Step-By-Step How To Install Phoenix Add-On Into KODI

By | March 25, 2017

Step-By-Step How To Install Phoenix Add-On Into KODI 3.2

UPDATE: The Phoenix addon has shut down and is longer available
Phoenix is a top Kodi add-on that has been steadily updated over the years.
Step-By-Step How To Install Phoenix Add-On Into KODI 2017 Overview
It has many contributes such as Cosmix which makes it a very good add-on with a lot of content. From sports to movies Phoenix has something for everyone.
The Kodi Phoenix add-on is located in the Fusion repository.
If you already have Fusion installed than you can skip the steps for installing it, and install Phoenix on step 15 below.
For those doing a new install than this is a two part process, first installing Fusion than installing the Phoenix add-on.
Name: Fusion
Goto System–>File Manager
Install Addons UK Turks
Add source
Kodi Turks Addons Install
A box will come up click where it says “None”.
UK Playlists Install Addons add files
Type in the following URL
Type Fusion In the “enter name” box.
How To Install Fusion into Kodi
Check the boxes and be sure everything has been typed in correctly.

Goto back to the main page and goto System–>Settings
UK Turks Playlists Install Addons
UK Turks Install Addons
Install from Zip File
UK Playlists Install Addons Install From Zip File
Select Fusion
Fusion Phonix Kosi Addon Install
Select kodi-repos
Install Kodi Phomix 2017
Select English
Phonix English
Select (If there is a new version install it.)
Phoinix Kodi addon
Wait for the bottom right of the screen to show it installed. It may also update and say TVaddons Add-on Enabled.
TVaddons updated
Install from repository
Install From Repsoitory UK Turks
Click Addon Repository
TVADDONS Repository 111
Video add-ons
Step-By-Step How To Install Phoenix Add-On Into KODI 2017 Pic 17
Scroll down and select Phoenix
Step-By-Step How To Install Phoenix Add-On Into KODI 2017 Pic 18
19… Click Install
Step-By-Step How To Install Phoenix Add-On Into KODI 2017 Pic 19
Phoenix will now be located from the main menu Video–>Add–ons section.

53 thoughts on “Step-By-Step How To Install Phoenix Add-On Into KODI

  1. Adriana

    I’m having trouble installing a plugin Exodus Phoenix and Channel One I follow the instructions the way it says but at the end it always tells me. ( couldn’t retrieve directory information.) Can somebody please help.

  2. Elizabeth Talmadge

    Followed the steps uninstalled Phoenix then reinstalled Phoenix but my problem is, I can’t get the Phoenix new releases or Phoenix incredible TV to work……

    1. Lynda

      I cant get Phoenix to install on my Netbox. I get to the part about fusion, from zip file. I have followed step by step what gives. Is it because I want to install in Netbox??

        1. Lynda

          Please help nexbox doesnt open on fusion. what is wrong typed it in correctly HELP

  3. Chepo-Pack

    Instead of https:// type in http:// as the “s” in the http is not necessary as it’s not a secure site.
    Also instead of “xbmc-repos” select “Kodi-repos’ then English and select “”
    Under the video addo-ons scroll down and select, ” get more” then locate PHOENIX and select it.
    Install it and bingo! Ready to go.

    Good luck

    1. erin

      this is exactly what ive done but did not see phoenix at all.:(

      please heeelp?

    2. Alisha-Jade

      I have followed the steps to uninstalling and reinstalling Phoenix and I’ve got to the part where you install zip file but there’s nothing in that file.

  4. Richard

    Followed steps all the way several times. Installed perfect on 2 of my android s but the 3rd Phoenix wont install. Nor one24245 either! Removed moved and tried many times in past week!

  5. Chuck

    I’ve followed your install but get no broadcast available. What next? Thanks

  6. Cameron Fraley

    Thanks for the instillation and any updates available cameron

  7. Hayley

    Thank you so much this has worked perfectly as of 03/17 on fireStick

  8. louise

    7th march 17 – done all this…Got to the last part (looking for the title Phoenix) but it’s not available? . . Pelisalacarta UI …. Pokémon Now are visible. Phoenix isn’t in between them, or visible at all.

  9. Cindy


    Great step by step instructions. I also keep getting “failed to install from dependency” tried 10 times and nothing

  10. Sd

    Hi which version is latest
    Version 3.2.1 add on repository
    Sr Version 3.1,22 Superrepo

  11. Roberta Padgett

    I have followed all the steps to put Phoenix on my mxq box through Kodi but it doesn’t install all at the last minute can you help me

  12. Janet

    Hi – made it all the way through on kodi 17 but phoenix won’t install. Nothing happens at all. Ideas?

  13. Eugene Hardy

    I’m not able to enable fix to work please help asap something not showing up and instead it’s showing kodi repos instead of xbmc repos

  14. Ericana BaduduButt

    Reached the last step and was unable to install Phoenix. Received this instead “Phoenix failed to install on dependency”. What now?

      1. chris

        i had that issue. its kodi not quite updating yet. i just left it alone for a while and it installed correctly 30 mins later

  15. m

    ok got phoenix 3.1.15 installed OK but im actually missing quite a few channels like place for her is now called diva’s den plus a lot of stuff simply dissapeared like kids corner etc… am i the only one having such problems… also graphics, logos etc seems to change to very ‘plain’ ones now… is it normal in this version??

  16. Quintin

    I’m having a weird issue with Phoenix, tv shows stream but not NFL network or ESPN

  17. Dark Viper

    Thanks for this information. I now have “Phoenix” working for me just as Perfectly as the other Repository I use and enjoy. You gave Wonderfully Detailed instructions. ?

  18. Rabidram

    Phoenix does not work for me either,I have tried everything,uninstall,reinstall,nothing works

  19. Ben

    I downloaded Phoenix but none of the links work for any of the sporting channels? Any ideas?

  20. Don Mertes

    I just got it last night and everything works fine – Thank you!

  21. Loy

    I have installed Phoenix. Can hear sound but unable to view the videos.Are they others who have the same experiences and have since solved them?

    1. admin

      Your video card cant play the video so the CPU needs to be tasked. Go to System –> Settings –> Video –> Acceleration. Select Allow hardware acceleration.

      1. Harold Ackerman

        For others that disabling hardware acceleration did not fix the video (usually solid screens that switch randomly), go to the settings page the admin posted above (Go to System –> Settings –> Video –> Acceleration) and switch the render method from auto-detect to software. Works on 16.1 at least, I have not played with 17 yet.

  22. April

    I’m unable to find Phoenix in the repository. Maybe Phoenix is no longer available?

    1. LCP

      Phoenix doesn’t show for me either. It’s not in the list of available programs.

      Does it matter which program, (link) l click on to watch a show/movie? Is any one better than the other? And am I opening myself up to hackers?

  23. Praedor

    Something I don’t understand. I have this and many other ad dons installed but half the time a search for a show turns up a hit, when I select it and try to stream it I either get “no streams detected” or “go to some website to watch it”.

    WTF? I want to watch it in Kodi, that’s why the add-on is installed, NOT in some browser! Worse, why do shows show up as found but NOT have any streams? No point in listing it as found if you cannot watch it.

  24. Robin

    I’m an idiot when it comes to this…I’ve installed Kodi, Exodus and Phoenix but I can’t get Phoenix to work!! I get to the menu page and select, say, NBCSN and nothing happens! Is it me or is the channel dead?

    1. Nett

      Hi I have installed Phoenix but when I select from the menu page ……nothing opens
      Can somebody please tell me what to do… Its driving me crazy

      1. Samantha Anne Mcgehee

        Mines doing the same thing it downloaded fine but every time I get on kodi/exodus he say the app failed idk why it’s doing this but if anyone know plz help us both out!

  25. J

    Phoenix is no longer available as an add on in this Repo, where is it now?

  26. Orlando Evans

    First this is a great idea kudos to the guys and gals (programmers / hacks). I’m a newbie I have KODI up and running, I have installed Fusion and Exodus what’s the best add on for streaming live TV and live news channels.


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