Step by Step How To Install Specto Fork addon into Kodi

By | March 7, 2017

Step by Step How To Install Specto Fork addon into Kodi

Specto Fork is a popular Kodi add-on. It was originally the Genesis add-on and taken over so the code could be updated.
Specto Fork and Exodus are both from the original Genesis code so they are similar with some miner variations.

Name: filmkodi repository
If you have the repository installed than skip to step 13. If not here are the steps to install the repository filmkodi, and than Specto Fork.
Step by Step How To Install Specto Fork addon into Kodi
System–>File Manager
How To Install Specto Fork addon into Kodi
Add Source
How To Install Specto Fork addon into Kodi Add Source
Click where it say NONE
How To Install Specto Fork addon into Kodi URL
Enter this URL: and click OK
Enter kodi URL
Name it filmkodi in the next box and click OK
Specto Fork URL Repository
Go back to the main menu System–>Settings
Kodi System Settings
Kosi Addons Specto Fork
Install from a zip file
Install fom a zip file specto fork
Spect fork 222
Spect fork 444
11… (If there is a newer version install it.)
Specto Fork 777
The bottom right will show it installed and may update.
MrKnow repository updated
Install from repository
Specto Fork 999
14… repository – MRKNOW
Spect fork 1717
Video add-ons
specto fork video addons
Click on Specto-… Fork and click install.
Specto Fork 77799
It will now be installed and be available under Video–>Add-ons from the main menu.



36 thoughts on “Step by Step How To Install Specto Fork addon into Kodi

  1. YNNYC

    I thought the repo was from noobs and nerds or something like that?

    1. steveR

      Unable to install from either smash repo or filmkodi repo, spectro does show up click on install results in unable to connect. whats going on?

  2. Janet L. Butler

    I have tried installing SpectoFork several times but after I “name it” (filmkodi) I get the message that the device is not connected to the network.
    I used to have Specto but list it when I upgraded my device.
    Can anyone advise?

  3. Tim

    I’m having problems trying to install specto fork. I get to step four and then it doesn’t ask ok it just jumps to name the file which still has the url in the box and only thing it will let me do is cancel I’m using a mxq box with jarvis 16

  4. Brandy Ramirez

    I liked it alot then all of sudden all my tv shows and channels would load then a blink screen and the same on the channels area it would load all the channels and when you push one it would load to a blink screen can someone please help me I’ve uninstalled and istalled bunch of times and the same thing would happen.

  5. sian

    Hi. I tried to install this and it says the installation fails…. not sure what to do.


  6. courtenay

    This was so helpful. Struggled for a good 2 hours with this before finding this page. Thank you!

    1. Bill

      I’m getting the same any answers can’t install this or Exodus

  7. Neil


    I am trying to follow the above steps which seem straightforward, however file manager isn’t an option anywhere in my build. I’m using Nemesis

    Can anyone advise?



  8. Ant

    …..hello, and go Atlanta Hawks !

    Somebody help, please–I am trying to watch the later episodes of the original “Dark Shadows” from the mid-1960’s.

    Specto……Fork has all of the seasons and episodes listed; however, when an episode is clicked it comes back “no stream available” from 17 providers.

    Is there anything I can do from my end, or have the links to the servers holding the programming been terminated ?

    Thanks, and regards,

  9. steven

    How to change the language of a downloadable film?

    I just can download films with english language.

  10. Adam o


    I keep getting a ‘failed to install add on from zip-file’ after I try to download it to repository
    Can anyone help?

  11. Justin

    I installed specto from “super repo” and it failed to install about 10 times before it finally took. Keep trying and will eventually work. I also had this happen on with several other firesticks I helped friends and family setup. The only answer to fixing it was keep trying. Eventually it will work. After it does install so far on every one it runs well.

  12. Travis

    I cannot install this. Every time I try I get the following : “Failed to install a dependency”. I am using Kodi 16.2, has anyone else had this happen and found a solution?

    1. Mxamus

      Yes, go back and do the steps again- ( I hit it 3 times, 3rd charm)checking bottom right screen if it doesn’t. Then update.

  13. Batgirl1979

    Going into My Specto, Favourite TV, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 the last episode listed is 4 x06 Monster in the Closet aired 11/15/2016 it has not added any new episodes since yet there has been 3 new episodes that have aired. Nov 22. 29 and dec 6th. I have auto-update enabled yet it is the same for all my shows I have saved in favourites none are showing new episode listings. Criminal Minds last episode listing is 11/16/2016 yet two more episodes have aired. Very frustrating.

    1. Cloud

      Dude your getting it for free… and you complain that the newest episode is not there yet, if you want it faster pay for tv service and get it on-demand.

  14. Emma Dixon

    hi my specto tv shows aren’t not working and slow what can I do thank you

  15. Sheena

    The install worked fine but like Travis I just discovered the latest update wiped all of my favourites, which means I have lost hundreds of entries. Anyone got any idea how to recover them? Please help

  16. Travis

    I love specto fork it’s the best addon ever, Genesis was great and I’m glad they took it over and kept going. My only complaint is the newest update on September 12, 2016 Has now wipe out my favourites with over 60 TV shows and 40 movies I favourite it. I do have a library with them all stored but can’t seem to access/put them back in my Specto fork favourites again. If there’s any HELP out there on how to do this let me know thx.

    1. Mike

      Did you find a solution to getting back your favourites yet? Same thing happened to me. Frustrating trying to remember everything I had in there.

  17. wesomatic

    Good job. Tried before did not work. Tried today no problem. Thank you sir!

  18. Alex

    Cannot find specto in in mr knows repo
    Not sure what have done wrong

  19. Dominik

    Since exodus in last time have issue “no streams…” I find specto fork as excelent replacement. Works fine for me. Thanks

  20. Judith

    I installed this on my android tablet and it works great….thanks a bunch because I loved Genesis….


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