Top 5 Kodi Add-ons for Western Movie and TV Shows

By | October 27, 2015

I have setup several Kodi streaming machines for friends with each having their own preferences for add-ons.
Whether its Sports, Sci-Fi, or Westerns there are Kodi add-ons that are dedicated to specific genres.
In this post I will talk about the top Western Add-ons for Kodi and which repositories they are in.
Western Movies on Youtube
Western Movies on YouTube Kodi Addon
This is an add-on that streams full length western movies from YouTube so it always has a good stream.
You can use a YouTube add-on and search for movies but this add-on keeps it simple with them all together to choose from.
Classic Cinema
Classic Movies addon Kodi
The Classic Cinema has many old movies with specific genres to choose from. It has many old western movies.
The best thing is that it comes within the default Kodi add-on repository and can be easily installed.
Kodi Add-on Repository
Western movies on Kodi
Genesis is a popular add-on for Kodi that has many movies and TV shows in specific genres such as westerns.
Top Addons For Westerns on Kodi
1Channel is another well known popular add on that streams new and old TV shows and movies. It also has a Westerns section that can stream TV shows and movies.
Western TV Shows and Movie addons for Kodi NaviX
Navi-X has been around a long time since the early days when Kodi was called XBMC.
Inside Navi-X there is tons of user generated content with many channels ranging from sports to westerns.

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