked has quickly become very popular as a replacement for FileLinked.

Whether or not AppLinked will be the main replacement for FileLinked is still unknown but it does look promising.

When it was first released it was a bit buggy but now is much more stable.

Do you have any good AppLinked codes? Let us know in the comments below.



35 thoughts on “Best Working AppLinked Codes 2022 Store List

  1. Mike

    Okay I put in the applinked.Store then I went to put in the code that I use which is 727272 and it does nothing where it should be showing the APK downloads all it shows is blank. So I checked another code same thing so something is not right

  2. John Bacil

    31415 is AppLinked code to connect your idle Android device to worldwide computer grid, to crunch some tasks to help scientists in fight against diseases like cancer or corona virus. DreamLab or BOINC. Your Android device is powerful computer and when thousands devices are connected together they form powerful supercomputer…

  3. bert

    Applinked is still young and constantly being developed, it takes time and hard work from developers and store owners please be patient and understanding.
    It does not take 5mins to create and upload
    Thank ypu to all developers and store owners for their hard work and dilligance in providing this service that too many take for granted.

  4. David Huntington

    My way of thinking as for the winner between unlinked and applinked comes down to who goes the extra mile to provide versions of Kodi complete with a ready to install builds. Otherwise there appears little significant reason to choose one over the other. Both are very good means to acquire excellent combinations of general entertainment apks.

    1. Bishr

      Were you able to find any ready to install kodi builds? I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find any since filelinked was taken down.

  5. cherh

    Finally managed to get the applinked loaded on zoomtax but it wouldn’t take the first couple codes on list will try again tomorrow took this 67 year old no comp training 4 days to get this far

  6. Zano

    Does anyone know what code takes you to ppv apps? Thanks!

  7. John

    Most of the codes I am getting Code does not exist or no apps yet. Only a few are working on my end

  8. Bryce

    Applinked is now on version 1.0.2

    Anytime i download an app it now says
    There is a problem parsing the package

    After it downloads

  9. Glen Jacobson

    too bad diggz doesn’t vreate a newer working version of kodi matrix. also include here like tv home launchers

  10. Brian Cook

    I just started using 475414651. It seems to have a good selection of popular streaming apk apps. And this code works on my 4k firestick

    1. Stephen Lee

      Try my codes 988289396 more apps to be added. live tv

    1. Stephen

      Try my codes 988289396 more apps to be added. live tv

      1. Dave

        Tried morphed no work kept looking for sources on TV and movies will try other ones and let you know cheers dave…

  11. Liam

    LiWhen u put in the codes above when you submit they do not work but hopefully soon all will be fixed and great to see this app taking over

  12. Cory Burns

    I have tried all the codes on a firestick lite and none of them work.


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