TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List October 2018

By | October 15, 2018

TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List October 2018 2
Kodi Add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by new Add-ons.
This page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons.
We use a poll, testing, and user feedback to show which Addons are the best and most popular.
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The Top 10 Best Kodi Addons October 2018
1. Magic Dragon
2. Magicality
3. Exodus Ver 6
4. Supremacy
5. Maverick TV
6. Movie Theater Butter
7. DeathStar
8. Tubi TV
9. At The Flix
10. Yoda
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Best New and Updated Addons
Midian Updated
Wolf Pack Updated
Monster Munch Updated
Scythe Updated
Sanity Updated
Yoda Updated
Bearded Bandit
FlixSport Replays
HootLoop V2
80’S Stuff
Chronos Updated
Michael Myers
Sports Matrix Updated
Saturnus F.O.L
Secure Team
Quantum Sport
Fierce Gorilla
Steven TV
Saturnus World
Movie Rulz
Alliance Updated
HDVix Movies
Laughing Hour
The Underdog
Stream TV SuperTuga
Falcon Reborn
Wild West
Resistance Updated
WatchNixtoons Updated
Oblivion Streams
Night Terrors Updated
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Best Working Kodi Addons List for October 2018
Best Kodi Movie and TV Show Video Addons
The Magic Dragon
Magic Dragon is a popular all-in-one Adddon from Supremacy repository.
Sections included are, People Watching, Catch up TV, Documentary, kids, Music, Movies, Radio, Sport and TV/Entertainment and much more.
How To Install The Magic Dragon
Magicality is a Fork of Neptune Rising Addon from Magicality Repository.
It has movies and TV shows with the same menu system.
The Magicality Repo also has Neptune rising and Placenta Addons which can be installed.
How To Install Magicality
DeathStar is a new Kodi Addon located in the Ukodi1 Repository.
It combines some popular Addons into one place including WoW, M.E.T.V, DNA, and Expose.
There is a lot of categories and sections to find most anything.
How To Install DeathStar
Incursion is Kodi Addon for 2018 based on the popular Exodus and Covenant plugins.
Since it is a Fork it has the same layout and features but with updated code.
It is a great Addon to have and a good addition to any Kodi setup.
How to Install Incursion
SkyNet is an Addon from Maverick TV Repo that works very well.
It has combined many top Addons into one place including Supremacy and Maverick TV.
There is a section for most anything making it good for sports, movies, TV shows, and more.
How to Install SkyNet
At The Flix
At The Flix is a Movie add-on from the Maverick Repository.
It has lots of sections including Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Sports, 4K UHD, Genres, Box-sets, and much more..
The option to play HD or SD streams is giving and it plays automatically.
How to Install At The Flix
Exodus Version 6.0
Exodus is a Fork from the once popular Genesis Addon. It plays movies and TV shows in a well laid out format.
The original creators have stopped maintaining it, but it has periodically received updates from other enthusiasts most recently to version 6.0.
How To Install Exodus Ver 6.0
Tubi TV
Tubi TV is a Kodi video Addon from BG Addons Repository that It is fast and woks very well.
Sections include Search, Featured, Most Popular, TV shows, New releases, Leaving Soon, Recently Added, Not on Netflix, Action, Comedy, Drama, Comedies, Reality TV, Stand up and much more.
How To Install Tubi TV
Movie Theater Butter
Movie Theater Butter is a new One-Click Kodi video Addon from the Diamond Wizard Repo.
It is a Fork of the Incursion Addon with updated code for links and plays streams with One-Click.
So far it is working very well and is a nice update to an old Addon.
How To Install Movie Theater Butter
Yoda is a Kodi video Addon from Supremacy Repository that’s been steadily updated.
It is an exodus Fork with updated code. Sections include Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Networks and more.
How To Install Yoda
Star Tec
Star Tec is an all-in-one addon that has a sections for most anything from movies to music.
Categories include Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Comedy, Live, Kids Hub, Anime, Music, Radio, Live Concerts, Live Events, Sports, Bloopers and much more.
How To Install Star Tec
Selfless is a Kodi Addon from Bliss Repository.
It has a lot of sections Categories include Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Comedy, Live, Kids Hub, Anime, Music, Radio, Live Concerts, Live Events, Sports, Bloopers and much more..
How To Install Selfless
Eyasses is a Kodi all-in-one Addon from Aj Builds Repository with something for everyone.
Sections include Anime, Audio Books, CCTV, Cooking, Documentaries, Horror, Fitness, Movie Hub and much more.
The links are one click to play with it going out finding one avaible and playing it automatically.
How To Install Eyasses
Deceit is a new all-in-one Kodi Addon from One Nation Repository.
Sections include Latest, Movies, TV shows, Sports Streams, Live TV, 24/7 Streams, UK Radio, Real Debrid, Trakt, Search, Click to Pair, and more.
How To Install Deceit
Selfless Lite
Selfless Lite is a Kodi Live TV and Movie Addon from Bookmark Lite Repository.
Sections include Latest news and Updates, Live TV, Movies, and Channels.
The live TV section has a lot of options including Sports, Swift Streamz, Nettv, TvNow, Modbro and much more.
How To Install Selfless Lite
Kratos is a Kodi Video Addon from the Ukodi1 repository.
It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Spotlight, Collections, Catch-up, Tools, Trackt and more.
How To Install The Kratos
Firecat is an all-in-one Kodi Addon from the Ukodi1 repository.
It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Boxsets, Live TV, Music, Documentaries, Settings, and Search.
How To Install Firecat Kodi Addon
Numbers is a Kodi Video Addon located in Cellar Door TV Repository.
The main menu movies, TV shows, Episodes, Channels along with many sub categories, including Genres, Year, People, Languages, Most Voted, Oscar Winners, and much more.
How To Install Numbers
The Playground
The Playground is a new Kodi Addon from the Ukodi1 Repository that is all about animation.
It has many section for Animated movies and TV shows along with Pair option for more links.
How To Install The Playground
Galaxy is a Kodi video Addon from the UFO Repository.
It is a Fork of Exodus/Covenant with updated code and currently pulling in many links. Sections include Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Channels, Tools and Search.
How To Install Galaxy
LOL is a new Kodi Addon from the Ukodi1 Repository.
It has many sections including Movies, TV Shows, Classic, Romantic, Bloopers, Standup, Animation, Pair With Sites, Trakt, Real Debrid, and more
How To Install LOL
Overeasy is a Kodi Exodus Fork from the Eggman Repository.
It has the same layout as Exodus / Covenant with updated code that is pulling in many links.
How To Install Overeasy
WOW is a new Kodi Addon from the Ukodi1 Repository.
It combines several other Addons into one easy to use menu. Other Addons include Firecat, The Kratos, Life, just Sports, SlaughterHouse, The Playground, WallHangers, and Slamming.
How To Install WOW
Global Tec AIO
Global Tec AIO is a new Kodi Addon from Star-tec Repository.
It has all the popular Star-Tec Addons into one easy use menu system.
Addons include Star-Tec, Replays R US, ST Mobdro, ST Streamz, Tickle my Bean and Settings.
How To Install Global Tec AIO
Aliunde is a Kodi all-in-one Addon with a section for most anything.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, Kids, Live TV & Sports, Music, Radio, Karaoke, Documentaries, YouTube, Fitness, Search and more.
How To Install Aliunde
Mad Xtreams
Mad Xtreams is an IPTV Kodi Addon from MadDog Xtrmz Repository.
Sections include Russia, IPTV, Movies, Sports, and Adult.
How To Install Mad Xtreams
Abyss is new all-in-one Kodi Add-on from Abyss Crew Repository.
Sections include Documentary, Kids, MMA Replays, YouTube MMA, Boxsets Collection, Movies, Scraper, Retro TV, Music, Radio and Stand Up Comedy, along with many subcategories.
How to Install Abyss
Legion’N’ Unhinged
Legion’N’Unhinged is a new Kodi Add-on from Atom Reborn Repository.
Sections included New Releases, Real debrid Movies, Movie Boxsets, Tv shows, Unhinged, Live UK Radio, Ultra HD Movies, Stand Up Comedy, BBC Three Online, Documentaries, Music and Music Videos.
How to Install Legion’N’ Unhinged
Ace TV
Ace TV is a brand new live Tv Kodi Add-on from Firestickplusman Add-on Reposiotry.
Sections include Live TV, VOD, and Settings with many sub categories including, USA Channels, Sports Channels, and 4K Movies.
How to Install Ace TV
Fantastic 3.0 is an update to a once very popular Kodi video addon from Firestickplusman.
It is a Fork of Exodus / Covenant with good links. Since it is a Fork it has the same layout as Exodus or Covenant with the same options.
How to Install Fantastic
Man Cave Entertainment
Man Cave Entertainment is an All-In-One Kodi Addon from Mancave Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, Music, Fitness, Sports, Live TV, Anime, Cartoons, Real Debrid, Settings and more.
How To Install Man Cave Entertainment
Sub Zero
Sub Zero is a Kodi all-in-one Addon with a lot of content that has been recently updated.
It has sections for most everything from movies and TV shows, to boxing and music.
It recently was updated and have been working very well so far.
How To Install Sub Zero
Digital Cinema
Digital Cinema is brand new Kodi Add-on from Mr FreeWorld Repository.
It has sections for Movies, Home Cinema, My Movies, Tools and Search along with many sub categories.
How to Install Digital Cinema
Outlaw is a new Kodi video Addon from the Ukodi1 Repository.
It has Movies and TV shows with sections for Crime, War, Gangster, Western, Classics, Military and War, and Mobsters.
How To Install Outlaw
Freedom is an All-In-One Addon from Mr FreeWorld Repository.
It has a section for most everything including Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Kids, Sports, Stand-Up, Documentaries, Music and more.
How To Install Freedom
Off The Wall
Off The Wall is a Kodi Movie Addon located in the AJ Builds Repository.
Sections for movies include My Picks, New, ALL, IMDB Top 1000, Box Sets, 3D, Kids, and Top 10’s.
How To Install Off The Wall
7of9 is an all-in-one Kodi Addon from the Diamond Wizard Repo that has a section for most everything.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, YouTube Theater, Kids, Anime, Actor, Actresses, Trailers, Gangster, 24/7, Classic Radio Theater, Podcast, Music, IPTV, Documentaries, News, Sports, Adults and much more.
How To Install 7of9
Scythe is a new Kodi video Addon located in the Sandman Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Enter Sandman, HellBoys Hell, The Armory and Search.
The Live TV section uses the TV One Addon which currently is working very well.
How to Install Scythe
Robin Hood Cinema
Robin Hood Cinema is an All-In-One Kodi Addon located in the Tojelako Repository.
Sections include Pair, Live TV, Movies, Serier, and YouTube along with many subsections.
How To Install Robin Hood Cinema
Legendary is a Kodi video Addon from Firestickplusman Repository.
It has sections for Movies, TV shows, along with many sub sections and more.
How To Install Legendary
Who Done It?
Who Done It? is a Kodi video Addon from the Ukodi1 Repository that is all about mystery movies and TV shows.
It has movies and TV shows with sections for 50s-70s, 80s-00s, Documentaries, 48 Hours, Dateline and more.
It does work a bit slow when clicking about so be sure to give it time to pull up sub-menus.
How To Install Who Done It?
Wampa Fruit
Wampa Fruit is an older Kodi Addon from Bandicoot Builds Repository that recently received an update.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, Box Sets, Concerts, Mr Coots Apples, Trakt and much more.
How To Install Wampa Fruit
Vida is a Kodi Spanish Live TV and Video Addon from the Vida Flix Repository.
Section include Vida De Crainca, TV AO Vivo, Filmes, Series, Animes, Desenhos, Stand Up, Tokusatsu, and Novlelas.
How To Install Vida
Health and Fitness
Health and Fitness is a Kodi Addon from Grindhouse Repository.
Sections include Workouts for Men/Women, Motivation, Inspiration, Slimming, Self Defense, Fun Workouts, Keto/Paleo/Lowcarb, Diets and much more.
How To Install Health and Fitness
RSIPTV is an All-In-One Kodi Addon from RSIPTV Repository
Sections include Supreme, Sports, Live TV, Pair, Kids, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Cleaner, Wizard, Adult, and Social Media.
It combines all the RSIPTV Addons into one which depending on the section will ask to install the Addon needed.
How To Install RSIPTV
Earth Cam
Earth Cam is a Kodi Addon that streams live feeds from around the world.
Feeds are broke down by Country, State or features which has many popular world locations.
Not all streams will play with about half working. If a feed does not play try again later as some kick connections when it becomes overloaded.
How To Install Earth Cam
Perks Media
Perks Media is a Kodi all-in-one Addon from Perks Media Repository that recently was updated and has a new URL.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, Perks Kids, Trakt Portal, Sports, Live TV, Search Perks, and Settings.
How To Install Perks Media
Haystack TV
Haystack TV is a Kodi Addon that has the latest news updates divided into categories.
Categories include Trending Headlines, News, Entertainment News, Science, Technology, Business, Finance, Video Game News, Late Night Shows, and Movie Trailers.
How To Install Haystack TV
Dreadnought is an Exodus Fork video Addon from Venom Repository.
Like Exodus it has movie and tv show sections with the same layout.
How To Install Dreadnought
INVASION is a Kodi all-in-one Addon located in the AJ Builds Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Kids Area, Documentaries, Sports, Music and Search.
How To Install Invasion
EvilStreams is a Kodi video Addon in Español.
Sections include Deportes, Cine, Documentales, Series, and Otros.
How To Install EvilStreams
The Undead is a Kodi video Addon with a lot of zombie / end of the world / horror sections.
The main menu has movies, TV, music, adults, and settings.
How To Install Undead
Tsunami OG
Tsunami OG is a Kodi video Addon.
Sections include movies, tv shows, black and white movie collection, Duke Movies, Trekkie Fanatics, Low Budget, B-Movies, Trailers, Live, Documentary, Cartoon, and YouTube Music.
How To Install Tsunami OG
Fladnag Movies
Fladnag Movies is a new Kodi Addon with a category for most anything.
Sections include Trending, Popular, TMDB, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Music, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, TV movies, Thriller, War, Western, and Search.
How To Install Fladnag Movies
Dinasty is a new Kodi Addon from Mr Free World Repository.
It has many sections including IMDB, Movies, Action, Best Spanish/British, Gangster, Martial Arts, Animated, Live and much more.
How To Install Dinasty
One Click
One Click is a brand New Kodi Add-on from Ukodi1 Repository.
Sections included New Releases, Star Trek, Marvel, Alien, DC, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Tolkien Films, X-men Collections Films, Rocky Films and Transformers.
How to Install One Click
Mario is a Kodi kids Addon from Illuminate Repository.
Sections include Animation, Box-sets, Cartoons, Channels, Early Learning, Toonmania, and more.
How To Install Mario
Diamondback is new Kodi video Add-on located in the Diamondback Repository.
It has sections for Movies, One Click, TV, Live TV, Adult, and Settings.
How to Install Diamondback
Biker Bob
Biker Bob is a Kodi video Addon all about motorcycles and bikers.
Sections include Biker Movies, Biker TV, YouTube Channels, Various Documentary, Popular, Trending, Search and Real Debrid.
How To Install Biker Bob
Nymeria is a Kodi documentary Add-on located in the Ezzer Macs Wizard Repository
Sections include Serial Killers, David Attenborough, Ancient Egypt, Anthropology, Football, Boxing, Shark, Prehistoric, World History and more.
How To Install Nymeria
FDJ.HD is a Kodi Add-on from Frenchdj Repository.
Sections include Flash-doc, Documented, Alive, Beats, Movie Games, Amazing, Humor along with many subsections.
How To Install FDJ.HD
GoFilms4U is a Kodi video Add-on from Sarcasm Repository.
Sections include Movies, Hollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Dubbed along with many subsections.
It works a bit different from other Add-ons as it gives an option which site to stream from such as Openload, Streamango and so on.
How To Install GoFilms4U
Mundo Oscuro
Mundo Oscuro (Dark World) is a Kodi Spanish Addon all about Terror, Paranormal, and Mysteries.
It is a work in progress so not all the not all the sections work but many do.
How To Install Mundo Oscuro
Night Terrors
Night Terrors is a Kodi Addon that is all about paranormal, crime, and horror.
Categories include 24/7 Show’s, Blood and Brimstone, Crime TV Shows, Crime Movies, Catch Up, Disaster and doomsday, Flashback, Genre and more.
How To Install Night Terrors
Resistance is an older Kodi video Addon Exodus Fork that has been updated.
It has the same layout as Exodus with Movies and TV show sections.
How To Install Resistance
Falcon Reborn
Falcon Reborn is a Kodi all-in-one Addon located in the AJ Builds Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Ultra TV, Sports, Kids Club, Documentary Heaven, Black an White Movies, Best Of…, Girls Night, Guys Night, House of Horror, Back In the 80s, Trakt, and more.
How To Install Falcon Reborn
NeXus is a Kodi Portuguese video Addon mixed with English content from Vikings Repo
Sections include Animes, Desenhos, Filmes, Novelas E Mini Series, Seriados.
How To Install NeXus
The Underdog
The Underdog is an all-in-one Kodi Addon with a boxing theme.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, My List, Live TV, Apollo’s Adventure, Clubber’s Crime, Tommy Gunn’s Knockouts, Drago’s Devastation, Creed’s Picks, Mickey’s Moves, Paulie 24/7, Tools and Search.
How To Install The Underdog
Laughing Hour
Laughing Hour is a Kodi Exodus fork with updated code.
It has the same layout as Exodus with movies and TV shows.
How To Install Laughing Hour
HDVix Movies
HDVix Movies is a new Kodi video Addon from Reasons Repository.
Sections include Fetaures, Top IMDB, Movies, TV shows, Now Playing, Years, Genres, and Search.
How To Install HDVix
Wild West
Wild West is a Kodi video Addon that is all about western TV shows and movies.
It has movies a TV shows menu laid out much the same as Exodus but pulls in only westerns.
How To Install Wild West
Cheetara is a Kodi 1-Click to play video Addon from Hellhounds Repository.
Categories include 1-Click Flicks, Movies, Tv shows, Kids, Real Debrid, Search Trakt/TMDB/IMDB and more.
How To Install Cheetara
Add-on Crazy is a Kodi video plugin from the Crazy Repository.
The main menu has Movies, TV shows, Kids, YouTube, My Stuff, Crazy-utube, along with many sub sections.
How To Install Crazy
Alliance is a Kodi All-In-One Addon from the GeekTvPR Repository.
Sections include Espanol, Movies, TV Shows, Arrakis TV, Live TV, Sports, News, Kids, Anime / Cartoons Collection, Brotherhood Picks, CPRADOF Picks, , Fitness, Karaoke, and more.
How To Install Alliance
Movie Rulz
Movie Rulz is a new Kodi video Addon from Reasons Repository.
Sections include Bollywood and Hollywood Movies.
How to Install Movie Rulz
Fierce Gorilla
Fierce Gorilla is a Kodi Exodus Fork.
It has the same menu and layout as Exodus with Movie and TV shows.
How To Install Fierce Gorilla
Secure Team
Secure Team is a Kodi Addon that is about Paranormal/UFO/Conspiracy.
Sections include All Uploads, New Uploads, The Moon Exposed, Aliens & UFO Sightings, Planet Mars Exposed, and more.
How To Install Secure Team
Saturnus F.O.L
Saturnus F.O.L is a Kodi video Addon from MasterZD Repo Repository.
It is an Exodus Fork with the same menu layout including TV shows and Movies.
How To Install Saturnus F.O.L
Marvel is a new all-in-one Kodi Addon from Crazy Aces Repository
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Kickboxing, MMA, Retro, Music and more.
How To Install Marvel
Michael Myers
Michael Myers is a Kodi Addon from Mr Free World Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, Freeworld, Latin and more.
How To Install Michael Myers
Firefly is a new Exodus Fork from Firefly repository.
Like Exodus the menu has movies and TV shows but with updated code.
How to Install Firefly
80’S Stuff
80’S Stuff is a Kodi Addon from Grindhouse Repository.
Sections include 80s movies, 80s TV, Concerts, videos, music, sports, commercials, and more.
How To Install 80’S Stuff
Apocalypse is a new all-in-one Addon from Hellhounds Repository.
It combines three popular Addons MummRa, Anubis, and Cheetara in one place.
How to Install Apocalypse
Liberatus is a Kodi video Addon from Bandicoot Builds Repository.
The main menu has Films For Your Entertainment and TV Shows For Your Enjoyment.
There are also sub menus such as Movies by Genre, IMDB Top 250, Popular, Top rated and more.
How To Install Liberatus
HootLoop V2
HootLoop V2 is a new Kodi Addon from One Alliance Reborn Repository.
Sections include Kids Live TV, 24/7 Streams, Movies, Cartoons, Youtubers, Bed Time Stories, Music, Computer Game, and Search.
How To Install HootLoop V2
Bearded Bandit
Bearded Bandit is a new all-in-one Kodi Addon from JewRepo Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons/Anime, LiveTV/Sports, Music, Trailers, and more.
How To Install The Bearded Bandit
Scrubs is a new Kodi video Addon from JewRepo Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, Documentaries, Tools and more.
How to Install Scrubs
Sanity is a Kodi all-in-one video Addon located in the Sandman Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Horror, Kids, Music, Productions, Hellboy Top, 24/7, Search, and more.
How To Install Sanity
Monster Munch
Monster Munch is an all-in-one Kodi addon from Steptoes Repo that was recently updated.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, 24/7 streams, Chill Out, World Cams, Fitness, Documentaries, Radio Stations, Cartoons, All Sports, Tube Music, Play Boy and more.
It is a one-click-to-play addon which finds the best link and plays it automatically.
How To Install Monster Munch
Wolf Pack
Wolfpack is an older Kodi Add-on loaded with lots of content that has been steadily updated.
Sections include Search, A Woman’s Touch, Midian, Mind of Moranable, The Specialist, Superman TV, More Power, Anime, 24/7, USA Channels, UK Channels, Today’s Game, and more.
It has been updated with a new Repo URL, Logo, and Content.
How to Install Wolf Pack
Midian is an All-In-One Kodi Addon from Where The Monsters Live Repository.
It has sections for movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, fitness, 2/7 cams, music and much more.
How To Install Midian
Corona is a new Kodi video Addon located in the Sandman Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Latest, Collection, New, Catch-up, My Corona, Tools and Trakt.
How To Install Corona
Best Kodi Sports Addons
FlixSport Replays
Flix Sport Replays is a Kodi sports Addon located in No Name Repository.
It has sections for NFL, HHL, NBA, MLB, Football, Rugby, Motorsport, and MMA.
How to Install FlixSport Replays
Joker Sports
Joker Sports is an older sports Addon from Maverick Repository that recently received an update.
Sections include Sports IPTV, BT, 3pm Kick Offs, Sports Channel Extra, Mobdro and much more.
It is a good one-click to play Addon that will find and automatically play the best stream.
How to Install Joker Sports
Sports Matrix
Sports Matrix is a Kodi Sports Addon located in MasterZDrepo Repository that has been continuously updated.
Sections include American Sports, FIFA World Cup 2018, and Ace Stream Live.
It has a message that it is being updated but many of the streams are currently working very well.
How To Install Sports Matrix
Quantum Sport
Quantum Sports is a Kodi Addon with a long list of live sport streams.
The top of the list has the new streams which slowly move to the bottom as the games end.
How To Install Quantum Sport
Sports Hub
Sports Hub is an older Kodi sports Addon that has been steadly updated.
It has sections for Live, Highlights, Pro, Motor, WWE, and General Archive.
How To Install Sports Hub
Wrestle Maniac
Wrestle Maniac is a Kodi Addon all about wrestling from Mr and Mrs Smith Repository.
It has sections for WWE, Impact, Lucha Underground, Women’s Wrestling, and much more.
How To Install Wrestle Maniac
Fladnag Sports
Fladnag Sports is a new Kodi Addon with live game streams.
It has two main sections each with a long list of games.
How To Install Fladnag Sports
Final Gear
Final Gear is a Kodi Addon that is all about Motor sports.
Sections include Car Shows, Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Fifth Gear, Grand Tour, Top Gear, and YouTube channels.
It is located in the Griffin Repository which is currently stored at the Blamo Repo URL.
How to Install Final Gear
Strike’s AllSportz Recaps
Strikes AllSportz Recaps is a brand new Kodi sports Add-on from Rockcrusher Repository.
Sections included NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, FIFA TV, Golf, and Tennis.
How to Install Strike’s AllSportz Recaps
Tapout is a new MMA/Fighting Kodi sports Add-on from Razer Repository
Sections include Random MMA, BAMMA, Boxing, Dream MMA, Elite Extreme Combat, Invicta FC, Pride FC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, World Extreme, Kick Boxing and more.
How To Install Tapout
Stream TV SuperTuga
Stream TV SuperTuga is a Kodi Exodus fork from Base Addons Repository.
It has sections for Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Kids Corner, Fitness Zone, Legends of Music, Podcast, Tools and more.
How To Install Stream TV SuperTuga
Grid Iron Legends
Grid Iron Legends is a Kodi sports Addon from One Nation Repository that is all about College Football.
Sections include Seasons, Bowls Games, and National Championships.
It is a nice new Addon that so far has been working very well.
How To Install Grid Iron Legends
Best Kodi 4K HD Movie Addons
Steven TV
Steven TV is a new Kodi Video Addon from Steven TV Wizard with 1080p and 4K categories.
Sections include 1080p Movies, Real Debrid 4K Movies, Movies, Urban Entertainment, TV Shows, Kids Movies, Kids Shows, Favorites and Search.
How To Install Steven TV
Redemption is an older Kodi Add-on that was updated with a new interface and options.
It has a lot of content divided into sections including, Movies A-Z, 4K Movies, Chick Flix, Horror, Fight Replays, Radio and more.
It plays most links with one-click and one of the better 4K Add-ons.
How To Install Redemption
Maverick TV
Maverick TV is an older Addon that has been constantly updated.
It has a lot of content from 4K and 3D videos to standard definition movies and TV shows, to documentaries and music.
It is also a one click to play Addon that finds the best stream available to play automatically.
Instructions for Installing Maverick TV
Supremacy is a good all-in-one Addon that has a lot of content including Movies, TV, IPTV, and 4K HD sections.
It will find and play the best SD or HD link available and play them automatically.
How to Install Supremacy
Mumm-Ra is a video Addon from Venom Repository.
It has many categories and subcategories including 4K, One Click, TMDB, IMDB, Movie Genres, TV Show Genres, and more.
How to Install Mumm-Ra
Aspis is a new Kodi all-in-one Addon from Supremacy Repository
Sections include Search, 1-Click, 24/7, 3D Movies, 4K Movies, Box Sets, Catch-Up TV, Documentaries, Kids Movies, Live TV, Music, Networks, Sports, Trakt and more.
How To Install Aspis
Best Kodi Music Addons
Jamzz is a Kodi Addon that is all about music.
Sections include Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Alternative, Hair Bands, and Search.
How To Install Jamzz
KNE Rock Video
KNE Rock is a Kodi Addon that streams music videos.
It has many sections including Best Full Concerts, Rock Videos, Classic Rock, Pop Hits, Hard Rock, Alternative and more.
How To Install KNE Rock Video
Best Kodi Live IPTV Addons
Saturnus World
Saturnus World is a Kodi IPTV Add-on with live TV channels from around the world.
Sections include Pakistani TV, Indian, Afgan, Arabian, Punjab Sports, Religious, Kids, USA, UK, Nepal, France, Philippines, Australia, Italy, Spain, Greek and much more.
How To Install Saturnus World
Modbro is a popular Android APK that has live streams and can now be installed into Kodi.
Categories include Channels, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, and Music.
How To Install Modbro
Chronos is a Kodi IPTV Addon from Skydarks Repository.
It has sections for Live TV, Sports, Hockey, Austria, Concerts, Movies, Germany, radio, and more.
How To Install Chronos
ULTRA TV is Live TV Streaming Kodi Addon located in the AJ Builds Repository.
Sections include Documentary, Food, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Religious, Sports, and UK/USA Channels.
How To Install ULTRA TV
TV SuperTuga
TV SuperTuga is a IPTV Kodi live TV Addon with many sections and languages from around the world.
The World IPTV section has USA and UK channels along with many other Countries.
There is also many other sections including Sports, VOD, Music, Documentaries, and more.
How To Install TV SuperTuga
Tap TV App
Tap TV App is a new IPTV Kodi Addon from Bookmark Lite Repository that has live streams.
Categories include Documentary, Food, News, Movies, Music, Religious, Sport, and UK / USA Channels.
How To Install Tap TV App
Live 24/7
Live 24/7 is a Kodi IPTV Addon from Digital Repository.
Sections include UK TV Now, Live Net, TV One, 24/7 Movies, Shows, Random, Sports, and Replays.
It combines many popular live stream options into one Addon.
How To Install Live 24/7
Oblivion Streams
Oblivion Streams is a live Kodi TV Add-on that streams from many sources.
It is an older Addon from Oblivion Add-on Repository that has been constantly updated.
It has a lots of live streams divided into sections including Shadow.Tv, IPTV Auto, Pot Luck, Free View, Sport, 24/7 Live Shows, Fishing Master, Keeping Fit, 24/7 radio, Karaoke, and more.
How To Install Oblivion Streams
SGTV is a Kodi Live TV IPTV Addon from SG Wizard.
Sections include UK TV, Back Up Channels, Various Sport, Boxing, Movie Mix, and Adult Section.
How To Install SGTV
Hard Events
Hard Events is a Kodi Addon that streams live events both past and new.
It mostly has festivals and concerts feeds but also has other streams.
How To Install Hard Events
Flecha Negra
Flecha Negra (Black Arrow) is a Kodi Live TV Addon from Kodiazor Repository.
It has many live streams mainly spoken in English with subtitles from around the world.
How To Install Flecha Negra
TV One
TV One is a Live TV Kodi Addon located in the Sandman Repository.
Sections include Documentary, Food, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Religious, Sports, UK / USA, and more.
How To Install TV One
Infinity Legion V
Infinity Legion V New is an IPTV Kodi Addon from Android Repository.
Sections include Albania, Turkey, USA / UK, Scandinavia, World, and more.
How To Install Infinity Legion V
cCloud TV is a live streaming plugin that has been available for awhile and has been steadily updated.
Kodi and Live TV is a bit of a hit-and-miss but is improving all the time. cCloud is an Add-on that has improved greatly overtime with many good Live TV streams.
How to Install cCloud
Best Cartoon/Anime Addons
ToonTopia is a new Kodi Cartoon/Anime Addon from JewRepo Repository.
Sections include Kids Movies, Kids TV shows, Cartoons/Anime, and Kids Live TV.
How To Install ToonTopia
WatchNixtoons is a Kodi Addon all about cartoons and Anime.
Sections includes latest 50, popular and ongoing, dubbed anime list, cartoons List, favorites, subbed anime, search by genre, Ova series, and Movies.
How To Install WatchNixtoons
9Anime is a Kodi Addon from Magicality Repository that is all about Anime.
Sections include Latest, Newest, Recent Subbed, Popular Subbed, Popular Dubbed, Genres and Search.
How To Install 9Anime
What Is Kodi?
Kodi is a free Open Source media player that is available for many hardware platforms from a desktop computer to a smartphone.
Originally called XBMC it has been constantly updated with new versions.
Kodi by itself is a very nice free media player. Addons that are installed into Kodi are what give it more functionality.
For example a video addon will play movies and TV shows, while a music addon will stream music.
Read Here for A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies / TV Shows
What Is a Kodi Addon?
A Kodi addon is a program that runs within Kodi much like an App on a smartphone.
There are many kinds of addons for Kodi with the most popular ones being Video addons that play movies and TV shows.
Kodi add-ons have exploded in the last year with new ones coming out almost daily. We add new ones that are found to be working to this list and non-working ones removed.
No addons or plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. Most all programs listed here are coded by third party sources.
How Is a Kodi Addon Installed?
Addons are installed from a Repository that holds the addon for download.
A Repository is a website that host the files for download.
The correct URL web address for the Repo needs to be typed into Kodi to install it.
Repositories can become overwhelmed with traffic at times which slows them down or even causes them to crash.
This page is updated regularly for the best working repository URLs and working add-ons.
What Is a VPN?
A VPN provides privacy and security while being online.
Entities such as Internet Service Providers or unscrupulous persons will only see encrypted data.
This gives a user anonymity as well as privacy while online.
A VPN is not necessary to use Kodi but can hide all online activities which has become very desirable.
Two popular Kodi friendly options are IPVanish and Express VPN with both having multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
Click Here To Subscribe To WirelesSHack YouTube Channel


957 thoughts on “TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List October 2018

  1. Christina

    Magic dragon works for me on Xbox and tablet exodus v6 isn’t on either doesn’t matter what I watch says no streams available and sportsdevil don’t work

  2. Olly

    Last few weeks have found Exodus v6 and Magicality the best performers. Baffled that Magic Dragon is getting so many votes. Anyone advise why it is so good, I find the user interface awful?

  3. Mercury

    I honestly do not understand how Magic Dragon is considered a top add on. If that’s the best there s I might as well skip the others. The design is terrible, the ability to search for shows is nil as least as far as I could see there was no search option. The tv shows are mostly documentaries and reality tv. Hard to find my favorite shows. This one is not very user friendly.

  4. Andrie

    I installed it and Exodus ver 6 worked today Tuesday 9 oct 18
    The first two on the list is not available today.
    Hope this helps someone, installation is not that hard once you are use to the method.
    Remember you will often have to find a new working repository of movies if you are going to use Kodi.its part of what it is.

  5. Krisibear604

    I am finding magically, magic dragon and supremacy are nothing but a waste of time to install.

  6. Dkopel

    None of the top 3 were working for movies, Liberatus was success!

  7. Geof

    Building it is half the fun. Knowing some Cable company is not involved, makes it well worth a few clicks. This is awesome. Thanks to those that contribute without all the whiney complainers. I don’t see anything better (money-wise) than my old Raspberry 3 with a 5TB drive right now unless you go with a dedicated PC. A PC is a great choice but I’ve moved to the Raspberry without any problems.

    I use IPVanish for VPN. I use Exodus 6, Magic Dragon, Magicality mainly supplementing stored content.

  8. Carolyn

    Why doesn’t Kodi and all Add-Ons make it easier to download for people who are ignorant to today’s electronics. I have to wait for someone to come to do mine. It is VERY inconvenient most of the time.

    1. Wil

      If you follow all steps one by one it should
      work for you too, i guess ?!

    2. ChangWing

      This is an EXCELLENT point. Kodi could make the plug-in process ONE-STEP, rather than all this back and forth. If it’s one thing Kodi needs, it’s a one-step plug-in install. Add source, then it does the rest with prompts. Easy as that! Come on Kodi!!

      1. Sammy

        There is such a one step one call, the cable company. What do you people want for free, someone to change the channels fer ya also.

  9. sgYYC

    New Version of Exodus runs great. Magic Dragon is good but has a clunky GUI in my opinion.

  10. Dude

    Magicality works for me. Its a great addon also Supremacy is very good.

  11. jack

    lots of these top addons work but lagging in content for tv and older movies. I like Fantastic and movie theater butter has good content. The problem I have with butter is auto play chosing links that don’t play or keep crashing. Works well when the auto play is off.

  12. sumitomo

    Deathstar far the best addonn , thanks for dna , dutch sport streams ,

  13. JC

    Who in the hell would vote for The Magic Dragon? I just installed it and my lord, what a messy horrendous add-on. No library integration of any kind. Only has a search for movies. Categories are a ridiculous mix of too generic or needlessly specific. Exodus or Covenant or any of those I’ll is far superior it seems, no idea why TMD is so highly recommended here.

  14. jerry


    My favorite addons of all time was (1) Prime and {2) FUBAR. Anyone know what happen to them? Maybe what repositories they on now? Any help appreciated. Thanks – Jerry

  15. GloMouse

    People keep praising magic dragon but its layout is just trash. makes me not want to use it. give me magicality, neptune rising, placenta, and yoda. at least its aesthetically pleasing to browse through.

  16. Geonosis

    Monday Sept 24, 2018 5:00 P.M. Neptune Rising still working. I am using Kodi Jarvis 16

  17. QueenBm3

    As of today Genesis Reborn and Neptune Rising have stopped pulling the info for any of the menu Selections… however the previous 2 days they were just fine … I primarily use ReleaseBB and Magic Dragon for my TV Shows

  18. sumitomo

    Deathstar , is the number 1 addonn
    Please keep the dytch streans also alive
    Greetings from cheestown Gouda
    The Netherlands

  19. Stacy

    Why did you guys take down Placenta,Uranus and Neptune Rising .I liked those it’s not cool cause when you guys do the update on them it messes my Kodi up to where I have to verify and that does not work so I uninstall and reinstall it and start over several times PLEASE MAKE UP YOUR MINDS

    1. Peter

      There is no update Blamo shut down the repository that held Neptune and Placenta.

    2. James Smith


      The legal pressure from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment is why they are shutdown. Dont listen to these liars who say its because the developers are tired or addons come and go. They are shutting down because of cease and desist letters. ACE is not going away . Blamo said it was legal issues.

    3. Cee

      Neptune Rising, Placenta and Uranus still work. It’s just the repo that has shut down. Hopefully another team will pick up the project and continue from there.

    4. Wil

      Install Magicality, which supports Neptune and Placenta again..
      Check for the repository on this website.
      Good luck!

  20. Jerry

    My favorite addons of all time was (1) Prime and {2) FUBAR. Anyone know what happen to them? Maybe what repositories they on now? Any help appreciated. Thanks – Jerry

  21. Lfcmallorca

    I’ve found recently that film or series/episodes streams on NR aren’t always as listed. Not on all but a good few too many. Never used to be a problem. Still works well overall though

  22. Mick g

    HI all. can anyone tell me of a replacement for SportsDevil or are they going to update it to a working app? I’m looking to watch UK football.

  23. DrMota

    By far the best now Neptune Rising as backup now. N. R. Has been the best for a year now but this new version 6 of Exudes is the

  24. Melody Drayer

    I like Neptune Rising for watching movies but hate that it doesnt have better ways of looking at tv shows. I usually watch all my tv shows on Yoda!

  25. Kim

    I switch between My 2 best addons. Those are
    Neptune Rising and Genesis Reborn. I use Kodi Only for series and movies.

  26. The Kratos

    Works great. Too many people using Neptune these days so I use The Kratos. Works great with or without Debrid.

  27. Erik

    As of September 3rd, Neptune Rising is experiencing problems, Placenta can’t be found and Exodus can’t be found (Kodi Jarvis). Really annoying. Regret uninstalling Covenant which worked perfectly for me earlier.

  28. Jake

    I dont know if its my internet provider..or these addons…but i cant really find any that work that well and ive tried alot of them..few links..some work..start a show or a movie..they start buffering im like ok good…then 3/4 way thru…they just stop..most wont even work..all pretty much just same exo fork..and pull the same non working if someone in the USA..knows of some that work…for shows and movies…let me know please..

  29. David

    I’m finding the Loki addon to be working better than Neptune or any others currently.

  30. Joe

    What happened to Mobdro???…it was the greatest…now I can’t find it working anywhere.

    1. SubZeroBoxer

      Blacklisted. Neptune, exodus, incursion all stopped working for me. I kept clicking “remind me later” when Kodi started up and I checked the link. If anyone knows a GOOD working alternative please share. Uranus hasn’t loaded up a working show or movie yet. Same with Poseidon.

  31. Bowley

    Neptune has the most links but mostly pairing. Takes a long time to find a playable one. I now use overeasy.

  32. saladin

    neptune has been crap for a long time.. top 4 for me not in order placenta, angelus, legendary and monster munch.

  33. Gtrdog

    Neptune was working great, placenta isn’t working at all for me right now and I have real debrid and have spent 20 minutes trying to play a GOT season 5 episode 🙄 kratos worked some yesterday and Neptune wasn’t working then was great. Today Neptune will say working and then act like it’s going to play then nothing… 🤷‍♀️ At least it’s less expensive than cable, helps build my patience 😂

  34. Delphi13

    Thank you for maintaining this page! You have saved us thousands of man hours that would have been wasted searching for working addons. Yours is the first page I go to to find current information.

    I like to download things to a local disk for viewing when I’m traveling. It would be great to either have a list or a notation on addons that support downloading.

    Why Neptune Rising is still #1 amazes me. It’s the slowest of the lot and locks up quite often. I keep it around just in case though. The MrEggMan addons (Poached and Over Easy) seem to be pulling in more streams and so far neither one has hung up, and they are fast.

  35. RJJAY


  36. Ces

    I don’t even watch much TV. But it’s good to know. Thanks all.

    By the way using Fantastic, Supremacy, yoda,
    covenant in a different computer

    also (blushing) adulthideout


    Thanks to Wirelesshack for all there hard work

    I have a question. Is Achilles Live Tv addon working as of 06/08/2018. It was working perfectly and honestly was the best Live Tv addon i found.

    Please help if you know anything or if other readers can confirm or deny that it is still working. Maybe its my Kodi….not sure

    Regards Cameron

  38. Mike

    Fantastic is awesome. Best addon I’ve ever used. Glad it’s back!

  39. Markoe

    Anyone know how to get rid of the “need authorization” requests from olpair and the like.
    Sometimes 1/2 hr. or more spent and never get to watch anything.

    1. Scribblygum

      Press ok button & it should automatically try next stream!!!!
      Hope this helps

    2. Cee

      You could try a couple of things, its very annoying
      Go to the Olpair link, using the browser and click on Authorize this device. And then go back to Kodi and those links should be working.
      Go through the links until you find one that doesn’t use olpair or choose a different addon that doesnt use olpair.
      You could also sign up to Real Debrid, and you get premium quality links 1080p etc

    3. NotWellKnown

      go to your addon settings and remove hosters with captchas and turn it off should fix that sometimes it will play or move to next link 🙂

  40. Tia

    I really like Magic Dragon, but I think it’s been down the last day or so. It’s so easy to use & the quality of the shows are good. Plus I don’t have to pair anything.
    I can hardly ever get Neptune to work, but that’s just probably me. Thanks everyone for all your hard work.

  41. Dj al-b

    Supremacy no update for a while. Kinda liked that repo. So thumbs up to magic dragon hasn’t let me down and regular updates.

  42. Blackcavier

    My favorite addon is down Vintage does anyone know whats happened to it? also a big thanks to all the developers for you had work godless you.

  43. al

    I only have a few addons and they are working great. My go to is Placenta and now with Fantastic back that’s second. THANK YOU to all the DEVELOPERS for all their hard work and time.

  44. sickofebaee

    Incursion, Ur , Neptune, Placenta all good.For what I can access at any given time, I try multiple addons, I don’t b!tch, I’m grateful for the tons of work people put into these, and on occassion I throw them a little money. We can gripe about how this one’s down, or that repo doesn’t work…but c’mon

  45. SherBear

    I’m a total dork at all this but I just have to say that through all my different trials, Incursion has been a solid go to for me ….so thanks to you Incursion for being the only addon that I’ve been able to watch my show on!

  46. Hatchet

    Fantastic is back. Its updated and working very well! Tons of links to choose from. Incursion is my 2nd choice.

  47. Dhaval

    Hi mate

    Is there any addon that has only sky sports movies entertainment news channels?

    or any county wise addon

    Please let me know

  48. Liv

    Just started using Movie Theater Butter… I’ve checked out a few movies and tv series. Most worked… the best thing about this is it loads up the first stream that works rather than attempting to load up streams and if it fails you need to manually choose another stream further down the line and try again. Dead easy to use. This’ll be my go to app for the time being. Needs to be put on the list so we can vote for it.


    Why are most addons letting me watch movies but not tv shows.nothing comes up on the menu’s.

  50. Da Greek

    It seems every other app put out is a Fork of Exodus…when will we get something new and fresh rather than the “same ole same ole”? New things to watch…new apps that aren’t a mimic of every other app? Isn’t it time for something mind blowing? How about create an ass kickin’ Music app that has everything from every time period? Just wondering out loud?

    1. MyOpin

      Not all Forks are the same. Many are rehashed but many others have updated the old Exodus addon with new features and links.

  51. Michael

    I just in stalled the two top addons on this list. Tweaked them both to the gills, and they still couldn’t hold a candle to incursion. They took forever to load a movie. Incursion does it in half the time

    1. GM

      Thought I’d give Incursion a go based on this comment, wasn’t disappointed. Incursion is way better than Neptune Rising and Placenta.

  52. D.

    Neptune Rising basically is number 1 for best movies and t.v shows but there is a downside though there is a vast variety of movies and t.v shows on this add on there are quite of bit t.v shows that have no stream which isnt good and hopefully it will be fixed soon to where everything has an available stream to watch favorite t.v shows and movies overall neptune rising is still the top addon of my choice

    1. LeeM1181

      Neptune rising isnt actually that good, it doesnt offer half the streams that are available. The new Durex Build offers more sources with useable links that actually work.

  53. Cee

    Found a couple more that seem to work good.

    Boxset Kings Reborn – cellar door repo
    Kiddo – cellar door repo
    EIM4QED – cellar door repo
    MetalliQ 4Qed – cellar door repo
    LIVE365 (Sports) – TTMedia repo
    Top Documentaries – Tantrum tv repo

  54. NN

    none of these kodi add ons are working, and yet no posts are discussing these. NONE are working, and they keep making videos to install but none are working today

    1. Frederick

      i have the same .. nothing is working

      i hope not the end of Kodi

      1. K4C

        just about all are working fine, you might want to look up on Utube on HOW TO

    2. Cee

      Yeah I notice they seem to be cracking down on many of the addons and repos.

  55. Windholz

    The addon I always go to is Release Hub. It’s wonderful. If you want to know what shows or movies just got streams.. Release Hub knows!!!

  56. Rhonda

    I am new to Kodi and can’t figure out how I get my add-ons to look so “pretty” like they do on YouTube. All of my movies are just listed but not showing any pics or anything. Is there a trick to this. Right now I have Placenta and Covenant. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. sean

      I think you select left with your control when looking at your list menu and you’ll have options at the top of the menu for changing it to image representations etc.

  57. chslade

    Covenant Exodus I cannot add-on due to repository will not download. Is this permanent or were these add-ons be up and running in the near future. Plus if a add-on is requesting a plug-in do I go to the settings on the particular add-on and request to install a plugin they are requiring for it to run

  58. Mike G

    Just stopped in to say Roll Tide! Oh…and try Monster Munch App!

      1. Da Greek

        You mean the “2017 National Champions”,
        right, lol !!! They had a good year and they
        played well but in order to play for a
        National Title, you have to stop playing Temple,
        South Carolina State & East Carolina. However, the 2018 schedule does look better! Best of luck
        to you and Roll Tide!

  59. Sumi

    The new kratos app is great ,And supremacy , Greetings from Gouda , Holland

  60. Da Greek

    The only add-ons that work perfect are Supremacy and the Magic Dragon. The rest of them all give you problem with the stream.

    1. jc

      Magic Dragon is by the far the best addon. Monster munch is second behind it. I thin there needs to be more addons that are one click.

  61. Cee

    Found a few new addons.

    Sports add-on on cellar door repo. FlixSport.
    Sports add-on on ukodi repo. Just sports.
    Addons in digital repo. Numbers, Powder & Live 24/7.
    Documentary add-on in Tantrum TV Repo. Top Documentaries.

  62. DrMota

    Neptune rising works well at night with a lot of HD streams. Placenta works all the time & capture streams that NR cant find a stream.

  63. Mark

    I bounce between Neptune and placenta. It is really important to use a program that makes you anonymous online. My suggestion is ip vanish ,, good luck.

  64. jwmghf

    There’s a program that’s called Numbers. I think it was a Cosmic Saints addon but not sure. Works GREAT!!! I hope someone picks that one up and runs with it!!!

    1. Jim johnson

      I just deleted kodi. It was time.
      Alternatives have rendered kodi obsolete.

        1. Jim Johnson

          Movies: Terrarium (version 1.9.9) (free)
          TV and Sports: TapTV (version 2.1) (free) (get at

          To get all kinds of free adfree apks for Firestick, FireTV, Android box, get and instal the ”apktime” apk. An apk is a form of zip file that contains an app; after downloading the apk file simply clck on it to auto instal the app contained in it. No need for kodi app.

          Apktime contains ads but lets you easily instal all keep nds of adfree apps, including Terrarium, Taptv, Showbox, Mobdro, LiveNetTv etc.

          1. Mark

            Thank you. Terrarium shows wrong episodes frequently and buffers a lot (for me) but I agree it is easier to use than constant installation of video adds on in Kodi.

            1. Jm Johnson

              I only use Terrarium for movies, not TV episodes. It’s APK from apktime has ads code stripped out. Should also get the adfree version of MX Pro player from apktime and in Terrarium settings make it the default player. Showbox is good for movies too but unless you are in usa it may use torrents so need a VPN. A downside of all these apks is frequent version updates; don’t let the app instal updates or will get ads; wait for the update to be available in aktime then delete the old version before installing the new version.

              1. Mark

                Alas I am on Android 4.4.2, APKTIME need version 5+. Just to say.

      1. C.m

        There’s also FreeFlix HQ, TeaTV, Mobdro and Morpheus TV for movies.

        Live NetTV, RedBox TV for Live TV.

      2. Seemoor

        Pardon me asking. What device were you running kodi on? If you don’t mind me asking. And how long were you a kodi user? Im a build user. I can also install all the addons I want to on the build…

    2. Geonosis

      You must be doing something wrong. MR is alive and well.

  65. MAD Majin

    Placenta has better menu/UI than Neptune Rising with same streams.

  66. No1or0

    Slartibartfast works better then Neptune rising and placenta in my opinion. Don’t have real debrid if I had I would try ulu Whit it, it goes through the sources automatically and the best are on top so that would be RD 1080p first

  67. Elden

    Heard alot of good things about Neptune rising but it would just freeze when trying to load sources. Placenta worked right away and quickly Without my premium sources or any setting adjustments.

  68. AC Smith

    Placenta is my go to addon. With Neptune next. Both are great.

  69. Kathy Clarke-Cook

    So what happened to UK Turks…a very popular add on?

    1. Ian j campbell

      It went Down for a while but is back working,, awesome add on

  70. Jake

    I have Real-Debrid working with all my other addons on multiple platforms but not with Neptune Rising. Any suggestions?

  71. Gman

    Most add-ons use the same sources. Also, there are a bunch of Android apps which also are also going to the same sources… that’s one of many variables causing buffering, etc.. Enjoy while it lasts, it’s become another ‘Napster’ scenario.

  72. Ting

    There is no “best” add-on. Just get a dozen of them installed and use them alternately. This is the best way to get the best experience. Most add-ons are “forks” so they are not a lot different, and of course they still scrape the same stream content from the Internet. Good luck.

  73. Mac daddy

    Neptune rising has a fantastic selection of new and old, plus many with fantastic quality. Definitely my best introduction to Kodi!

  74. Laz

    I’ve had so issues with Placenta, Incursion, Neptune Rising even tvone and other add ons. They don’t work. I have real debrid enabled and connected and still have issues. I’ve updated Placenta, Incursion, Neptune Rising and still nothing. If I click on channels in Placenta or any add on, nothing happens. A lot of buffering and then I get the no streams available. I get error messages constanly saying one or more failed to launch check log. It’s annoying and frustrating. Is there anything out there that might be better then Kodi? I keep hearing about SPMC. Any info on that?

    1. Laz

      Forgot to mention, I have a Firestick. Rewind and playback are a joke on the addons.

    2. Jake

      I’ve moved to Genesis Reborn for that same reason ….

    3. C.m

      Are you using a VPN? I had the same trouble when I tried to use a VPN. But then again, a VPN may even fix your problem if it is the ISP that’s blocked or throttled the connection. It just sounds like a connection problem to me, have you tried clearing the cache?

  75. C7B3R

    With Real Debrid, you have the best resources with Neptune rising also have a great choice of 1080p links. while other addons struggle with the list of resources

  76. P.

    Neptune rising buffering too much and goes off if I try to rewind or forward a movie or even pause, installed INCURSION and it’s amazing!
    Better than Neptune Rising and Covenant , I do miss Exodus, incursion is the best one so far, no buffering, no pairing required either… so far as May 9th 2018 anyway!!

  77. J.T.

    I have used both covenant and Neptune rising as well as Genesis reborn. Since I downloaded a new Nova build , covenant became unstable. The best streaming add-on is incursion hands down

    1. Samantha

      Agreed!! Thanks, man. Just downloaded it because i was running out of hope, and it actually worked. The regular search engine doesn’t work, but the actor search does, and I can use that to navigate just fine.

  78. Daisy1

    I don’t get why Neptune gets so many votes…for me it buffers so much its fair to say it barely works. Placenta works great though.

  79. romx

    Exodus is much better for me than the others, I get more results with better working sources and it does not even appear on the list

    1. C.m

      There was an update from the Kodi Bae Repository too.

  80. steve martin

    So May is upon us, and still no chance to vote for Gaia – the addon which almost everyone acknowledges is the best for movies by a country mile.
    Just what do you folk have against Gaia?
    Sure – some of those that make the list are half decent, but they’re all in a fight for second place.
    So can someone please explain to me why it’s never included in the poll?

  81. Jeremy

    Hi! Anyone know which addon in kodi i can watch The DR. OZ Show? Thanks

  82. Miss M

    The dogs took over the pyramid and the format is excellent nothing needs changing with this excellent keep up the great fabulous work well done

    1. Freshair

      Twice I loaded Maverick tv repo and twice no “DOGS” listed

  83. Dirty D

    Covenant was my long time add-on with a 40-60% successful stream and no buffering….Neptune Rising by far 95% success rate,at least for me with my ISP, 1080P and “almost” complete viewing enjoyment….keep it up people and thank you

  84. pixy

    Besides the 1080i providers NEVER seeming to work, Placenta has an annoying issue which Coloassus and its predecessors had… somehow it manages to link to proper movie descriptions and titles, and with wrong video content. Time and again, a 1080 link to the latest episode of a TV show would actually play episode 1. Or worse, a totally wrong movie! Can you believe every Black Panther link in Placenta actually plays a PINK PANTHER movie! Both Incursion and Neptune rising never seem to link to the wrong video.

    1. Freshair

      Think about this pixy, you’re not paying for it, so why complain about a free service

      1. Bob Wu

        I’m sure he appreciates the free service but he’s just stating the facts.

  85. Rob

    I mainly watch tv episodes and Dogs Bullocks updates new shows frequently. Placenta is very good and Genesis Reborn always gets the most results but a lot of them are mislabeled and not what the description says especially with alluc. For movies I like Dogs Bullocks because you can watch the trailer first. Couldn’t live without real debrid though you get way more quality links

  86. gobo

    The Dogs Bollocks / Monster Munch

    They take right to the source instead of wadding through a bunch of links. Its new movie section also updates daily unlike those forks.

    1. Bob Wu

      I agree! The rest seems to all use the same source so what’s the point? It’s just a different interface.

  87. Kevin

    I’m not getting any links returned on an y of the addons, Exodus, Covenant, Placenta, Genesis Reborn. It was fine until 25th April now none of them work, even when I’m behind a VPN

      1. Mike Smith

        Same here. Almost nothing is working on the genesis/excodus clones still as of Apr 29.

    1. C.m

      Same here with Sports Devil.

      A lot of addons and repositories have been taken down too.

    2. Lisa

      Same. About 3 days ago any IPTV. Add-on I have isn’t working. Just read a comment on YouTube where Aragon live is looking for a new repository. Blamo is shutting down this month. Poo poo.
      The saga continues

  88. Pug

    Fantastic is the most reliable add-on for me, not getting great results with Neptune

  89. Eddie Legs

    Genesis Reborn is great with good history of movies and works real fine

  90. Stu

    Ultra-Vid addon is an old favorite. Not sure if it’s available anymore because it was in the FUBAR addon from the retired Mucky Duck repo…but it still works as good as it did years ago!

  91. C.m

    A few wont work anymore. Not sure if others have the same problem.

    Aloy (Gone?), The Crow, Juggernaut, Norse, I.C.U, EMERGE, The Rabbit Hole, Addon Crazy (wont install), Predator (Gone?), Remnant (Gone), Boondock (Illuminati repo is gone), Supra Box, BOOM!, Scorpio Streams, Phoenix Reborn (Cant get it to work?), Non Stop (Gone), Net Streams AIO.

  92. deedee

    kodi is great – love most addons although im still searching for one that streams best sports ie premier league and boxing, RT my go to for sport but it can be temperamental

  93. ebrown

    I have been using Genesis Reborn for a while now with very good results (using real-debrid).

  94. Michael

    Atomic seems to be the best as of now. Its the one that gives me the most sources

  95. C.m

    If anyone is interested, some other great alternative apps to Kodi are Terrarium TV, TeaTV, FreeFlix HQ, Mobdro. They have movies, tv shows, anime. And some live tv apps – Live NetTV, RedBox TV, FilmOn Live. These can all be downloaded from different websites and installed from APK.

  96. Sarah

    Loving brettus fab for docus and showbox arise n gen reborn happy days…Though plz let me no if theres any new doccumentry addons thnx…

  97. Rich

    Using Project Cypher addon for IPTV. Links are always good. fyi

  98. Ian

    I can’t believe Gaia is never mentioned, it’s a league above anything else and has been for months

    1. steve martin

      This all day long – Gaia with Real Debrid is the only movies app you’ll ever need.
      More 4k & 1080 links than anyone else and never buffered once.

  99. Dave

    I heard someone updated Covenant. It is the best addon for real debrid links. If you don’t have debrid, Placenta is great for free links.
    It is true most of the addons in the list are very similar. They are all forks of Genesis or Covenant. Also the reason they work so well.

    1. Bob

      Don’t understand all the votes for Neptune rising. Almost everytime I try to use if the I don’t get the program or movie that I am looking for but something else.

  100. CJ

    Any of you not using Ur are missing out. I only run 5 regular movie/tv show addons. Neptune Rising, Placenta, Incursion, Death Streams RD and Ur . Ur is at least the 2nd best and lately I like it more than Neptune Rising.

  101. PurpleBlissNJ

    Yoda is better than all of those listed. Next one up is the Unjudged. imo

  102. N8Dawg

    Neptune Rising is my new favorite. I used to have issues others are reporting but the addon is working better for me now. I’m usually able to find a source for everything I’m looking for and it usually plays smooth and all of the way through.


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